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Losing Legacy

Losing Legacy




What I find funny about Brett Favre's legacy with the Packers is that the only thing that can save it now is losing.





One could call it mildly amusing that if Brent Favre wants to see his number plastered for all eternity on Lambeau Field anytime in the next decade, it will boil down to two games. Two games he must lose.

There is no need to re-hash the story, highlight some timeline, or talk about the latest developments. Not on this blog anyway. We all know it's going to happen. The only question left for Packer fans to ask themselves is, "How long do you make Bert wait to have his jersey hung?" I think it's a pretty valid question, and I also believe that "the Favre" will need to lose both games against the Packers for anyone to even consider it for at least the next ten years.

You might be bitter, angry, and upset, but I don't care who you are, you can't pass the time fast enough. No self respecting football fan can deny that. I dare to say these may be the two biggest football games ever. Anyone who says they don't want to see the Pack square off against the Favre led Vikings is lying... and insane. If you aren't excited to wear your heart and soul on your shoulder for Monday night in the Metrodome, then you aren't a sports fan.

I am fine with Blaine playing for the Vikings. I am even fine with Brennan doing well with the team. I imagine that most fans will still welcome the jersey in the hallowed halls of Lambeau even with a Super Bowl ring bathed in purple.

As long as the Packers win.

It all comes down to those two games. If the Packers take both, and let's hope they do, I say point taken and denied. Hang up the jersey, tell Bryce to pick up any self respect that he has left, and whitewash the number on the big green fence.

If the Packers lose, even one of these bound to be epic matchups; it's going to be a long... long wait for Blake.

I wish the game was tomorrow.

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MrBacon's picture

Alright Alex, I see your point.

How about this.

Packers have lost the first game by a FG, and it's 4th and inches at the Goaline, with :30 seconds to go. A touchdown will win the game for the Vikings. Favre snaps and trips as he hands off, Raji & Pickett storm the line, and Peterson falls into the endzone, touchdown. There are no flags on the play,

As the pile gets up, Adrian is not getting up. Joe Buck, in a sad tone, tells the cameras to look away. Peterson's leg has a triple compound fracture. Peterson is pounding the grass madly, as the fans of the Vikings are in shock. Favre during the snap, fell into Peterson's leg snapping it, while Raji's shove into Birk cause another fracture.

The pronosis is not good, the leg cannot be saved, and must be amputated.

The loss of the best RB to a career killing injury, not only makes them loss emotionally, but gamewise as well. The Vikings stumble into the playoffs, while Rodgers and the Pack get the wildcard. Rodgers takes the Packers to the NFC Championship game while Brett plays a great game but doesnt have AP anymore.

Meanwhile, Cutler does Red Headed Sluts, and Mohitos at his flat in Chicago.

F doesnt play next season, and Ziggy has lost the greatest RB ever in Viking history.

What does this do to Favre ?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Sends him to Detroit for a year?

PackersRS's picture

Isn't Birk in the Ravens? But if Brent would be the cause to a career ending injury on AP, I would laugh my ass off. It would be awesome. Not that I want AP to get injured, but...
Hey, what if it's the other way around? That would be even funnier...
Loved the Blake thing, Alex...

MrBacon's picture

Shoot, your right.

Birk fears Raji Burger, hahaha, thanks for proving me wrong.

Asshalo's picture

Their center is an obvious weakness this year. I hope we don't end up cutting Wells and they end up picking him up

Graffin's picture

All will be forgiven as long as the leg is amputated. If the leg is saved then screw em.

Asshalo's picture

I've heard people say Brent Farve's number will be retired in time. I don't think that's absolute. It really depends who he's going to offend (and already offended) that is on the organization now. Will Thompson be around in 10 years? Probably not. Mike Murphy (and the rest of the executive committee) on the other hand could be with the team for more than a decade. Then consider the board of directors who hold lifelong positions (very different than the 112,000 stockholders).

If he loses both games (and in embarrassing fashion) for that matter, I can see pity playing a role on retiring his number. But this is also contigent upon how he handles himself during the regular season. We all know he likes to talk. What is he going to say about GB in post game conferences as our play dates approach-- as the season winds down and we fight each other for a playoff spot? Depending on how this plays out, I'm not sure he ever deserves to have his number retired with the organization. But I can't see our fans and management being that unforgiving for that long (no matter what I think). Everyone has their limits however and Favre better be careful not to push them this fall. If I were him I would continue to pretend like revenge is not a motivating factor.

PH's picture

I'm glad you pulled back near the end there, because honestly there is no reason that #4 won't be a retired number for the Packers. Ten years? 15? Maybe. Unofficially retired with no one else taking it? A given. As you said, it's hard to imagine the fans and management being that unforgiving, time really does heal all wounds, but it may take quite a bit of time and another green and gold Lombardi trophy or two, and maybe even a new hero or new diva to focus attention on

Asshalo's picture

"As you said, it’s hard to imagine the fans and management being that unforgiving, time really does heal all wounds,"

What irritates me about that is on the Joe Buck show, Farve essentially said that. It's like you're best friend apologizing for sleeping with your wife before he does it and then saying, "hey we'll eventually be friends again. Bros before hoes"

PackersRS's picture

Pretend is the key word. If Brent ever retires, he should try to become an actor...

MrBacon's picture

Brent was in "There Something About Mike Holmgren".

Aaron's picture

I'll go you one better - never mind the regular season. What if Brent comes into Lambeau in the NFC Championship Game and beats the Packers?

I'm just sayin'...

Franklin Hillside's picture

Never happen, he plays terrible in cold weather.

ko's picture

if bert favre wants to be a viking i dont want to see his jersey hung anywhere but in the bathroom.

Paul's picture

#4 Urinal Cakes?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Ha ha. +1

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

They should retire it as soon as they get rid of that mo-ron in the front office, Tom Tedson....

That guy's a mediocre idiot and a fool.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

That actually is pretty funny.

MrBacon's picture
Greg C.'s picture

"Anyone who says they don’t want to see the Pack square off against the Favre led Vikings is lying… and insane. If you aren’t excited to wear your heart and soul on your shoulder for Monday night in the Metrodome, then you aren’t a sports fan."

I think there are a lot of good Packer fans who don't want to see it happen. As far as I'm concerned, it's gone far enough now that it may as well happen. Those two games will be huge, no doubt about it, but I'm not yet to the point of actually looking forward to them. I think it will hit me once we actually see Brian trot out onto the field in a purple uniform for that first preseason game--assuming that he considers a preseason game to be worthy of his time and effort.

IronMan's picture

We'll never forget you Bart!

ko's picture

what if ben farve looses both games to the packers? I bet he retires after the embarrassment of a huge failure. I would sugest the backs play back a step to catch brad's overthrows. He will be a little excited to play the packers. we all know what that's.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-4436">

<strong><a href="#comment-4436" rel="nofollow">Alex</a></strong>: That actually is pretty funny.

Thanks, I try..


Thom P. Tedson.

Graham's picture

#4 is hanging at lambeau 2 years after favre retires from they Vikqueens! Are you guys serious?? He helped put the title back in "Titletown". Have we all forgot what Reggie and Brett did for Green Bay? They have rejuvinated another generation of Packers fans thank god cuz if they didnt, we would be a dieing breed!!

Graham's picture

Also I cant wait to kill the purple people eaters.

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture


You're talking to a bunch of traitorous, ungrateful, Madden playing, TV Babies who don't understand that and only want instant gratification now!

When Thom P. Tedson and A-Wad crash and burn, they may finally start to get it.....MAYBE!

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