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More Rules & Games!

More Rules & Games!


I love rule changes. I really do. I feel no league is perfect and could always improve but the NFL rules committee really dropped the ball on this one.




When having a look at the rules over at FOX Sports  and the Washington Post I was just not as pleased as I thought I would be when I looked at the new rules. Let’s take a look.


Rule Change #1: There can be video replays on a loose ball that could be either a fumble or an incomplete pass.

The “Hochuli Rule” is probably a decent rule change. I’m saddened that there’s a Hochuli rule and it doesn’t involve his massive arms.


Rule Change #2: It already was illegal for a defender to deliver a helmet-to-helmet hit to a defenseless receiver. The new rule extends the protection given to the receiver who's in the act of catching the ball, also prohibiting hits to the receiver's helmet when the defender leads with his shoulder or delivers a forearm.

As if there wasn’t already enough rules helping out the offense and crippling the defense, they decide to add this. Hopefully this is one of those rules nobody pays any attention to unless someone gets hurt. Do you know how manytimes a forearm is going to hit a defender’s head not out of maliciousness, but out of trying to make a legit football playing (like…reaching to grab the guy)? This rule could be out of hand and hopefully the refs just let this one go.


Rule Change #3: The owners also approved a rule giving similar protection to defenders, making it illegal for an offensive player to deliver a blindside block by using the helmet, shoulder or forearm to deliver a blow to a defensive player's head.

This was already illegal, wasn’t it? It’s called a block in the back, or have human beings learned to run with their heads turned all the way around, Exorcist style? This seems like lip service to the defensive players. “See, we gave you something too! So what if that rule already exists?”


Rule Change #4: The kicking team now is prohibited from bunching too many players in the middle of the field, or on a single side of the field. That eliminates dangerous scrambles involving too many players on onside kicks.

I don’t care. Onside kicks never work and are a waste of time. Onside kicks should be a kicker, one recovering player and one receiving player. That’d be some crazy stuff.


Rule Change #5: The receiving team now is prohibited from using a blocking "wedge" of more than two players on a kickoff return.

I really don’t care.


Rule Change #6: Replay now can be used to determine if a loose ball hit the sideline. A Cardinals kickoff in January's NFC championship game was ruled to have gone out of bounds even though it was recovered in bounds by Arizona. Replays showed the ball never hit or crossed the sideline.

Another decent rule. Getting things right is the most important thing these replay rules can bring.


Rule Change #7: The owners eliminated a rekick after an illegal onside kick, awarding the ball immediately to the receiving team

Yeah, let’s get right to the action. Nobody wants to see more extra team plays! I’m serious, by the way.


Rule Change #8: The draft order for playoff teams was reworked and will be based on where teams were eliminated in the postseason. Last season, the Chargers (8-8) beat the Colts (12-4) in a wild-card game, but San Diego will pick before Indianapolis in next month's draft. The new procedure begins in 2010.

That wasn’t already a rule? Come on, NFL.


Rule Change #9: A waiver period during the first two weeks of training camp was established. Owners also reworded when the postseason waiver period begins — previously it was after the Pro Bowl. In the future, the Super Bowl will be played after the Pro Bowl in some seasons, and the waiver period will begin after the final postseason game.

Good for them.


Rule Change #10: On all fumbles and laterals that go out of bounds, the clock will start when the referee signals ready for play.

More of the NFL trying to speed up NFL games. Soon the clock will continue to run after incomplete passes too. You’ll see.



As of now we play 16 games with 1 off-week but Commissioner Goodell wants to lessen the pre-season and lengthen the regular season to 17 or 18 games. This is a great idea!

No NFL team needs four pre-season games(plus mini camps, training camps, practices, off-season workouts) to see who should make the team and start. Injuries also seem to dampen the mood in pre-season as well. We all remember Mike Vick breaking his leg in a pre-season game. This was a big deal at the time as it was when he was a phenom and not a dog killer.

The biggest reason this is a great idea is this:

“The longer the season, the better chance the better teams make the playoffs.”

Of course it’s still one and done in the playoffs and the best team doesn’t always win THERE, but we could make sure the best teams at least MAKE it to the playoffs with a lengthened regular season. It’s more money for the NFL and more drunken weekends for me! Everyone’s a winner!

Let’s hope this happens for the 2010 season.

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Andyman's picture

Screw the preseason, we want the real thing!

Pack93z's picture

You missed the Tom Brady BS rule.. lets all give an ahhhh! did that hurt to Mr. Brad... errr... Bündchen.

Everyone on their knees and bow to him and Billicheat now. ;)

longtimefan's picture

awwwwwwwwwwwww. I thought Dale was putting his mark on rules at the lounge...along with beer games..

This is only about NFL crap

Pack93z's picture


<blockquote cite="comment-2608">

<strong><a href="#comment-2608" rel="nofollow">longtimefan</a></strong>: awwwwwwwwwwwww.I thought Dale was putting his mark on rules at the lounge…along with beer games..This is only about NFL crap


I found it ironic that Trom was talking about liking rules.. and nothing about pushing them to the limit. lol.

There I tried the quote feature.. lol.

Tyler Bohms's picture

Im okay except rules 2,3, and 5. 2 and 3 seem very ticky tack.....I personally like big hits. Also, having the wedge on kickoffs doesn't seem like a big deal to me, of course I root for a team that generally sucks on kickoffs. Without the wedge are we going to start every drive from the 17 yard line?

Also, I would love to see an 18 game season, anything to end preseason sooner and give me more opportunities to do what I enjoy the most, watching meaningful Packers football. I would only question how the extra 2 games would be determined for the schedule.

Greg C.'s picture

Regarding rule #10, it's not exactly that they're trying to speed up the games. The games will remain about three hours long. It's that they are trying to increase the percentage of advertisements during those three hours. When the clock runs between plays, there are fewer plays in a game--and more ads.

As for the 18 game season, I don't like it. I think 16 is more than enough. I don't think a longer season ensures that the best teams make the playoffs. If anything, it's the opposite. With a longer season, it's the teams that are lucky enough to avoid major injuries that make the playoffs.

Andyman's picture


<blockquote cite="comment-2629">

<strong><a href="#comment-2629" rel="nofollow">Greg C.</a></strong>: Regarding rule #10, it’s not exactly that they’re trying to speed up the games. The games will remain about three hours long. It’s that they are trying to increase the percentage of advertisements during those three hours. When the clock runs between plays, there are fewer plays in a game–and more ads.
As for the 18 game season, I don’t like it. I think 16 is more than enough. I don’t think a longer season ensures that the best teams make the playoffs. If anything, it’s the opposite. With a longer season, it’s the teams that are lucky enough to avoid major injuries that make the playoffs.


To be fair though, it's going to be the same number of total games (preseason + regular season) that are played - just more that count. Goodell has emphatically said he likes the fact that there are 20 games played, and we all know that we need at the most 2 preseason games. As much as I just love seeing the Packers play, those last 2 preseason games don't do much for me. I would much rather have them mean something in the regular season. Plus I think it can do wonders for the NFL economy too.

Greg C.'s picture

There's only one preseason game in which the starters play more than a half. And that game will most likely remain as one of the two preseason games. The two preseason games that are replaced will probably be the ones where the backups play the most. So the starters will be much more exposed to injury with the 18 game season.

I think the NFL has been good at avoiding overkill. For example, they could spread their games out to almost every night of the week and put way more of them on in prime time. They could make way more money in the short run by doing that, but ultimately the fans would get kind of fatigued. I think an 18 game season will cause some fatigue among fans as well, which will cancel out whatever money is gained by the two extra games.

ReadyforSomeFB's picture

Glad to see the wedge gone. Looks really gay. Football players should not be allowed to hold hands on the field.

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