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Limerick Contest 2009

Limerick Contest 2009




A few years back on the old Packer forum, there used to be a member named Montana Bob. He held a Limerick contest one year and I won. I have passed on the tradition ever since.





I have already forgotten the winning limerick that started this whole thing out, but what I do remember is the fantastic prize package I got from Bob. It was all local products from Montana. Barbeque sauce, a grizzlies cap, and some coffee were among the many local items in my carefully packed UPS box.

The winner was obligated to continue the tradition the following season. The next year I kept my word and held a limerick contest. The winner turned out to be some dumbass from California. I mailed the dude a Brewers cap, some local coffee, a Packer mug, and topped it off with a framed piece of Packers' stock. Much do my disappointment the guy never confirmed he received the package nor sent a follow up email. He simple disappeared.

It is with this in mind I launch the Packer Lounge Limerick contest 2009.

The rules are simple: The best Limerick wins a prize package from the heart of Wisconsin.

If you are unfamiliar with Limericks, please refer to the finer points here. I am pretty strict on the grading, so take some time to put in a well thought out effort. The contest ends the second the ball is kicked off in the Packers first regular season game.

This years subject: Ted Thompson

As always, I submit my entry here. Leave yours below.


There's an Oiler from Atlanta Texas

Who's a whiz at the O's and the X's

He drafts only the cream

And the chosen they scream

It's a dream to have Teddy select us


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Paul's picture

There once was a GM from Texax
Who's balls were as big as a lions.
Said goodbye to a legend,
Yet gave a no answer,
When the fans came to cut off his head.

That's picture

was gay

longtimefan's picture

The once was a man with white hair
He did things with out any flair
He is a cheap man that did things his way
Then one day he told Brett we are parting ways
What if he dumped Brett only because of a dare?

Manitowish Waters's picture

There was a Packer GM named Teddy Bear,
In '08 cheeseheads threw their hands in despair,
He sent Brett a packin',
But now we're all laughin',
Thanks to Aaron's TDs and great facial hair.

Max's picture

Our white haired GM is called Ted
But we call him Teddy instead
Drafted up in 09
Which must be a sign
That he's finally losing his head

Dan Haddinger's picture

There once was a GM from SMU,
Who free agents selections made us blue,
Then, with his trades in the draft,
he built a team and a half.
And now, Bears fans, we're laughing at you.

I'll come up with a couple more.

Dan Haddinger's picture

There once was a blog called Railbird Central
Whose writers, sometimes, went a little mental.
About Ted's free agents they'd rave,
"His head we should shave,
And his contracts are all done in pencil."

Alex Tallitsch's picture

A pretty awesome start all the way around. Contest runs until the ball is kicked in week one. Keep 'em coming.

Chazman's picture

There once was a GM named Ted.
Who half of the fans wanted dead
For releasing Brent :)
and the money not spent
on free agents with not enough tread.

Chazman's picture

There once was a team on the Bay
Where everyone wanted a say.
and then in walked Teddy
who acted like Freddy
and told all of us "Go Away!"

MCMoFo's picture

Near the top of the Packers there is Uncle Ted
Who's blank stare and comments put me to bed
His face is so long
His candor is wrong
Often I wonder what goes on in his head

Anonymous Ted Hater's picture

There once was a GM named "TED"
Who it's rumored likes to give head
While dreaming of MARS...
He released all his stars...
And the Packers were all left for DEAD...

Jersey Al's picture

There once was a GM named Ted
Who some Packer fans would like to see dead.
To those that feel this way
Please allow me to just say,
We could have had Matt Millen instead.

PackersRS's picture

Ol' Ted was the GM of Green Bay
That went on and traded Brett away.
Pitchman for a Jeans
Screwed with the queens,
And now they're screaming in dismay.
That's not really about TT, but later on I post another one.

PackersRS's picture

Couldn't come up with nothing better than what's been posted...

MrBacon's picture

Hello my name is Ted Thompson
I am the GM of the Packers in Wisconsin
I drafted a QB from Cal named Aaron Rodgers
He is from the Dodger state, and wont get us into a rut
Oh, and also like MrBacon, I also think Cutler sucks

IronMan's picture

Nick was a Packer who liked to tweet,
He gives to the community and I think that is neat.

One time he thought he had farted,
turned out he had actually sharted.

This limerick will be tough to beat.

Chazman's picture

There once was a GM named Thompson
Who split all the folks in Wisconsin
He could never appease
Cuz he'd never say "Cheese"
With his emotional range of Charles Bronson.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I opened the contest up to PackersHome. That is where Montana Bob used to hang out. I will post those entries here too.

-------- dfostert

Our GM we all know is Ted Thompson,

A concern- what’s affixed to the johnson?

Some whine “Packin’ milquetoast”,
And “Deserves the big fan roast”,

Some say "They are brass; Move on- son”.


D.D. Driver's picture

There once was this dude named Ted
Whose two lips were permanently wed.
They'd prod and they'd mock
To get him to talk
But he would stay silent instead.


There once was this fellow named Teddy,
Whose motto was "slow and steady"
He had plenty cash
To make a big splash
But he just though "Gee, I'm not ready."

Manitowish Waters's picture

Ted Thompson haters have came & went,
When they said, " Our Januarys aren't well spent!",
Because he's assembled a core,
Bad depth- it's a whore,
Now games in January won't be circumvent.

wgbeethree's picture

there once was a gm named teddy unfairly hated by many...for dismissing a gunslinging bum, they called him both cheap and as I celebrate our future superbowl wins and the haters won't deserve to cheer any!!!

chazman's picture

The man who we all love to hate
Had a draft pick who was making us wait -
and then just like Haji
he produces Raji
Better it's now than too late

Alex Tallitsch's picture

This is by FAR the best group of Limericks to date. Keep them coming, this is going to be a tough one.

IronMan's picture

I don't read rules well. LOL

Dan Haddinger's picture

Please excuse the length of this one, but I thought I'd take a shot:

A limerickeral History of Ted:

There once was a VP of Operations
(From Seattle, not the United Nations)
His friends call him Ted
And back to Green Bay he sped
To take up as Chief of all stations.

In 2005, Ted came in to replace Mike,
Who had less fingers, than holes in the dike.
Mike stayed on as coach
But feared, like a roach,
That his days, they were numbered. He was right.

First, Teddy put our 2 guards on the shelve.
And into Free Agency, he did delve.
He signed O’Dwyer and Klemm,
Then benched and then cut them.
And at the end of the season, we were 4-12.

Ted’s only good thing in ‘05
Was when Pick 24 did arrive
There sat a Golden Bear
Who would be Brett’s heir
And then Teddy’s eyes came alive!

So Ted said, “Hey Shermy, hit the road.”
And tossed his ass out in the cold.
But for Mike, don’t feel bad.
His story’s not sad.
He’s coaching in TX? That’s bold!

After New Years’, we all felt a bit barfy
But Teddy fished the Bay for McCarthy
He looked hard at Chilly.
Which now, seems a bit silly.
Cause he’s caught up in the Favre-nado, like Dorothy

His first cuts were Longwell, Flanagan, and Nai’il
Who he all thought were over the hill
Although our cupboards looked barren
He signed Charles and Ryan, and kept Aaron
And with 12 picks in the draft, our roster he’d fill.

Greg Jennings, Johnny Jolly, and Hawk
At these picks, few fans would balk
Then, with his picks total nine
He’d fill in the holes in the line.
You know, those big guys who toe-up the chalk.

‘06’s record? We’ll skip.
But in ’07, Man what a trip!
Ted traded for Grant, but not Moss
And the season? A frigid, overtime, home loss.
With an interception, to the Giants we did slip.

But our Teddy that year reigned supreme
Turns out, he’d built us a helluva team.
He received an award from his peers
Sporting News NFL Executive of the Year
But in 2008, he’d make us all want to scream.

At this point, I think we should leave
The 1st rounder Ted pulled from his sleeve.
A hurt Vol they call Justin
Who may end in a dustbin.
He’s playing? It’s a miracle, I believe!

So, 2008. It’s really left better unsaid.
I think Teddy’s award went to his head.
Dark days with the franchise and Brett
Retired. Unretired. Then a Jet.
Some say the fault’s Brett’s, some say Ted.

The season? It turned out OK.
All because of Aaron, some say.
He stayed calm. He stayed cool.
While in NY, Brett looked like a fool.
I bet he wished he was back in Green Bay.

Now we come to our upcoming season.
More drama. More Favre retirement teasin’
Now Ted’s hand is on the plow.
He doesn’t care Brett’s in purple now.
Yeah Vike’s fans, like we need even more of a reason.

So here ends my limerick on Ted, (not Jack).
Some are good. Some bad. Some just lack.
But regardless of who’s running the ship.
I know our resolve won’t ever slip.
And for evermore, we shall cry, “Go Pack!”

Josh Connolly's picture


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