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NFL Network Top 10 All Time Packers

NFL Network Top 10 All Time Packers

It's the off season-what better time for a Top 10 list.

The NFL Network aired their Top 10 Green Bay Packers of all time this afternoon. The list, which left off some big names in my opinion, went as follows:

10: Jim Taylor

9: Jerry Kramer

8: James Lofton

7: Herb Adderley

6: Paul Hornung

5: Ray Nitschke

4: Reggie White

3: Bart Starr

2: Brett Favre

1: Don Hutson

The list sparked discussion on Twitter as to whether they got the list correct. In particular, the placement of Favre ahead of Starr, and the omission of Aaron Rodgers from the list (the program was made just after Super Bowl XLV). My personal feeling is any list which has Jim Taylor as number 10 is bound to have discussion as to whether it is correct or not. I also believe that Starr should rank ahead of Favre. However,  if Favre had not retired/unretired and went on to play for the Vikings, he would have undoubtedly been number one on this list.

As for Rodgers, it is not fair to place him on any All Time Top 10 list at this stage in his career, as he has much history still to write. I'm  not saying he should not have had consideration for this list. What I am suggesting is to give him a few years to see how high he can place on this list.

Did they get the list right? What changes would you have made?



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Kathy's picture

I agree that Farve should not be ahead of Starr, but I also will contend that even if he had stayed retired the first time, he would STILL be behind Starr.

Starr won five championships. He ran that offense and, back in the day when Starr was actually on the field, he was considered to be the ultimate field general. There were two ultimate guarterbacks in those days - Starr and Johnny Unitas. Starr was the cerebral one, Mr. Cool Under Pressure, Mr. Sure of His Team. Unitas was the gunslinger. He took risks, he invented plays, he was given free rein by Ewbank (his coach until Shula) to do whatever it took. In fact, the joke in Baltimore was that Weeb Ewbank "stole his pay". Unitas was The Man. For me. Starr will always be the better Green Bay Packer quarterback.

Time will tell how Rodgers fits into all of this. He may surpass Favre - in my mind he already has.

Taylor should be higher. Jim Taylor ground out the hard yards and Hornung got the glory of the touchdowns. Go back and check the game tapes. Taylor did most of the heavy work. Not that Hornung wasn't great - he surely was, but he is more known for being the greatest short yardage runner ever. They were "Thunder and Lightning" with Taylor as Thunder.

One can opine forever about where Sterling Sharp would be on the list if not for his short career. I think he'd be there - maybe in the place of Lofton.

JohnRehor's picture

Great points across the board Kathy!

I would place Starr ahead of Favre. His departure in 2008 certainly hurt his placement on this list, but his failure in big games hut just as much if not more. If Favre had won one more Super Bowl, he might deserve to be number two. However, 5 titles to 1 puts Starr ahead of Favre on my list.

I think Sharpe deserves strong consideration to be on this list. For six years, he was the best WR in the league. Not sure the same can be said about Lofton, although he was exceptionally good on some very bad teams.

As for Rodgers, in time, he may be top 3, but it is far too early in his career to start talking about his place in history. He has a long career ahead of him.

Mike's picture

I think what put Favre ahead of Starr was 2 big points:

1) He played much more recently, thus more people have seen him play and his accomplishments are easier to recall

2) He brought the Packers back from the depths of the NFL's dungeons - from the time Lombardi left to Favre ascending to the starting QB, Green Bay was a dismal team for the majority of the 70s and 80s.

That second point is most likely why some NFL Network directors put him ahead of Starr

I definitely agree on Sterling though - if he stayed healthy, he would have played at least 5 more years and we probably beat Denver in SB's somewhat eerie that Collins is another rising star whose career is possibly derailed by a neck injury...

Jer's picture

I sometimes feel Hornung gets a little overhyped because of his charisma. I would put him lower on the list, and probably behind Taylor.

The top 4 is right, but I would also flip Favre/Starr, but I have a bias for Starr.

I feel like Forrest Gregg should be on here somewhere. He's a HOFer (first ballot, I believe), and according the Lombardi, the best player he ever coached.

JohnRehor's picture

Can't remember who said it during the show, but Hornung was called Lombardi's favorite player because of all he could do. Run, pass, throw-he had tons of ability. However, he also had substantially fewer rushing yards than Taylor, and 30 fewer rushing TDs. So I personally would rank Taylor higher and Hornung lower

Chuck's picture

Why not willie davis? Reggie white shouldnt be on there. Too small a window as a Packer. Hutson i think is greatest ever. Not just as a packer

JohnRehor's picture

Willie Davis was mentioned a a potential member of the list. But White is the greatest defensive lineman ever. When trying to decide between the two, you have to pick White.

Mike's picture

Like I said before about Favre, Reggie shot the Packers back to NFL relevance when he signed his name on that dotted line!

Scott's picture

Forrest Gregg should be on there hands down. If I had to rate them it would be: 1) Hutson 2) Starr, 3) Favre, 4) Gegg, 5) Nitschke, 6) White, 7) Taylor , 8) Hornung, 9) Lofton, 10) Adderley..... Although Sharpe, Kramer. Willie Wood, Willie Davis, are all floating there too

Mike's picture

Packers are like the Steelers in this regard - there needs to be separate lists. Whether it's Top 10 Offensive Players and Top 10 Defensive Players in Packer History, or Top 10 Pre - Through Lombardi and Top 10 Post Lombardi Packers

JohnRehor's picture

Good call on the Pre-Lombardi and Post Lombardi lists. Would be interested to see some of the ideas for those lists.

Kevin's picture

First I am not a packers fan. I am a football fan as well as a fan of the game's history. In my view, after what Farve did to this organization he can not possibly rank in the top ten packers of all time. A team with such rich history and great players. Oh and by the way, wasn't Vince Lombardi a Packer? What a glaring oversight. Brett Farve as number two on this list is a joke. I guess there not considering integrity and respect for the game. How disappointing.

JohnRehor's picture

While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, it is my opinion that Favre absolutely be on this list. Regardless of his actions, his statistics speak for themselves, as do his 3 MVPs and Super Bowl victory. These facts alone warrant his being on the list.

Re: Lombardi-list was for players only, not coaches

JIM DAUPHIN's picture

First of all there is NO WAY that Favre should be ahead of Bart Starr in the ranking. Especially how Favre ended his stay with the Green Bay Packers. Bart Starr was the greatest of all time. He did his job is great with the fans and always comes back to Green Bay to pay his respects the all the loyal fans of Green Bay.

JohnRehor's picture

Not disagreeing one bit. Said it in the post. Starr should be #2. The fact he continues to be part of the Packer family shows his loyalty to the organization, and vice versa from the fans to him. Meeting Starr is something I hope to do in the near future, so I can shake his hand and thank him for being part of the Packers. Not just on the field, but off the field as well

Kevin's picture

John, I would definitely have to defer to Packer fans on the Farve issue. I'm just surprised his betrayal would not figure more prominently for Packer fans, but I digress. Regarding Lombardi, the program never said players only and on the NFL networks top ten Cowboys Tom Landry came in at #1. Do you know who actually votes for these lists?

JohnRehor's picture

No clue who made up the list. But, if Landry was part of the top 10 Cowboys, it is inexcusable not to include Lombardi. he would be number one on many people's list, and I doubt he would rank outside the top 5 by anyone.

Piedmont Packer Fan's picture

No. 1 for me is Curly Lambeau. The Packers would not exist without him. Further, the Packers were dynastic in the 1940's; yet only Don Hutson is included? I don't think the following are top ten: Lofton, White, Hornung and Favre (Holmgren made Favre, not vice versa and Favre's character did not enhance the Packers reputation like top ten players did)). Last, these lists trouble me because great players on weak teams get overlooked.

JohnRehor's picture

I would have had Lambeau on my list as well. Not sure if he would be number one, although his founding of the team certainly adds to why he should be, but he would be there. He along with Lombardi are the two biggest omissions from this list in my opinion.

You would not have White or Favre, arguably the two best players on the teams from the 90's on this list? Who would you have included in their place?

Jersey Al's picture

My biggest issue is leaving Willie Davis off. Throw Lofton out and replace with Davis.

As for order, swap Taylor and Hornung, Starr and Favre...

JohnRehor's picture

Feel exactly the same re: Taylor/Hornung and Starr/Favre. Wait, we agree on something? I think I just felt the Earth stop spinning ;)

I can't give a fair opinion on Willie Davis as I admittedly have not seen enough of his play, other than snippets on TV. But I was shocked when Lofton was on the list. Especially making the list over Sharpe. But Davis instead of Lofton would work for me.

CheeseheadKevin's picture

How about some love for Lynn Dickey?

JohnRehor's picture

Love Lynn Dickey, but in the pantheon of Packers QB he's behind Starr, Favre, Rodgers, and arguably Arnie Herber. Too many other players ahead of him to make the Top 10. Top 25 might be a different story

Dru's picture

Ok fine. I will get involved. My top ten.

10) Shockmain Davis- ST
9) Alan Barbre - OL
8) Breni Giacommini - OL
7) Mike McKenzie - CB
6) Doug Pederson - QB
5) Terrence Murphy - WR
4) Mark Chmura - TE
3) Javon Walker - WR
2) Ahmad Carroll - CB
1b) Don Beebe - WR
1a)Don Majkowski - QB

All seriousness, Leroy Butler seems like an oversight but I understand you only have one list with ten spots.

Apologies to Don Beebe, Doug Pederson, and Don Majkowski for putting them on the same list as some of those other guys. Shock Davis included for attending my alma mater Angelo State even if he only took one play in a Packers uniform.

Ben's picture

You have to be absolutely rediculous to say that Rodgers has surpassed Brett Favre. I've been a Packer fan forever but we are the one's who betrayed Brett, not him. The man just wanted to play football because HE LOVES THE GAME! Thats whats wrong with most of our fans, the man gave this town, team, fans, and teammates everything he had. Brett Favre IS a Packer. Forever. We should get over it already, heck i rooted for him in Minny and i hate the Vikings. But we all have one thing in common..we are all Packers. Go Pack!

tom's picture

This list has top 3 totally right especially with the fact that Don Hutson is number 1 for he is the greatest nfl player of all time in my mind

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