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Let Me Out Coach

Let Me Out Coach


Let me guess, you’re coming here because you think I might have one more little morsel of Packer free agency news that you might have missed? Well, I got news for you.




My dog really needs a fence.

The house we live in has an okay yard, yet the risk of losing my beloved friend slightly outweighs the pain of watching him tied on his dog run. I try to go out there as much as I can, and we keep a running game going with an oft mentioned Cheesehead TV football.

It starts inside the house as I suggest to him that I might be interested in playing a little bit of “football” outside. He immediately goes into a whirl, searching high and low for his adored little yellow prize long since separated from the white stripes and green writing that previously labeled its exterior.

He is an up-and-comer at this point. He has no problem locating the ball in the pile (consisting of numerous toys and assorted necessities) and I would consider it fair to apply the “ball-hawk” phrase at this point. He is pretty good getting to the line as well. I rarely have a problem getting him and the football to the door before the clock runs out.

Passion for the game is not an issue.

Fervor aside, his on-the-field play is still a work in progress. Early in the game he is pro-bowl material. He charges with the ball full-bore to the end zone the first play, every time. After this first score however, we start to run into some coaching problems.

As head coach I have told him many times that the show-boating needs to stop. But, he’s a prima-donna. After his initial touchdown the celebration always begins. It starts with a prancing of the ball to the crowd, which may include several laps around the field. Seriously, T.O. and the “star” have nothing on this guy. Once that first TD is in the books, this guy won’t even hand the ball to the ref (me).


(GR) 3'2" 80 LBS

(GR) 3'2" 80 LBS

Gary (GR) 3'2" 80 LBS


From that point on, he starts to take off plays. He will walk to sidelines a bit, play up to the lady next dog next door, and occasionally will get in a shouting match with coaching staff. It’s no secret that this guy always wants the ball.

Still, late in the game he comes around again. I don’t know if he gets bored or what, but, before it’s time to head in I can usually get three to four scores out of him. The final “dagger” is always delivered with a hail mary across the yard followed by a resounding, “Let’s go inside for a boooone.”
In our case, deviating from most other stadiums, much fun is had by all win-or-lose. We all leave the field happy and ultimately satisfied. The player is happy to have pleased the coaching staff, and the coach proud of his player.

This pride evident today, it aggrieved my soul to see him sitting outside on a chain this morning. My companion, and barring my wife, perhaps my best friend (using every spare minute to sit in front of the computer immersing oneself in the Packers news isn’t really conducive to having real close buddies), was outside on a beautiful day, tied to a run in the back of my house as I racked my brain for the latest greatest Packers story.

As far as I am concerned, I found it.

I don't know what you're doing today, but I'm playing football.


(Stay Tuned)

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Dale Z's picture

I've been waiting for a Gary piece. Gotta get him on a podcast sometime.

Andyman's picture

This is great. I might be getting a dog in the near future and I only hope he is half as cool as Gary.

Asshalo's picture

i could only think what the hell when I saw that story title and pic. pretty funny. nice

IronMan's picture

Good stuff. Go Gary!

Packnic's picture

good looking dog you got there. I got a recruit down in here North Carolina you might wanna check out. He is a little undersized (1'6 25 lbs), but he is easily coachable and fiercely loyal to the team. If you ever need that one player to go out and do some dirty work, maybe get a couple pokes in on the pile and get under the other teams skin... this is your guy. Needs to work on return skills to stick around though. More of an east to west guy than a north south pounder.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Sounds like a gamer to me.

Paul's picture

Sounds like we found a new reciver for the puppy bowl next year, get him signed Dale

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