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Not Another Top 10 List

Not Another Top 10 List

I'm grouchy today.

The lockout has made me easily irritable, annoyed, and bothered by basically everything. I'm not sure if it's the waiting for a resolution, or the lack of activity trying to find a resolution to the lockout, but the whole situation is just stupid.

Oh, that's right, there was the super secret meeting that took place yesterday in suburban Chicago.

Since there is little to discuss about the Packers, there has been ample time for me to think about what really annoys me. Some of what bothers me is sports related, some is just my personal psyche playing havoc with my life. Call it the struggle I endure every day.

With that being said, I give you yet another Top 10 list: things that annoy John.

10: Garbage in the side compartment of the car door. Is there anything more disgusting that having that half melted Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrapper sitting, festering in the 90 degree heat, which you put your hand directly on looking for a quarter?

9: NFL sideline reporters. I'm sorry, but I watch the game for the game, not what's happening on the sidelines.

8: Dirty silverware in the sink. Washing dirty silverware is disgusting enough. Washing other people's dirty silverware is even more gross. Letting dirty silverware sit in the sink is just wrong.

7: Commercials promoting the sport you are watching at the moment. It's odd seeing a commercial promoting the NFL while watching the NFL.

6: Hair. Doesn't matter if it is from a person, dog, cat, horse, or lion. Hair is disgusting, even when it's clean.

5: Sunday pre-game shows on TV. I understand the novelty of entertaining the fans before a game, but I want to hear info about the upcoming game, not the ongoing contest of who has the biggest ego and can talk the most in a 60 minute show.  For my personal satisfaction, I tune in here.

4: The mystery dish in the fridge. Everyone has had one at some point. I'm usually pretty good at making sure I don't. When I find one, I struggle between trying to figure out what it was and where did it come from.

3: Packers "projections" articles. Posts like this and this require me to point out the following: It's June.

2: Garbage bags. They look innocent while still in the roll. My issue comes from knowing what they will become in the future. And if you read the box carefully, they are made at least partially from former garbage bags. could be handling someone else's garbage. Pleasant.

And the number one thing that absolutely annoys me to no end:

Top (fill in the number) lists in the off season. Unless it's like this list chances are I'm not reading it.

I'll say it for you-I have issues. Although I'm willing to bet that some of what bothers me annoys you as well.

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Frankin Hillside's picture

Do you mean loose hair or attached hair?

JohnRehor's picture

All hair. You can shampoo that all day and it's not not good enough.

And on animals forget it. I'll pet my dogs, but at the same time I'm wondering when the last time they licked that spot was.

PackersRS's picture

Ever heard of automisofobia, John?

JohnRehor's picture

I'm good with dirt, because its supposed to be dirty.

+1 for use of automisofobia

PackersRS's picture

It's not the fear of dirt, but rather the fear of getting dirty.

It just stood out that from the top 10 things that bother you, 5 have to do with it.

BTW, I love pre-game shows, because I"m addicted to football. Only in rare instances I get tired of seeing anything related to it. Love it specially when the Packers are winning and they talk about us!

JohnRehor's picture

Well I could have gone on about my issues with people who do not know how to drive...

Re: pregame shows: what bothers me is the apparent need to one up the person who was speaking before the one currently speaking. This is most obvious on the Fox pregame. Maybe it's just me, but I cannot stand it

PackersRS's picture

Oh!!! Oh!!!

Drivers drive me crazy! Pun intended.

Specially those who drive really, really slow on the left and do not move for any reason. And people who drive on 2 lanes.

It's like the road is theirs and everyone else can just go to hell...

Wiscokid's picture

Enhance your calm John Rehor. Repeat after me Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This whole lockout thing is driving us all a little crazy.

JohnRehor's picture

Nah, more fun being paranoid

BigBayBlues's picture

Just keep the attorneys out of the room and this deal will get done. We're gonna have a season boys.

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