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Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'




There plenty of opinions floating around after yesterday's cut list. Everyone and their brother seems to have one. Here's what some of those folks along with yours truly are sayin'.





Aaron Nagler

The esteemed Mr. Nagler has actually been making some keen and intelligent observations. Yeah, I know, I couldn't believe it either. Anyway, two things coming out of Nagler's trap yesterday really made me think. First, was Mr. Nagler's comment that the Packers could be paving the way for the return of Mark Tauscher. It's a great thought, and I sincerely hope he is right. I was surprised at the amount of lineman the team let go yesterday, and knowing in the back of your mind that Tauscher is coming around would make perfect sense. For once, I hope Nagler is right on this one.

Secondly, he was the first guy I heard mention Jeff Garcia. Shortly thereafter, the clamoring began. I will take this moment to throw my hat into the Jeff Garcia ring. I think it would be a wise move, and one I have called for since the off-season. Bring in Garcia.

It is also notable that Nagler did a pretty nice job on his own cut list.


Brian Carriveau

Sorry Carriveau, you had to be shocked after the Sutton cut went down, especially after writing this:


"Sutton is also "set in stone." Maybe he needs to work on pass protection some, but he absolutely deserves to have a job in the NFL. If the Packers cut him, they're nuts."


I was a little shocked at the Sutton move myself, but you see it every year. Someone really shines in the preseason (Gado) and people start going third string crazy all of a sudden. Did he show some flashes? Yes. Was he a superstar in the making? I highly doubt it. How long Sutton remains out of a job, will go a long way into determining what the rest of the NFL talent evaluators really think of the young man.


Jersey Al

Oh Al, your Lumpkin crusade has officially ended in defeat. You made some hardcore pleas here and here but it wasn't meant to be. You did however manage to win our bet about the UFA's, with the signing of Deitrich-Smith. Congratulations, your signed and autographed picture of Dale Z in a g-string is on its way.


What I'm Sayin'

I thought they would keep Brohm for sure, although I am hardly disappointed. I have been advocating a veteran backup since before the draft. Now it looks like that door may have been opened a little bit. That's fine with me.

It really surprised me that Ruvell Martin got cut. I thought he was a lock. Not because of his talent, but with his off the field chemistry with Aaron Rodgers. I understand that Swain might give the teeny tiniest bit of an upgrade, but professional or not, you have to assume Aaron Rodgers isn't all that happy. I don't like this move at all.

I don't think there was anyone not surprised by the Smith cut and this includes me. I thought the guy played his way onto the team. It will be interesting to see what the underlying story is. Maybe the guy was just a turbo douche. If so, let's hope Derrick Martin is a horse a piece.

Which leaves us with Tyrell Sutton. I realize that the guy showed a little spark this off-season. So did Lumpkin last year. I was never on or off the Sutton bandwagon, but the cut doesn't really bother me. We are fine at running back, and if McCarthy starts handing the ball of the Jackson when he's healthy, I think Sutton will become a distant and irrelevant memory.

Tony Moll is officially gone. Hallelujah.


I'm just sayin'.

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IronMan's picture

"Turbo douche."

I'm going to use that.

Erik's picture

Garcia would not be a good move, the Raiders got rid of him because he was locker room poison; the dude wants to be a starter and can't accept that he's no longer there. I think he's a great talent and would be an awesome back-up, but he doesn't want to be a back-up. His place is not in Green Bay.

Stan's picture

Just what I was thinking. Garcia knows he has talent enough and would only happily sit behind a top class QB like Brady or Manning. We might end up making a John Booty call.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I think Rodgers is a top class QB.

Stan's picture

Jeff Garcia doesn't LOL. Well as long as Garcia knows his place then it could work.

Erik's picture

Through our rose colored glasses, Rodgers is a top flight QB. But with only one season under his belt (a losing season) with reasonably good stats (barely making the top twenty percent of your class isn't top flight) doesn't put him in that category all over the league.

As time goes by, Rodgers definitely has the skills, surrounding talent and ability to become mentionable in the same breath with guys like Manning, Brees and Brady, but he's not there yet for much of the league.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I agree, Stan. If Garcia has any notion of winning any kind of job, forget it.

Erik, quit being rational.

Jersey Al's picture

Did you take the picture?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

No, someone keeps emailing them to me anonymously.

SpartaChris's picture

I agree Garcia could potentially be a problem, but you're talking about a team who let go of Brett Favre in favor of Aaron Rodgers. Other than the ability to bang some really hot chicks, Garcia isn't even in the same league as Favre. I don't think he'd have any problems knowing his role in Green Bay.

That said, if we did make a play for Garcia, it would likely be after week 1 so his salary wouldn't be guaranteed.

PackersRS's picture

LOL at Garcia being a problem. He doesn't think he should be a starter, he thinks he should start ahead of Brian Griese and JaMarcus Russel! GUESS WHAT? HE CAN AND HE SHOULD! There's a reason the Bucs and the Raiders suck that much. Garcia was kicked out of town because they knew Russel would fail, and the fans would clamor for Garcia.
And Alex, I've been saying since the backup qb problem talk began, that short of Kitna or Garcia, nobody would help our team. And Garcia is available. Go get him Ted.

MrBacon's picture

I said before, the NFL is a business, and Ted Thompson doesn't care about his players when it comes down to making the right ones.

Rodgers knows that, and he cannot sway Thompson in keeping Ruvell.

sparkyo's picture

Sorry guys, but I think you're already seeing what our QB situation is going to be this season. If Brohm signs to the practice squad that will be the lineup. If Brohm goes elsewhere they may target another PS eligible QB. If Rodgers or Flynn gets injured the PS quarterback will move onto the roster for the duration of the injury (unless he plays well enough to be valuable on the open market.) Packer management likes its current players and this is the way they get to keep more of them. Perhaps next year they will keep three active QBs providing the third guy has enough value in the marketplace at that time.

Greg C.'s picture

I disagree with Alex and his buddy Aaron on both Tauscher and Garcia. During Thompson's four and a half years in Green Bay, how many old guys has he brought in? I can't think of a single one. Charles Woodson was not quite 30, so he doesn't count. And Tauscher is not only old, he's coming off reconstructive knee surgery.

As for Garcia, as I said in another thread, bringing him in as the #2 means that you would need to use up a gameday roster spot for Matt Flynn just to hold for kicks. Either that, or make Mason Crosby change holders. We all saw how well that worked in the preseason.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Garcia's better than Rodgers...

How old is Garcia, anyway...?

Hell, shoulda just brought back Favre...

(You will be thinking/wishing for that in week 4)


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