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News Flash to Favre and Vikings: Game Over, We Won!

News Flash to Favre and Vikings: Game Over, We Won!

I have this great chocolate cake recipe that tastes amazing straight out of the oven.  But let it sit overnight, it becomes heavenly.  That is what this Packers game was.  As the final seconds ticked away, I was giddy like a school girl.  Unable to control my laughter, I honestly did worry that, like my mother always said, if I kept making a goofy smiley face, it would get stuck that way.

Eventually, though I composed myself, started a load of laundry and headed over to SB’s (boyfriend extraordinaire) parent’s house where the entire family - including out of state relatives - were gathered together.  Surrounded by non-Packer lovers, I contained my childish joy and settled into the real life conversations of new jobs and potty training.

But as I laid down to sleep last night, my last words were not good night.  “We killed Brett Favre.”  Giggle.  Giggle.  “Yeah you did.”

But for some reason it feels even better today.  Even though the world seems more willing to talk about the Mannings and their mistakes, or the utter chaos in Minnesota and Cincinnati, this Packers victory is aging like a fine wine.  This joy is simply beyond words.  We won.  This is it.  A war which it feels like we have been in for years is now complete.  Does it even matter if Favre plays again?  I don’t care!  He can retire and unretired and play for any team he wants, because WE won.  (And I’m going with the universal “we” here and everyone else should too!)  It wasn’t just the game.  It wasn’t just beating Brett.  It was the imploding in the locker room, the downtrodden post game presser, and – the ultimate gift – the firing of Brad Childress.  We were right.  You (I’m not sure who “you” is) were wrong.

So as I walk through today in a haze of ecstasy, I am purely focused on the highlights of yesterday’s game.

  1. Nance did more than just go in motion.
  2. Tramon played straight sexy.
  3. Props to Rodgers for overcoming slow start and pulling the offense together.
  4. Hello defensive wall!
  5. We only yelled Kuuuuuuuhn on special teams.
  6. AJ Hawk made a tackle behind the line of scrimmage
  7. Favre on the Ground

So, my fellow Packer Backers, let us rejoice in this feeling of perfect bliss.  We have exactly two days to relish in it.  Then it’s on to the Falcons.

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KCousineau09's picture

Jayme, I could've written this same article (minus the boyfriend extraordinaire part) because I too was on cloud 9 last night. My girlfriend was downright annoyed by my happiness last night and went to bed early because I wouldn't stop talking about it. Awesome win and Packer Nation can now sleep easy at night knowing we put the Vikings and Brad Childress out of their misery.

foundinidaho's picture

I think you could describe Pack66 and Toad from Minnesota as the "You" in the "You were wrong."

I always use the "we" but it definitely applies today. You could tell the team knows it too - CM3 asking on Twitter right after the game if this one didn't mean just a little more? Damn rights it did. And thank you very much, fellas.

PackersRS's picture

"We" is Packer nation, which involves management, players and fans.

That is my definition of we. Unless management makes a dumb move or a the players lay an egg, then it's them... LOL

DaveK's picture

Yeah, I haven't got crap done today. Too busy reading every packer blog, twitter feed, and news article about this game, Favre, Childress, etc... Satisfying on so many levels and I can't get enough of it.

The last 20 games including playoffs:
Packers: 14-6
Vikings: 9-11

Jer's picture

Hell yes! To not only win, but to humiliate them. No excuses. No lucky bounces. No blaming the referees. Complete and utter...beatdown! The final nail in the Vikings coffin. The final nail in Chilly's coffin, and best of all the final nail in Brett Favre's coffin.

Many Vikings fans revelled in our pain last year having to watch Brett Favre play and succeed in a Vikings uniform.

Well now it's our turn. Now you got to experience the "other" Brett Favre. So glad he came back this year so our friends to the West could have the FULL Brett Favre experience. And I'm especially happy for the Favre fans who jumped off the Packers' bandwagon when he left. Don't try to get back on. It's full.

Jim's picture

Fuck, Yes. I had the random maniacal laugh goin on all day.

PackersRS's picture

It's not just Favre vs. Packers.
It's Good vs. Evil. It's the Light side vs. the Dark side.

The Light side are us. We are the good guys, we build through the draft, we believe on our own, we go through hard work and principles.

The Dark side are them. It's the Vikings organization and everything it represents. Buying FAs, selling their sould to Favre, any means necessary to win a championship.

Guess what? You can't buy a championship, not in football. You can't skip offseason, the hard work, training camp, and suceed. You have to do it the right way.

The good guys won Sunday. It was a victory for everything that the Green Bay Packers represent.

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