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My NFC Championship Superstition

My NFC Championship Superstition

I am, by my own admission, a freak of a fan. I am a homer, I never pick against the Packers, and I am overly superstitious. Case in point, I have owned the same pair of green underwear and worn them every game for more years than I can count on one hand. Yes, I do wash them. (I did recently buy a new pair of green underwear and tested them during the San Fran game, but have been too scared to risk it again). I know that it doesn’t matter to the Packers or the outcome of the game, what I wear, where I watch the game, or who I watch the game with. I know this. But believing it is another question.

This morning on twitter I was in a discussion about fan confidence going into this Sunday’s game. The homer me will always say, Packers all the way baby. The football fan that has watched the Packers play their last four must win games, feels pretty confident that the Packers are nearly unstoppable. The superstitious girl remembers how I felt waking up NFC Championship Sunday in January 2008 and truth be told, that is the memory that is haunting me right now.

Due to an unceremonious break up, I was sleeping on a friend’s couch at the time. Let me tell you, nothing heals a heart faster than your team making it to the NFC Championship game and staying up on those post break-up sleepless nights with a glass of wine and watching videos. It might sound funny, but breaking up threw my football watching into a precarious position. I no longer had my desktop computer set up, I no longer had my bar buddy who accompanied me to the local bar to watch the games, I no longer had someone in my corner cheering on my team with me.

So instead I became that girl at the bar. In a city, Cincinnati, where winning doesn’t usually come easy and a lot of people are bitter, where I had only been living for five months, I found myself searching for bars each game day in my Ahman Green Jersey, Packers hoodie and with my trusty packers glove.  I was the girl who sat at the end of the bar, drank tall miller lites, and probably talked a lot of smack.

An excerpt from my then livejournal:

Man upon seeing my sweatshirt: Packers suck.

Me: Really?  How many wins do you have? I have eleven.

Man: Oh, no. I… do you like grey haired men?

Me: No.  Except for Brett Favre.

But eventually I found a “home”. The Buffalo Wild Wings in Rookwood was to become my haven. One of the bartenders was a Packers fan, and the other was good looking.  Figured I couldn’t go wrong.  Spent the glorious snow globe game there, in my new Favre jersey, had a bar tab of only $5 (I had eaten and been drinking all day  :) ), and was lovingly referred to as "Favre" by all the people around me.

So I woke up the morning of that fateful NFC Championship game torn. My dear friends who were putting me up until my new single girl apartment was ready were having a playoff party at their parent’s house. They bought me macaroni and cheese and a cheese pizza. They bought miller lite and one was wearing an old school Favre jersey. So I sat there that morning deciding between my friends, new friends who were clearly trying above and beyond to help me, or my new bar, the lucky viewing site of the Seattle game.

I chose the friends. Because in the end, real life matters more. And while I don’t regret my decision, there is a part of me will always feel like the Rookwood BW’s was where I was supposed to watch the NFC Championship game.

So when someone asks me how I feel about Sunday’s game, while yes, my thoughts are full of rivalry talk and confident homerisms, I also remember the girl who felt like the slightest decision that I made would have an impact, and that my friends, is a heavy thought to bear.

So this Sunday you will find me as you have every game day this season: on a chair perched in front of my big screen, wearing the exact same outfit, the exact same hair tie, next to the exact same set up with my glove and mini helmet.

Trust me. I fully believe that the Packers will win. It’s the Bears for Pete’s sake. But trust me; I’m also not taking any chances.

P.S. If you are ever the awful ex in this story, please do not call the girl moments before her team kicks off for the right to go to the Super Bowl and PLEASE, for the love of all things good and holy, do not call when her team loses to offer condolences.  That’s just wrong.

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foundinidaho's picture

That is very wrong, indeed. You are obviously better off with SB. I'm superstitious too. It's just weird, but I can't help it. This week I will be at Boise's Packer bar with DD jersey, sitting at the same table I have throughout playoffs, where I can plug my laptop in and converse with Packer Nation.

PackersRS's picture

I'm also kind of a supersticious guy myself. I have a Favre jersey, that I didn't wear during games, but later in the first Vikings game this year, I wore it. And we proceeded to play really well and win the close game.

So I wore it the rest of the way, until the second Vikings game, where we were struggling early on. Then, with a CD marker (this sounds really childish and foolish, but bear with me, I live in Brazil the cost of a jersey in here is approx R$600, and I seldomly use them), I wrote R O D G E R S on the back, a #12 on the front and on the back. We proceeded to wipe the floor with them.

I did wear it the rest of the way, but took it off after the Lions game.

Put it back on for the Bears game, after a though start, and wore it against the Eagles.

But last game, it was too hot to wear it. Didn't put it even after the kickoff return.

It felt really good to win the way we did, and without any supersticion.

Jayme Snowden's picture

I had a moment like that with USC. I was locked out of my apartment for an SC/ND game and couldn't change into my gear or set up my living room. SC ended up winning that close game (Bush Push game) and it felt like a weight off of my shoulders that the team could win with out me (even as I type that I know how strange it sound). But no matter the logic, telling my heart it doesn't matter is a whole 'nother story.

ILpackfan's picture

I have superssticions too for each game. Same shirt, where I sit, do I have my laptop on my lap or on chair next to me, same color glass for my refreshments. I hope it all works for the Bears game. Go Pack Go.

J.R. Augustine's picture

My superstitious tendencies are more a "just-in-case" measure than anything. If you ask me whether wearing the same thing every game works, I'll tell you no, but standing there in front of my closet on gameday, there's a little voice in the back of my head that says, "Don't get creative. Wear the same gear again...just in case."

J.R. Augustine's picture

ILpackfan: My brother even made sure the tv was tilted the same way against the Falcons as it was against the Eagles.

Anita's picture

Condolences? My non-Packer fan friends call me to LAUGH at me. Of course, they're mostly Bear, Cowboy, and Lions fans.

I was in Wisconsin for the 1998 Super Bowl. I should have stayed in Michigan like the year before! Anyway, when I got home the next day, a couple "friends" left mocking messages about the Packers losing. They were Cowboy fans. I don't recall the Cowboys being in the Super Bowl, so why the hell would their fans take shots about a team that was clearly better than their's? Makes no sense. I leave people alone. If my team wins, I'll high five with fellow fans, but I don't woof at the enemy. Woofing comes back to bite you in the ass.

Jayme Snowden's picture

yes condolences. More of a "you must really be hurting now. Not only did I break your heart, but so did the Packers" kind of way. I'm pretty sure I let that just go to voicemail.

PackersThad's picture

I think we may all have our superstitions. Mine lasts throughout the week. I need to do certain things in order for me to feel that the Packers are not jinxed. But one of my crazy rules is that I can't wear boxers that are the color of the opposing team AND Friday, Saturday, Sunday boxers need to be green.

I've got tons of other things too (like no dirty dishes in the sink before games).

Mike's picture

I have some of the same routines mentioned such as wearing the same clothes or where I watch it at. I also don't shave until they lose, so with the roll they've been on the beard is starting to get pretty bad but I'm hoping it gets alot worse and I will shave it after the celebration in February is complete.

jbovegas73's picture

I totally get it ... We've been on a winning streak since I changed my facebook profile pic; and our Christmas lights are still up outside. I wear the same shirt every game; and if we win, I don't wash it (can't wash the victory off!).

We all know that Packers victories don't depend on whether or not we shave, wear the right clothes, or change our profile pics ... But still.

Jim's picture

Against the Giants I got snowed in and couldn't get together with my father and sister for our usual carbomb rituals. That game I wore my now 3 year old Rodgers jersey which is screen printed and pretty beat up. Normally I have a rotating cast of (nicer) jerseys for game day. I hadn't worn that beat up Rodgers jersey all year for a game, but I've worn every game since. Also wear same Packers socks, boxers and undershirt every game.
Go Pack!

pckrchick's picture

So I'm blaming every last one of you who didn't stick with your routines for ruining my trip to AZ with my dad & brother in 2008! We had SB tickets, plane tickets, and hotel reservations made! Damn you all to hell! LOL!

pckrchick's picture

By the By, Jayme, I was at the "Snowglobe" game! BEST-GAME-EVER!

aussiepacker's picture

I got a cheeseheadtv tshirt and was so stoked i decided it was going to be my game day shirt. The first game i wore it was the patriots game and ever since have been to scared to wear it on game days.

Jay's picture

I have a lot of the same superstitions, and hell, I have the 'playoff beard' in full swing, as I haven't shaved since the day before the last Bears game.

Also, I have several jerseys, but the "winning" one is worn only on gameday - the others I can wear during the week, but not the one that I wore during the game. Right now (and since week 16), that jersey is... you guessed it... 12.

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