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Nick Barnett Not Packer People?

Nick Barnett Not Packer People?

I'm not going to talk about the off-season, but I am going to again disagree with Bill Johnson's point on Green and Gold Today that Nick Barnett would be the first LB to go since he isn't really "Packer people." Are you kidding me? Obviously Bill is still out at Nick's former bar drinking, because outside of that one relatively minor incident, Barnett as been nothing but Packer people for years.

The man keeps his home and family in Green Bay.

He donated $50,000 to charity this year, and let Packer fans choose who to give it to.

He avidly responds to Packer fans on Twitter and has encouraged others to do the same.

He played in the Donald Driver charity softball game even though he couldn't run.

He's taken the time to call into CHTV's show free of charge.

He stated openly he wants to be a Packer for life.

That's just what I can remember from this year alone, Bill. Maybe if you took the time to sit and talk with the guy like the rest of Packer nation, you might be able to make a better assumption about who is or isn't Packer people on this roster. We had guys in strip clubs, guys accused of harassment, guys facing felony drug suspensions, and God only knows what else I am forgetting. What I'm not forgetting is that Nick Barnett wasn't involved in any of those conversations, and hasn't been in quite some time. I don't know what football talk has yet to be had, but one thing I know for sure is that no decisions are going to be made because Barnett isn't Packer people. Please.

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Jayme Snowden's picture

I did a double take when I heard that too.

Shad's picture

If anything he's not back because he can't stay healthy. And he's been out played by everyone except Chillar since Dom brought in the 3-4.

Outside of that yes, he's a fan's player and a hell of a nice guy. Love Nick just wish he could stay on the field.

CounterPoint's picture

I'm with you on this, although the DD softball game is held in the off season, so you've technically contradicted yourself. ;)

Anita's picture

Yeah, I can't say as I agreed with Bill's take on Nick Barnett at all. Nick seems to enjoy bantering with fans more than any other player. His Tweets border on TMI at times (but he never fails to crack me up).

I definitely want to keep Barnett AND Hawk!

Jersey Al's picture

Of course, by constantly harping on Johnson, everyone's feeding the monster and giving him the attention he so desires...

Shad's picture

He's not there for his breakdown of X's and O's and insider prowess. He's there to carry the show and make it move along and fill the voids. It's his right to offer up his opinions on the team and what not but if people are taking his slants serious then they're not seeing them for what they really are. I wouldn't expect guys like that who are stuck in the studio 15 hours a day and calling basketball games on the side, to have the keenest insight into what's going on with the team. He's a radion personality, he's not a beat writer like Jason.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

His job is to know about the Packers, period. There is no argument against that.

Shad's picture

Are you sure about that though Alex? Listen to what he does on a daily basis. He keeps the show moving, provides topic banter, and calls out the sponsors. He's not a beat writer. Of course he follows the Packers and has his opinions but I don't go to him for hard news and insight when I have Silverstine, McGinn, Wilde and Demovsky and Doughtery waiting in the wings.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I think its his duty to at least remain current. His statement on Barnett is severely outdated. That's all. I don't take him seriously anyway, he's Bill Johnson.

Shad's picture


Shad's picture

Of course anything he says is grounds for debate, that's the fun of it. But I just wouldn't take it too serious.

JohnRehor's picture

I heard this too, and just about drove into a lightpole.

He is quickly becoming the biggest douche on the airwaves, with his constant badgering of callers and perpetual "I'm the Greatest" attitude.

He adds basically nothing to the show, as Wilde is the reason most, of not all, people listen. His comment about Barnett is so unfactually (not even sure if its a word, but what the hell) moronic it doesnt even warrant the time I wasted listening to it.

Bill, stop wasting our time.

PackersRS's picture

Oh, Barnett, how we miss you. Come back with your sweet fro and red monster truck.

Though I think, due to Bishop's new contract, Hawk having a big contract, and the way the Packers' D has played lately, he might be on his way out.

Which would be a mistake. Barnett is still the best ILB we have.

Mark's picture

We could restructure Hawk's contract and keep all 3

foundinidaho's picture

I hadn't heard Bill said that. I'm surprised Twitter didn't explode. Bill's wrong, and I really hope we keep Nick. I just love him. But I know he might be going...we'll see what TT decides.

david's picture

Now if we can only get Nick to stop with that silly-ass dance when he makes a tackle, then he might qualify as "Packer People"

Seriously, isn't that what he is being paid to do? After all, my mail man doesn't do a Lambeau Leap every time he puts my letters in the mail box.

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