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Mike Florio Hates Black People

Mike Florio Hates Black People

This was sent to us from a concerned reader:

With Mike Florio taking some out-of-context footage to trash Aaron Rodgers' character, and then refusing to correct his statement when his alleged victim not only defends Rodgers, but admits she already has his autograph, I feel it necessary to bring this to your attention.

Mike Florio makes a respectable amount of money with his website and TV appearances based around his observations and reporting on professional football.  People like Florio need to acknowledge that people of all races enjoy football.  Yet here he is raising an open palm towards an African American named Rodney Harrison.

Whether the hand is being raised to silence the opinion of the African-American Harrison - perhaps an inferior opinion in Florios's mind  - or if he is preparing to strike him is unclear.  It's also possible he's throwing a replica 30 Rock statue at Harrison.  Regardless, it seems pretty obvious to me that Florio hates African-Americans.

Florio needs to realize that he makes money off a sport where African-Americans make up two-thirds of the players.  If he wants to be racist in his free time, that's his business, but he needs to realize that while in public (especially during Black History Month), he needs to be more accepting of all people regardless of race rather than behaving like an ass.

Thank you.

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Brando's picture

Aboslutely awesome! Well played.

PackersThad's picture

TELL THE WORLD!! I can't believe that Florio is a racist!

Tinfoil Cheese's picture

Quick, somebody get Jason Whitlock on the case.

PackAttackUK's picture


Jer's picture

Wow. I never would have guessed Florio was a racist, but there it is. Indisputable visual evidence. There can be no other explanation. Disappointing. :(

Tinfoil Cheese's picture

Can we expect a 3 page response from Florio, detailing all the black friends he's made through the years?

Jer's picture

I'm not impressed with the black friends he's around in front of the camera. How do we know he's not hiring them to walk around with him just to enhance his image?

Nope. He's been exposed as a racist and no facts to the contrary will change my mind.

Tinfoil Cheese's picture

You're right. We need to get Jason Whitlock on this, pronto.

floored's picture

Tables turned on that douche bag.

PWND's picture

The best thing is if you Google his name. The second most used word in his searches is embarrassed. Everyone from coast to coast is bashing this idiot! Here is one from San Fran

Jer's picture

All he had to do was admit he made a mistake, show a little humility and apologize for jumping to conclusions and this whole thing blows over.

Instead he digs the hole ever deeper. What an idiot.

bryce's picture

Great link!

Tim Backes's picture

Bahahahahhaa. Justice.

SpartaChris's picture


bryce's picture

Well, that's all the evidence that I need. Obviously, one photograph suffices as indisputable, irrevocable proof. No matter what Alex, do not back down from your position here. Even if Rodney Harrison himself explains the whole situation, stick to your guns, because that's the logical, reasonable and adult thing to do. Well, maybe if Florio's agent pays you some money then you can change your mind. But until then, hold strong!!

Falcons4Life's picture

Is that dog really racist? Hope not.

PackersRS's picture

I liked this until I read: "If he wants to be racist in his free time, that’s his business,"

NO IT ISN'T. Do people really believe that it's acceptable to be racist anywhere? "Oh, he's in his privacy, granpa can say that those little black kids are monkeys".

This is absolutely crazy thinking. Moreso, it's a crime.

SpartaChris's picture

No it's not. Having racist thoughts is NOT a crime. There are no thought police.

If you have a history of racial slurs and actions and you hurt someone, you can be convicted of a hate crime, but it is not a crime to be racist by itself.

PackersRS's picture

You're wrong Chris.

We're not talking about racist "thoughts".

The words were "If he wants to be racist in his free time, that’s his business”

It IS a crime. Obviously, thinking is immaterial. But when the author says "to be racist", he's implying that the person is materializing the racism, though unnoticed by the ofended.

Just because a crime isn't caught, it doesn't mean it's not a crime.

But moreso, it's not the point of my argument. To think that something as loathsome as racism is allowed in privacy is a clear character flaw, and should not be accepted as common conduct.

SpartaChris's picture

OK, I don't get it. I guess it depends on what is meant by "Being racist in your spare time."

For instance, if I tell a racist joke, is that a crime? I mean, it's still racist, and I'm doing it in my spare time, and I'm even materializing the racism by vocalizing it in the form of a tasteless joke. Am I a criminal because I tell a racist joke?

Or how about if I write a racist blog article? Is that illegal?

How about if I call someone a racial slur, but I don't react with violence? Is name calling illegal?

The answer, of course, is no. None of those scenarios are illegal, but all could be examples of me being racist in my spare time.

However, if I used racism to levy violence, you'd have a point. But merely having, and even vocalizing racist thoughts is not a crime.

SpartaChris's picture

In every single one of those instances you had someone in a position of power abuse that power by making a racial slur, hence the civil lawsuit.

And in any event, none of the incidents happened in one's own free time. All of them happened in the work place, where racism is expressly forbidden by law.

A lot different than me, specifically, making a racial slur.

Find me a case where an ordinary guy (Such as the Grandpa you used in your example) was sued for calling someone the N word and you'll convince me.

SpartaChris's picture

Not exactly what I was looking for, but ok. I still maintain my telling a racist joke to a friend in private would not be illegal, but w/e. Kinda over the topic now so I'll concede.

PackersRS's picture

Look, I get what you're saying, that it's supposedly a real minor deal.

The crime or not crime part is nitpicking in a larger subject that I'm pretty sure you know off and agree with.

It's not acceptable to be racist anywhere. It does make one a lesser human being. Like a lot of things, not comparing anything in here.

SpartaChris's picture

By the way, I am not suggesting racism is acceptable behavior by any stretch of the imagination. However, we are entitled to have whatever thoughts we like, whether they be racist in nature or all puppies and kittens. Thoughts aren't illegal. The OP makes the claim that Grandpa calling those little black kids "Monkeys" is illegal because it's racist.

No, it isn't. Even if he did it in public, it still would not be illegal, as the character in this scenario has a right to free speech. Likewise, you or I have the right to think it's distasteful and to express that opinion.

john's picture

Ever since I first heard of this clowns attack I have waited for Alex's take on the matter. I was not disapointed.

Falcons4Life's picture

Is this the same Mike Florio that got caught making up facts a couple of years ago according to this article?

Jersey Al's picture

Another moment of brilliance, Alex...

PackersRS's picture

BTW, after making another article accusing Rodgers yet again, Florio has now an article apologizing.

Wonder why? Now that he's been overwhelmed with bad publicity, and that perhaps his job is at jeopardy at NBC?

Nah. That can't be it.

All I know is that I'm never going to that site again as long as that prick is still employed.

Jim's picture

It's so obvious I'm not sure how I missed it before.

Diek Diggler's picture

Wow! This is extreme and very lame. I get this is what Florio did to Rodgers, but I don't think I'll be frequenting this site anymore.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

See ya later.

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