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Let's Be Frank

Let's Be Frank

What a mixed bag of reactions on the Will Blackmon article yesterday. Perhaps the statement needed to be pointed out, and perhaps it didn't. Regardless, let's once again clear a few things up.

I am NOT a reporter. There are many reasons for this, the foremost being that I don't want to be. In addition, no one would hire me. I also hate editing, and quite honestly I find the profession boring. Perhaps if you are one of the lucky few to have a press pass it may be damn exciting. I don't have one, and rest assured no one is ever going to offer me one, so I will never BE a reporter either.

I did work for a newspaper once, The Altoona Star. The paper no longer exists, but I spent an awful lot of time talking to old ladies and crossing guards. I did get to interview a police officer named Jesse James that had gotten tagged for two DWI's, but outside of that, I found it emotionless. You can't be biased as a reporter, and most of the time I am. It's a classic setup for a #fail from the very beginning.

This is a blog. It has no rhyme or reason. I do this because I can, and because I love the Packers. That being said, the notion that I somehow am obligated to censor what I choose to publish or not publish is as funny as it is stupid. What I say here is not going to affect the Green Bay Packers, their players, or the organization one iota. Even the suggestion that anything I utter will somehow cause harm and ripple throughout 1265 is crazy talk. No outside organization will ever be more valid than the Packers themselves. Gimme a break.

As far as Will Blackmon's statement is concerned, I stand by my opinion that he should not have said it. Depending on what you're looking to do, Green Bay may actually be boring as hell. Guess what, so is Wausau, Eau Claire, and for the most part at times, everywhere else too. I could care less about the validity of the statement. What I do care about is the delivery of the content.

Will Blackmon is a representative of the Green Bay Packers and the city of Green Bay. Whether they should or not, people listen to high profile athletes. I got so many "Oh my God you're going to make Blackmon quit Twitter" emails yesterday that it was insane. So, rest assured people are listening, and vehemently will stand for, just about anything a Packer player says.

I could be wrong of course, and perhaps I am donning the costume of Gorgias and defending the unpopular argument in true Sophist fashion. But, I just don't buy that. I'll concede that it wasn't the biggest of deals as a single statement. But, as a supplement to the collective whole, it's just unnecessary.

There are, and always have been, enough people running around dissing Green Bay to make it hard enough attracting star talent and their families to Wisconsin. When a player from that city, goes public with that kind of statement no matter the intent, it adds to the battle this organization has been facing for years.

I stand by that statement 100 percent.

To summarize, for the eight billionth time, I am NOT a Packers reporter. I am a guy, who writes stuff about the Packers (usually poorly and without merit) in his office, when he is bored with real work and the mundane life of a 30-something senior at the University of Wisconsin. I have no moral or civic duty to anyone but myself. I don't feel bad for printing the story, nor will I, ever. And if you think I'm harsh, listen to this little old lady.

Now while I'm at it, I'll piss the rest of you off because I want to get off Blackmon and move on to other things no one wants to point out.

I could NOT be happier that Pelissero is leaving the Gazette today. He's a Vikings fan and alway has been. At least since 2004 in my book.

I've had the unfortunate privilege of being surrounded by Pelissero since his career began. I've followed him on the static filled AM station outside of Eau Claire, droning with Paul Allen about the Vikings, to his time at the Leader-Telegram, (in which I submitted a resume at least a half-a-dozen times during his tenure without a single call back. Yeah, I hold grudges, what of it?) and of course these past few years with the Packers.

Don't get me wrong, I won't deny his talent or his credentials. The guy gets it done, period. But he does it all with a look-what-I've-done-and-I'm-only-like-12-years-old kind of smugness that just rubs me the wrong way. Although he did better this year, he also has never really respected bloggers, even though his use of the method now enhances his resume. Combine that with the fact that he honestly, and admit it Tom, LOVES the Vikings, and it's really a no-brainer for me.

He'll be great in Minnesota, and unfortunately I'll be stuck listening to him and Paul Allen on the only two sports radio stations in my area. I can't escape him, but at least I can mute him.

Commence your psychotic Twitter hatred now.

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Erik's picture

I agree with you, Alex. The validity of the statement is moot, it's the fact that he said it. That being said, I still think it's a huge over reaction from a fanbase desperate for any news about the NFL in the slow, slow off season. But Will should know that he's dealing with a rabid fanbase desperate for news with a lot of hometown pride and just tell his wife he's bored and leave it at that.

PAckAttackUK's picture

Like I said on Facebook, I fully back you over the Blackmon thing, without doubt.
He shouldn't have said it.

PackerGranny's picture

Alex ~ First off, thanks for your loyalty to the Packers/fans and having the courage to tell the truth!
Since I'm the only old lady that's posted to the Blackmon article I assume I'm the one you were referring to when you said " And if you think I’m harsh, listen to this little old lady", so I'll comment further. (no offense taken) haha! I don't believe in being passive about what you love and care about!
I've raised six children and I have 7 grandchildren, all of whom know without a doubt that the sun rises and sets with them in my eyes, but seemingly harsh or not I tell them the truth and expect them to follow my example. When I make a mistake, I take responsibility, apologize and clean it up. That's what adults "should" do; lead by example.
In my opinion when a person has chosen a profession like the NFL he is expected to act responsibly & respectfully. I don't apologize for stating my opinion about Will Blackmon's MANY comments on twitter exposing his lack of character worldwide. There is no excuse for it and he needs to take responsibility, apologize and clean it up!

EmJayEm84's picture

Will, buddy, you shouldn't have said it! Come on! You know Packers fans are reading your damn tweets. Why mouth off against Green Bay? (the home of the team that's given you a whole heap of cash, for shit all!) Show some fucking respect you douche. Oh and don't make it worse by saying Green Bay's only good for football. Do you have a brain? Or have you been out of playing time so long your mind has gone?!

Graffin's picture

Ha! This is why I read this blog, good stuff. Articulately tell people to shut the fuck up.

"Commence your psychotic Twitter hatred now." lol
Go Pack!

FITZCORE1252's picture

I always knew something was, how shall I say... "a bit off" with Tom. I always assumed he was a closet Pats fan 'cause he was a 'chowder head' in college. Still though, my 'infiltrator alarm' was going off in my head for quite a while. I feel vindicated.


Aaron's picture

Love this post, even though you're wrong.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Wrong about what, and why?

Asshalo's picture

Yeah, F_ck the haters! I don't like Blackmon either. He never stays healthy and he's not particularly that good at either position he plays.

By the way, why the hell does it say emjaym84 as my twitter name. Not sure how that gets assigned but my twitter name is ASSHALO.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Not sure on that Asshalo, If it keeps happening Ill dump the Twitter names.

Emjaym84's picture

That would be my Twitter account.

Emjaym84's picture

That would be my Twitter account.

Asshalo's picture

Then why did you register under my screen name?

Asshalo's picture

Someone who wasn't me registered asshalo on Lounge Book and put that twitter under it.

I think the false account should be deleted so I can make my own.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

You are automatically registered for LoungeBook if already are a Lounge member. As for as the Twitter thing goes, I'm still trying to figure out what they heck.

Next comment add your Twitter name when logged in and see if that holds it.

Asshalo's picture

i never registered for loungebook so I can't log in. I went to register and it said my name was already taken.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

can't you just log in using your Lounge name and pass. I am pretty sure that when I implemented to program it took all users and automatically registered them with their user name and password.

Just log in man. Ill double check but you are the only Asshalo in my database.

chazman's picture

Wow . . . a Gorgias reference . . . who knew? With all the kharma-negativo over the Blackmon comment, it's a shame no-one is really highlighting Pickett's comments on how he and his family love living in Green Bay. I'd rather have veterans with talent than . . . I'm sorry what does Blackmon do again?

Graham's picture

Maybe if the guy mattered I'd be more offended. Blackmon sucks, injuries plus not very good CB = Sucks. He wont make the team this year.

Also we dont want guys who think Green Bay is boring. Sure go live somewhere else in the offseason. We all know Green Bay is boring its so boring you have to pay attention and actually play football. Just ask how this boring place has worked out for Charles Woodson. He is the best defensive player on the planet, big reason... Green Bay is boring and it forces you to have to work your your football game instead of going to the club with your retarded high school homies....

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