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Madden 2010 Mistakes

Madden 2010 Mistakes




The ratings for Madden 10 are out and I found some interesting mistakes made for our Green Bay Packers.






10. Nick Collins is the best player on the Packers. Nobody has a higher overall score than Collins with his 93. Woodson also has a 93 but he, ya know, deserves it. I guess this is the pro bowl bump. This will help me in online play (good safety is key!) but I’ll be editing Nick as soon as I get that annoying plastic off and open the case.

 9. Quinn Johnson is only a 67 strength. I’d accept a 67 overall, which I have to, since that’s his overall as well, but only giving the guy a 67 strength seems wrong. This is the guy’s bread and butter! He should at least be a 73 or something.

8. James Jones is better than Jordy Nelson. We’ve all been debating who is a better wide receiver for months and now Madden is getting involved. Jones comes in with a 71 and Nelson with a 69. Yeah, it’s only a 2 point difference but hey, this is my top ten, and I find that 2 point difference a big deal! Jordy is better than Jones and those numbers should be switched!

7. CM3 is the fastest linebacker we have(83). I don’t know much about Clay to disagree with this stat but I found it interesting. Is he really faster than Nick and Hawk? One of you college nuts let me know in the comment section. If it’s true, the hype for CM3 just got bigger. Strong, sexy hair, and fast! Grrr!

6. Ryan Grant is an 85. That’s pretty damn high and a great rating for a guy who should be about a 78, which is what he will be when I get my hands on Madden 10. 85? Come on!

5. Chad Clifton is the best offensive linemen we have according to Madden. Unfortunately, they might be right.

4. Aaron Rodgers is slow. Madden gave A-Rod a 69 speed! I know Rodgers isn’t a speed demon but he should at least be in the seventies somewhere. The kid can move! Michael Montgomery is faster in Madden than Aaron Rodgers.

3. Jarrett Bush is better than people. I know he’s better than Pat Lee and Will Blackmon in the game and that’s crazy talk. Blackmon isn’t a great corner by any stretch of the imagination but he’s better than Bush. He’s better than Bush on special teams too. As for Pat Lee, not playing much last year probably hurt his Madden overall here and that should likely change at the first online roster update.

2. Kampman better than Barnett. Kampman might end up being a better 3-4 LB than Barnett but I found Kampman’s 93 against Nick’s 84 quite a gap, especially since this will be Kampman’s first year at linebacker. Apparently Madden has faith Kampman will fill the role nicely. I wonder how Barnett feels about this. Someone get the man on twitter!

1. Greg Jennings should be higher. He is at 90. One of the best receivers in the NFL and he only gets 90? He easily should be sitting at 128, and will be when I change his rating, and hack math.



Madden 10 comes out August 14th, 2009.

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Asshalo's picture

Rodgers was given an overall point higher than Cutler, which had the chicago sports radio crying for a good four hours. That city and it's GM are a little too drunk at the thought of a superstar QB. I honestly believe they made that move, in some way out of spite for GB. We've had a franchise QB for almost 2 decades (and it looks like we'll have another for some time to come)

If anything good has come of this Favre situation, it would be the sobering affect it's had on how GB fans view their stars (there was a decent column in JSonline).

Jersey Al's picture

Taking the best "official" times I could find (NFL Combine, College pro Days, etc.) here's what you have:

4.50 Nick Barnett
4.57 Clay Matthews
4.59 AJ Hawk

Toby Hump's picture

Is Favre playing for the Vikings in Madden '10? I'd just want to decimate the guy on every play so I hope he is.

Aaron's picture

This is great stuff Dale. Couldn't agree more about Rodgers' speed. If Romo is Houdini in the game (which he is) Rodgers should be just behind him. And Collins at 93 is a joke.

Profizzle's picture

Ok as all of you know I am a huge Madden Fan just like Dale. The Madden 10 ratings are out and I have to agree on many points. These stats mainly go by performance. And I will address every point you made. Keep this in mind (taken from Madden NFL 10 Player Ratings – A New Philosophy, a New Era) "Every position and every rating has been re-scaled to expand the range of numbers we are dealing with. The Overall Rating for your average NFL player has dropped." "The superstars have not been affected.(this is bullshit, means there will be 99 overall players against weakened ones)" Good news, only six 99 rated players.

10) Like it or not Nick Collins was arguably the best FS numbers wise, Ed Reed interchangeable. The numbers lie, yes, but that's how Madden works, you cant just give a guy who was tied for second in INT's with a forced fumble and 72 tackles a bad rating, you just cant.

9) Yeah I know what your thinking about Quinn Johnson but don't fret. Our hardest hitter on the team, Bigby was given a 72 strength. Ratings have obviously been downplayed along with the fact that rookies get no respect explains this one.

8) How is this a big deal anyway, both ratings really suck and everything im hearing out of camp is that Jones is looking the most impressive so far. Put opinions aside on this one and laugh that Jones is 1 point lower than Chicago's best WR.

7) To a degree I agree with you but going by last season, Hawk got burned by 2nd string RB's consistently and who knows how Barnett will come back from his injury. Hell even Kampman is faster than Barnett in the game. I dont think this is a big deal considering how bad these two played last year.

6) Considering Madden is all about the numbers this stat should be higher. Considering he was 9th overall in rushing with an injury, hand it to the guy. Although I think he is a scrub and that Jackson is better than him, the numbers lie here again, but im fine with them. Here are your top RB's:
Adrian Peterson (MIN): 97 Overall
Michael Turner (ATL): 95 Overall
LaDainian Tomlinson (SD): 94 Overall
Brian Westbrook (PHI): 94 Overall
DeAngelo Williams (CAR): 94 Overall
Clinton Portis (WAS): 93 Overall
Steven Jackson (STL): 92 Overall
Frank Gore (SF): 91 Overall
Brandon Jacobs (NYG): 90 Overall
Thomas Jones (NYJ): 90 Overall
Considering that Ryan Grant out rushed 5 of these players while injured should be a reason why your unhappy with his rating if anything. Let me ask you how is LT #3?

5) Or OL sucks this year...and it should lol.

4) Have to agree with this one, not sure if im remembering this correct but during one of the Minnesota games he completely blew past a LB and DE who had great angels on him. Here is another thing: [Tavaris Jackson 145 yards, 0 TD's] [Aaron Rodgers 207 yards, 4TD's] Im not going to say anything here but you have to be somewhat fast to put up those numbers.

3) no arguments here

2) Again Madden ratings are based on stats and performance. Kampman is rated much higher because many madden players do not use the default playbook. I run out of the doller almost every time and will have a line of Jenkins, Raji, and Kampman. You cannot make a players rating drop 10-20 points if you decide to switch them back to their normal position only to find out they are infinitely worse.

1) My biggest most frustrating issue with the whole ratings.

Top 10 in the NFL:
1 Andre Johnson
2 Larry Fitzgerald
3 Steve Smith
4 Roddy White
5 Calvin Johnson
6 Greg Jennings
7 Brandon Marshall
8 Antonio Bryant
9 Wes Welker
10 Reggie Wayne

Top 10 in Madden 2010:
Larry Fitzgerald (ARZ): 99 Overall
Andre Johnson (HOU): 98 Overall
Steve Smith (CAR): 97 Overall
Randy Moss (NE): 96 Overall
Reggie Wayne (IND): 95 Overall
Anquan Boldin (ARZ): 94 Overall
Roddy White (ATL): 94 Overall
Brandon Marshall (DEN): 92 Overall
Calvin Johnson (DET): 92 Overall
Terrell Owens (BUF): 91 Overall

I'll Just let the numbers do the talking.

Aaron's picture

One thing re: Madden, Dale. When I mentioned after the draft, jokingly of course, that I would put Driver in at RT, you called me a liar, saying it is impossible, which of course it is...unless you 'Create New Player' - in this case, an offensive lineman named...Donald Driver.

I would never lie, Dale. ;)

Dale Z's picture

Someone's been reading the liveblog archive!'s picture

Look at the league as a whole:
Patriots- 93
Steelers- 92

Giants- 89
Chargers- 88
Eagles- 88
Titans- 87
Colts- 87
Cardinals- 86
Cowboys- 85
Panthers- 83
Ravens- 82
Falcons- 81
Vikings- 80

Bears- 79
Redskins- 79
Packers- 78
Jets- 78
Dolphins- 77
Seahawks- 77
Texans- 75
Bills- 76
Bucs- 74
Saints- 74
49ers- 73
Jags- 71
Raiders- 71
Broncos- 70

Chiefs- 69
Browns- 68
Bengals- 67
Rams- 66
Lions- 65

Keep in mind that the Madden guys have lowered the ratings for almost EVERYONE. There's a much greater disparity between superstars and 3rd stringers. There's even a greater degree of separation between just average players and bad players.

And keep in mind that the ratings are largely based on last year and overall consistency. The Packers have a lot of young players that haven't received much recognition so they don't receive very high ratings, and the team had a losing record last year which also brings everyone down.

Plus players and teams get re-rated throughout the season if they're not performing as they are rated. (whether good or bad) So don't get too down about the rating if you don't like it. (I think it's totally fair) because if our team goes out and lights it up, we're going to have a lot of players get bumped up.

Profizzle's picture

then how come LT is the #3 best RB, what did he do last year? Grant out rushed him....

jeremiah's picture

how is PITT. not better than NE?

how is miami, being a division winner, a 77?

how are the cowboys an 85 and balt/atl less?

these madden rankings are bogus. although i have heard that EA is concentrating less(it sure appears so) on the rankings and more on prviding a better overall game. lets hope that is so!

Graham's picture

How is Dallas so high. I can understand the packers at 16 they were 6-10 last year and have alot of question marks.

Grant is probably an 85 he did rush for 1200 yards last season, if average is 75 I would say Ryan Grant is an entire letter grade better than average. Sorry folks he is pretty good. Keep in mind he was injured and his O-Line had about 45 different starters on it.

LT at 94 I dont really have a problem with that either. He was injured last season too and untill he shows he cannot play anymore he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

How is roddy white an 94 and jennings a 90? That just makes no sense. Also what did steve smith do last year to deserve a 97?

Graham's picture

Steve Smith had 6td catches last season, Aaron Rodgers RUSHED for 4. Sorry that is not 97 material there.

Graham's picture

Issac Bruce had 7td's....

Graham's picture

Okay I'm sick of Ryan Grant haters. Let us analyze what he did last year. Last season he became only the 7th packer running back to gain 1000 yards in a season (Canadeo, Taylor, Brockington, Middleton, Bennett, Levens, Green are the other 6) in the history of the packers franchise. Not only that but he had the 7th most yards in a season. Sure Tyalor, Brockington and Canadeo only had 12 or 14 games, but Grant's performance is still its pretty impressive. Why? Because Grant didn't get the o-line that those guys got to run behind (Colledge Spitz Wells ect.).

Bottom line Grant was injured did not participate in much of Training camp and still got off 1200 yards?!? And Packers fans still think he stinks?

Perhaps we have been spoiled recently considering since 1995 we have only had 2 seasons without a 1000 yard rusher (1998 and 2005) (I'll consider 2007 Grant got 956 a 1000 yard season). Considering that from 1978 to 1995 the Packers had zero 1000 yard rushers. That is 17 years for those who are keeping count.

Grant may not be a top 5 NFL rusher but he is in the argument for top 10 which is better than 2/3rd's of the NFL (I'd put Grant AT 10). I'll look for more out of him with a training camp and hopefully a little better blocking up front.

Coderz's picture

Aaron Rodger's speed is so low....he was one of the top 5 rushing QB's last year, with 4 rushing touchdowns. Last year he was a 73 did he get slower?

BuckWheat00's picture

Heres a fun fact: Aaron Rodgers 40 time- 4.71. Josh Freeman's- 4.94
Aaron Rodgers speed- 69. Josh Freeman's- 74

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