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McCarthy Blames Rodgers for Lack of Runs

McCarthy Blames Rodgers for Lack of Runs

Many Packer fans addressed the lack of carries in the running game during this weeks loss against the Redskins. Many fans also questioned Mike McCarthy's competence in calling and sticking with the run all game.

McCarthy's answer to those questions, or so it seems? Blame it on Aaron Rodgers.

Now he didn't come right out and say it, but when asked about the lack of run calls, the inference was there.

Quote McCarthy:

"We had a lot of run pass options in the game we could have taken advantage of."

Now, those options and decisions are made at the line of scrimmage seconds before the ball is snapped, right? Well, the only guy making those calls is Aaron Rodgers.

This brings up a really interesting set of questions that need to be answered this week. If Aaron Rodgers is indeed making the calls at the line of scrimmage, opting out of the run to the pass, or sticking with the pass regardless, this becomes a classic conflict of interest as well as a mental gauge of how comfortable Rodgers is with either himself or the running game.

I know everyone was excited to hear about Rodgers being given the freedom to check off from run to pass at will, but perhaps it really isn't working the way everyone envisioned it to.

I certainly would like to hear what Aaron Rodgers has to say about that statement, and although I don't blame McCarthy for shifting the blame if true, I would love to know how that one-liner translates back to quarterback one.

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Anita's picture

Okay, so how can you blame him? With no Ryan Grant on the field, your stronger options are Finley, Jennings, Driver, Jones, Lee catching the ball. I'd have more confidence in any of them breaking for yardage than the current running game actually getting "pawsitive" yards. Brandon Jackson had a good game yesterday, but does he do that often? No. Rodgers is a QB, he thinks like a QB and he's going with his best option and without Grant, it's the passing game.

Didn't MM send out the second team on the 4th and one? He took Driver and Jennings OUT after the time out and put in Nelson, Quarless, etc. Was that Rodgers' fault? Your best players should have been there, which is Driver and Jennings. Who's decision was going for the TD rather than a chip shot FG on the road? Not the quarterback's. Rodgers seemingly bailed MM's ass out of a costly penalty by COUNTING TO 12, something the coaches should have done.

Damn. McCarthy is losing me. His players aren't, but he certainly is. How many blows to the head does his QB have to take before he shows some anger? Risks a fine and shows his team he's behind them by COMPLAINING rather than throwing his concussed QB under the bus at his first opportunity?

Fred's picture

I like the fire, Anita. Now all we need is a another call from me in to Packer Transplants and Packers fans will officially be diagnosed with self-inflicted Alopecia.

Jersey Al's picture

Fred - Cheeseheadradio seeks you...

PackersRS's picture

Alopecia? Nice.

What are you talking about Fred? You're as famous as Saint Vince!

justjeff's picture

Rodgers seemed to be calling audibles ALL DAY.

Jackson averaged 4.89 per carry NOT INCLUDING the 71 yarder.

I don't care who is at fault, only they they find their head.

fhornplayer83's picture

McCarthy is ultimately responsible, though. He has THE authority to not give that option to Rodgers.

Jersey Al's picture

Jeez. First Nagler, then Carriveau, then you. Everything I planned to write about tonight has now already been done. Well screw it, I'm doing it anyway, even if it sounds like a rehash. You guys need to get real jobs!

PackJoe's picture

Was Rodgers upset with the playcall McCarthy had before those two time outs? Is that why he called time outs? If I remember correctly those were 3rd and short calls.

JerseyPackFan's picture

MM and Rodgers need to put their differences aside. This is the hand you both have been dealt. Deal with it and find a way to win!

asshalo's picture

On one hand I don't blame him after Rodgers' comments last week. On the other, two wrongs don't make a right.

This is a signature loss that dates back to 2008, when it always seemed like they found a way to blow a game they should have ones. I will always blame that on the coaches.

sandon's picture

Bill Cowher is sitting at a desk just ready to take over a football team and make them playoff and champion ready.Green Bay board of directors are you paying attention ??? Cowher and Capers instead of McCarthy who is clueless at play calling with the pressure of finishing games. Mike has got worse with experience rather than getting better so lets stop the bleeding now,I don't want to hear injuries as an excuse ,Mike Tomlin took a decimated steelers team through mass injuries early and refused to let his team use it either and they won the Super Bowl with most injuries of any team,their whole OL was out at one time 5 games into that season.Packers need a strong leader and Bill Cowher needs to be made a offer NOW

foundinidaho's picture

As I said to my husband after Mike said this - WHO is in charge here? WHO works for who, technically? AR's calling too many audibles or changing plays to run, you get to him on the sidelines and say STOP IT. Didn't happen. MM's fault.

PackersRS's picture

I LOVE freedom to the QB. Specially the kind of talent Rodgers is.

That being said, the coach gives you freedom, Rodgers, you NEED to win the game. You CANNOT have happy feet the entire game and play like crap.

You are finally being treated like Payton Manning. But you have to perform like him.

(and better than him in the playoffs).

Tarynfor12's picture

Hence the problem,treating him like Peyton by either the fans and the coaches is a mistake,when the more important of the two(coaches) have not yet proved their NFL level abilities.

There is a fine line between giving a QB the "utter" control and the "utter" mute buttons in which to push.

Perhaps Aaron just isn't ready for the Peyton rank,it's only his 3rd year,his most learning year for sure and if he isn't Peyton like next year he may never be in that room.

Anita's picture

Regardless of who is at fault, what kind of coach tosses his star QB under the bus like that? You have a problem with Rodgers checking off? Talk to him about it in the locker room, not give the reporters and bloggers something to speculate on. Sounds like he's more worried about his own job security than his player's psyche.

WisconsInExile's picture

I can remember Rodgers audibling INTO at least two nice runs last Sunday. People need to be careful when pointing the finger at either party. I think it's more charitable to treat McCarthy and Rodgers as a single offensive decision-making unit, albeit one that is currently dazed, confused, and a little self-loathing.

What I want to know is: where is the short passing game that took the Packers from the Cowboy's game last year to Phoenix? Why this stubborn insistance on 10-15 yard passes when 5-10 yard passes? Success here will keep drives alive and tempt the deep safeties to cheat up a bit, setting up a few deep completions a game. Just like in baseball, you throw 20 fastballs so you can then sucker the batter into jumping the gun on your changeup pitch.

WisconsInExile's picture
WisconsInExile's picture

plus, my writing and basic interwebs skills = fail

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