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Knowledge Bombs

Knowledge Bombs


The Fab Five, the five receiver set the Packers use, is always a fan favorite. It’s awesome in every way, but we need to not do it again this year.

In theory this five wide set is great. It exposes the defense. Their blitz package is identified right away. Ha! Take that, defense!

But it gets better!

Our awesome wide receivers are matched up against inferior opposition. If it’s not Donald, it’s Greg, if it’s not them, it’ll be Ruvell or Jordy.

The only weakness against the fab five is that the quarterback needs TIME to throw the ball. However with Colledge not being respected by defenses and Clifton’s rapid degression, teams are getting to Rodgers very quick.


That brings me to this chestnut of dumb. This has never been said about Rodgers until recently(at least I haven’t heard it). Rodgers doesn’t see the field well! He doesn’t see the second or third receiver. This is utter crap. For shits and giggles, here ya go(with some Spanish flavor!)

Notice it’s his third read, and notice the pressure. And notice the touchdown.

The problem is, he only has time to make ONE read with the way the O-line is playing. If that ONE read isn’t there, he’s now either on the run or on his back. Now the Packers have played two of the league’s best defensive lines(Titans and Vikings) and got burned by them. That’ll happen, but will need to improve bigtime if this team wants to win in the playoffs. This week we play the Bears, whose defensive line isn’t what it used to be. If they get to us with ease on every pass play like the Vikes, this season might be coming to a close.


This one makes me sad. It seems when things are going tough for the Packers(who are one game out of first place, have I mentioned that?), people lose their minds! Some fans just up and leave and go root for “their other” team, or they just want everyone fired or cut. Cut that young guy who made a young guy’s type of mistake! Replace that guy who got held but it wasn’t called! Fire that coach who called that running play even though we called it earlier and it worked and I had no problems with it then!

Like the fan’s who give up after the score goes down 7-0 and suddenly “if we don’t score here, it’s over,” a lot of people don’t seem to understand there are 16 games to be played, like there are 60 minutes to be played in a game, not 20.

Where’s the faith? Where’s the confidence? Were we not 13-3 last year? Do you have NO faith in Rodgers, Grant, Driver, Jennings, Bigby, Harris, Woodson, Kampman, Williams?

We have some trouble spots on this team, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, but do you not believe we have enough talent and intelligence on the sidelines to win these games?

Now I’m not saying everyone is like this. Some people just wear their emotions on their sleeves, but I have to be honest, some of the shenanigans I’m seeing make me sad.

And before someone comments below with “well not everyone thinks the team is perfect like you, we’re realists!” I know the team isn’t perfect. I also know there’s more than 20 minutes in a game and more than 9 games in a season.

And if you DO think the Packers suck, that's cool.  But be consistent about it.  Say we suck when we're down 14, but say it when we're up 14 as well.  Say it after a win.  Say it after we win the North.

Keep the faith, Packers fans. Let’s pull together and ya know, root for the Packers!!

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IronMan's picture

The only one who has lost his mind is McCarthy. "Lack of focus and discipline is not a problem."

3-5-MIN 22 (6:40) A. Rogers pass deep left to G. Jennings for 22 yards, Touchdown. PENALTY on GB-76-C.Clifton, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at MIN 22 - No Play.

Then what exactly do you call that?

(12:46) R.Grant left end to GB 28 for 8 yards (M.Williams).
PENALTY on GB-K.Hall, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at GB 20 - No Play.

(8:30) R.Grant right end to GB 49 for 5 yards (P.Williams).
PENALTY on GB-D.Driver, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at GB 49.

(8:16) R.Grant right end pushed ob at MIN 15 for 12 yards (D.Sharper).
PENALTY on GB-J.Spitz, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at MIN 27 - No Play.

(:22) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass short right to D.Driver pushed ob at MIN 32 for 8 yards (A.Winfield).
PENALTY on GB-D.Colledge, Ineligible Downfield Pass, 5 yards, enforced at MIN 40 - No Play.
(9:07) (Shotgun)
PENALTY on GB-A.Rodgers, Delay of Game, 5 yards, enforced at GB 13 - No Play.
(5:47) D.Frost punts 40 yards to MIN 23, Center-B.Goode. A.Allison pushed ob at MIN 30 for 7 yards (D.Bishop).
PENALTY on GB-D.Bishop, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at MIN 30.
(15:00) R.Grant right tackle to GB 29 for 2 yards (F.Evans; R.Edwards).
2-8-GB29(14:19) PENALTY on GB-D.Colledge, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at GB 29 - No Play.
(6:40) PENALTY on GB-C.Clifton, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at MIN 22 - No Play.

And BTW, these holding penalties have nothing to do with protecting Rodgers. All the holding penalties were on run plays.

IronMan's picture

Lack of focus and discipline has cost us at least 2 games. (the last two) These stupid penalties have been happening ALL SEASON. Why? Don't ask McCarthy. He doesn't even see it as a problem.

First step to solving a problem:
1: Acknowledge there is a problem.
2: Define the problem.

MM hasn't got to step one yet. Sad. Very very sad.

Dale Z's picture

Because he's not publically calling out players, he's not doing his job?

And what does any of this have to do with this post? lol.

IronMan's picture

I give up.

Dale Z's picture

First step to solving a problem:
1: Acknowledge there is a problem.
2: Define the problem.

Which one of those involves calling out players? I'd much rather things get talked about and actions taken in the film room and meetings, not at a podium. It's not panic time yet and coach knows it.

Sorry, IM, we just disagree. Doesn't mean we can't still be friends! But you beating my fantasy team does mean that however. JERK!

Packnic's picture

I love how not thinking its necessary or intelligent to behead a coach after two losses means you dont think this team has any problems. Or you think he is above criticism.

Two weeks ago against Indy MM was getting a verbal handjob from everyone on the interwebz now its all "off with his head". but if you don't think that, you just have your head in the sand.

anyway, will be back to the other extreme next week when we beat Chicago. But only if that dumbass/genius coach (depending on what week it is of course) can get his head out of his ass long enough to get on stage and cuss out players and staff to make fans happy.

IronMan's picture

Who wants to fire him? Please post links.

Asshalo's picture

Have to agree with Iron man. I heard one reported say we're only play away from winning these games and he hinted at Brett Favre. That may be true but he could have made things worse off in certain situations as well. What's really losing us these games is doing the little things poorly that we did right last year-- things that get cleared up by this time of year.

There's still time to turn the page. It would be great to get on a hot streak- especially with the season on the line.

Asshalo's picture

Z, it's not about calling out players. That two step process of illuminating mistakes you speak of? That's the coaches job. I will always blame sloppiness on the coaches.

Dale Z's picture

"Z, it’s not about calling out players. That two step process of illuminating mistakes you speak of? That’s the coaches job. I will always blame sloppiness on the coaches."

I didn't realize he had to acknowledge it all to the media. My bad, I'm learning as things go on. This kinda reminds me of if Ted Thompson was head coach. Could you imagine us losing 2 in a row, then Thompson going to the podium and giving\saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? SOME fans like these would be going nuts calling him soft and a dumbass.

But like Thompson's work is done behind closed doors, so is Mike McCarthy's. But he's dumb\soft because he doesn't lose his cool, call out players during press conferences. Right.

IronMan's picture

I agree. I'm not saying he should call players out publicly. That doesn't work. Getting fined, or benched(not permanently, although that may be the proper way to go with a few players) works.

But for him to say that penalties aren't even a problem is just dumb. And the fact that so many Packers fans agree with him absolutely boggles my freaking mind. I'm just glad I have Pack93z on my side on this one, otherwise I think I would probably end up in the "nervous" hospital.

IronMan's picture

Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to my wall.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I'm on your side, I don't know this Pack93z you speak of.

Dale Z's picture

to Ironman, a yes or no question:

Do you believe these penalties do not bother Mike McCarthy and he is not trying\going to try to remedy them?

It's like when Thompson is like "we like our roster" then we find out we almost got Tony Gonzalez. Just media coach-speak.

Also, are team fines made public? I remember reading about I think Burress on the Giants was getting fined out of his friggin mind but it wasn't made public(eventually leaked). Who knows what's going on with people's pocketbooks, but it wasn't said in a press conference so RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!

IronMan's picture

He said penalties are not a problem. HE SAID THAT. So ....

YES, I believe the penalties do not bother him.

IronMan's picture

McCarthy doesn't want to fix the penalties. He just wants people to stop picking on him.

Dale Z's picture

K, you actually believe that. Now I see where we disagree. He's a big ol baby too now? Nice.

Dale Z's picture

Do you believe everything on injury reports too? Good thing you're not a Patriots fan, you'd really not be your coach's biggest fan. lol.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

We could have used Tony Gonzalez.

Dale Z's picture

Can tony G passblock better than Lee? Probably not.

But is this the part where we go on about if we had this guy(gonzo) or that guy(favre)?

Just let me know.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Just saying. 1-6 or 10-116 and a TD.

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