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Just Say No To This In Fantasy Football

Just Say No To This In Fantasy Football

With apologies to Jayme and her dislike of fantasy football I have to get something off my chest.

Recently, one of the fantasy football leagues I am in held it's draft. While I was at Lambeau Field taking in the game against the Chiefs, my auto pick preferences decided that having Tony Romo and Roy Williams on my team was a good idea. Personally, I think it's some kind of a sick joke, but that will be dealt with in due time.

After making reference to this on Twitter, long time reader  Directing Titan made the following statement in response to my dilemma in fantasy football:

I almost took Cutler as a backup. Almost.

Perhaps Directing Titan has forgotten who Jay Cutler is. We here at Eat More Cheese would like to remind him, and everyone else who might have forgotten, exactly who Jay Cutler is, with a little help from The Packer Ranter.



Nice kitten Jay, you big pu$$y.

As Jersey Al said so eloquently, "No self respecting Packers fan could do that (have Cutler on their fantasy team)"

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Eat More Cheese.

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zcalvelli's picture

Hater :) #DCGB

JohnRehor's picture

Do I hate Cutler? Yes. Without question


CJ in Guatemala's picture

I concur, overlooked Cutler every time I had a chance to pick him, even if it was as a "trade bait" or as a "backup"...

Got Cassel at the 14th round for my backup instead ;)

JohnRehor's picture

That is an excellent pick that low in the draft. If only he hadn't gotten crushed by Howard Green last Thursday

DirectingTitan's picture

Who the hell takes Cutler as a backup? I want to punch this person.

JohnRehor's picture

No self respecting Packer fan, that's for sure

zcalvelli's picture

Loving the passive aggressiveness :) Why yes, I did draft Cutler as my backup QB in #DCGB - in the 11th round. And I immediately had to take one of those "Crying Game" showers. I felt dirty. I'll still enjoy watching him get tossed around like a rag doll behind that O-line and Martz feeding him 7-step drops.

Oh and I guess that means that, once the search engines pop up, this page will result in searches for "Jay Cutler" "Crying Game" which is nice.

DirectingTitan's picture

As I told Kelly, if a FF league charged more than 2 points per interception I would avoid him like the plague. But in standard scoring, I'd hold my nose and deal with it. Especially if I could beat Mr. Rehor whilst using Cutler. ;)

JohnRehor's picture

Your challenge has been accepted

Wiscokid's picture

There are some things I just won't do. One of which is,I will never have a Viking, Bear or Cowboy on my FF team no matter how good they are. One of the intrinsic flaws of fantasy football is that if you are not careful, you will have to root for a team that you can't stand. I probably would have added Lions to the list but since they have been so awful, that problem kind of takes care of itself.

My FF team this year (like last year) is a homer team dominated by Packers. I will either win or lose with them. That's just the way I roll.

Chopper's picture

The team Gen.Managers and Coaching staff always seem to pick the best " FANTASY " team possible.
and It's great getting watch My Fantasy Team playing every sunday all wearing the Green and Gold. and yes you might say I'm one of those crazy fans.................. 2 Packers Tattoo's, My home is Packer Gold with Green roof, my new F350 Ford Super Duty I ordered in Green with Gold bottom trim.

DerekDaBearsDillard's picture

Not to disrespect Mr. Rehor or any of the good cheeseheads of the world but jay is a titan, lets not forget his situation. Furthermore he looked better in his season opener than Rogers. Now choke on that cheese


foundinidaho's picture


Whew. I feel better now.

Aaron Nagler's picture

"(Cutler) looked better in his season opener than Rogers"

We are all dumber for having read this.

JohnRehor's picture

@DerekDaBearsDillard: Your comment is beyond stupid, but since you said it, please enjoy all the attention you will receive as a result.

Kathy's picture

Man, no wonder Second City is based in Chicago. Such a wealth of comedy gold

JohnRehor's picture

Welcome to my world Kathy. This is my life every single day.

SpartaChris's picture

Lay the crack pipe down and seek help. It's not worth it.

BreastonLargements's picture

Are you not aware that Cutler's two TD passes were a 1 yd throw and a dump off to Forte who did all the work? It seems like any time Cutler doesn't throw 3+ pics Bears fans think, "Man that guy is legit." Even in a bizarro world your comment would be stupid.

JonBob's picture

I disagree completely on the rationale.

Fantasy football is about putting the best team together and winning. Pure and simple. If you're telling me you'd pass on AP because he wears purple, then that is your loss. I'll gladly take him and enjoy his 1500+ yards and 15+ TDs.

Now with regards to Cutler, I'd avoid him because he's inconsistent and he sucks. Not because he's a Bear.

And no, having Calvin Johnson on my team does not cause me to "root" for him to catch some TDs when playing against the Packers. I don't have to root, because I know it's a statistical likelihood that he will. That's all it is: numbers. Bringing your fan passions into it defeats the purpose and puts you at clear disadvantage.


The Guy Who Takes Fantasy Football Way Too Seriously

Wiscokid's picture

Are you SURE that you are really a Packers fan?

JohnRehor's picture

Yeah, JohnBob's alright. He admitted he takes FF way too seriously. Just as long as he knows green and gold>blue and orange, he'll be good

DerekDaBearsDillard's picture

In an effort to show cheesehead america that i am not jus another delusional Bears fan, I will man up and make the following statement. In the excitment of knocking off last year's #1 ranked team I may have over exaggerated. After review, Rodgers threw for more comp, 1 more TD, n 1 less int. I can admit a wrong. Rodgers looked better. )=

JohnRehor's picture

Your error in opinion is forgiven-still need to work on your choice of teams though

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