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Jared Allen is Stupid

Jared Allen is Stupid




Jared Allen is stupid. Let me tell you why.







#1: He chose the Vikings. He got a huge payday, an NFL record setting contract to be exact, which is why I hate hearing him say he plays for the love of the game. Really? Why didn’t you take a little less money and love the game playing for a real contender and not the Vikings? Love for the game? Now you’re stupid AND a liar.

#2: Jared Allen trains in the offseason in Mixed Martial Arts. Yeah, he’s an MMA guy apparently and trains that way in the offseason. On the surface that seems pretty cool, but if you think about it for more than four seconds you realize that is very stupid of not just him, but of the Vikings for allowing it. I follow MMA a little bit. I am not exactly an expert but injuries are so very common in MMA training, even non-sparring injuries. People accuse NFL athletes of being stupid for playing basketball in the offseason or going off roading on ATV’s. This is a whole new level of stupid and do not be surprised if Allen hurts himself somehow.





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IronMan's picture

Jared Allen thinks he is funny but he is just an idiot. The mullet isn't funny. Its lame. That's all.

Anonymous's picture

you are all fuckin retarded!

Asshalo's picture

as funny as this is it's true. Even the non-striking aspect Jujutsu (essentially grappling and body locks) has a very high injury rate-- concussions are not uncommon at tournaments.

Toby Hump's picture

The only time I laugh at Jared Allen is when he A) gets seriously injured, or B) can't get sh** going in a game. He joined the Vikings because it was the only place where having a stupid looking mullet was normal.

MrBacon's picture

The MMA Training isn't such a douche way of training, but the only two things that you can take from that sort of exercise is just Stamina, and Tackling.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Can't fault a guy for taking gobs of money.

I would add hypocrite to stupid. He drilled Matt Schaub in the knee (obvious cheap shot) and knocked Shaub out for a few weeks, and then he whined like a baby when Gosder Cherilus of the Lions tried to block him and inadvertantly hit his left knee.

If you're going to do it, you should be able to take it. That's why I hate this meathead.

Aaron's picture

Allen was traded to Vikings. Hard to fault him for 'choosing' to go there when he had minimal say in the matter. He just wanted a new deal and Kansas City wasn't going to give him one.

That said, he is a dumbass.

Jersey Al's picture

Smart or Stupid - he made life difficult for the Packers offense...

Justin Case's picture

For one game, the other he was shut down.

Packnic's picture

not much to add really. just want to restate two raised points for emphasis.

Hypocrite for the cheap shots thing. Thats despicable. No one wants to play with or cheer for a guy who gives out cheap shots, but absolutely no one wants to play with a guy who whines about the exact thing he dishes out. Total tool, hes the one player i like seeing injured when someone exacts revenge.

and the other thing is his weak attempts at being the "fun guy." on the team. wearing an animal on your head during an interview isn't funny, its unprofessional. It's one thing to show a whimsical side of yourself, but its quite another to employ props to get the job done. Ask Carrot Top, everyone thinks that guys funny... right? Hey look at me everyone look at me... my daddy didnt so you have to!

Formo's picture

Allen > Kampman

Face it, suckers. You're just mad you have to face him 2 times a year.

PackersRS's picture

Wow, a queen fan in a packer site. Actually, it's quite common these days. I wonder why? Maybe their sites sucks, maybe their team sucks and all they care about is us... Go figure. Minnesota, land of ten thousand lakes and zero superbowls.

vikesrule's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3762">

<strong><a href="#comment-3762" rel="nofollow">PackersRS</a></strong>: .. maybe their team sucks and all they care about is us… Go figure.

Hmmm.... that's one school of thought.

Or perhaps we just want to spend some quality time with fans of the "mighty" 2008 NFCN 3rd place "champs".

Ya, that's it.

3rd place.......Bwaahaaa!

Dale Z's picture

Living in the past, ain't ya? Should I bring up the 2007 First place champs? Yeah, you won the division LAST year. How'd that work out for ya?

Big Man's picture

Bwaaaaaa? Go back to your AOL Chat and mince around in there you pusbag.

vikesrule's picture

</blockquote>Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3765">

<strong><a href="#comment-3765" rel="nofollow">Dale Z</a></strong>: <P>Living in the past, ain’t ya? </P>

Living in the past?? That's priceless.

However, I am mildly amused that your intellectual prowess has not improved over the past couple of years.

It has nowhere to go but up.

PackersRS's picture

You haven't said a word about queens sites sucking, about no superbolws, and now you make a personal attack, ALL IN A PACKER SITE. You queens are patetic.

Al Borland's picture

Only a Vikings fan would be this proud over a division title that lead to a one and done playoffs where they struggled to sell out. (Another reason Allen is a douche, he released a video asking the fans to spend their Christmas bonus on tickets. Hey, Jared you're one of the highest paid players in the league, think you could drop maybe $10,000 on tickets and donate them? Although you might need that money for your next DWI) Anyways, I guess Vikings fans need to be proud of something since they haven't won the division since 2000.

FudgePackers's picture

Jared Allen is HILARIOUS. I could see how you packer fans can hate him while he's kicking the sh*t outta Aaron Rodgers and the OL but come on, when he introduces himself on Sunday Night Football as "Jared Allen, Home School, Thanks mom!" you can't help but love this guy. But hey I hated how everybody thought Favre was hilarious too but now that he's switched over to our side, I'd have to say we have two of the most fun-loving personalities in NFL history.

Big Man's picture

What a douchebag. The guy is the ultimate asshole and cheapshot artist. Also he thinks that driving while tanked is funny. Screw that boozehound.

FudgePackerisaJackass's picture

FudgePacker, real original name there, son. Only a viqueen fan would come into a Packer site and kiss the pimply ass of jared assclown allen. Hate to change topics here, son, but how many Super Bowls do the viqueens have? You say zero? I laugh and spit in your face.

Bigwayne's picture

Funny how all the packers "live in the past" and always bring up there old super bowl winning team of years ago. Lets talk about brass tax right now... Plain and simple you guys got schooled both times. In fact it was not even a match. J.A. brought it the first game, then the Offense brought it the second game. I almost hope we play again, (though I doubt it) Just to show 3/3 wins is not just luck, or bad calls.

longtimefan's picture


How old is this thread??? Then YOU have to bring up how we live in the past?

WTF dude

Not only that how long ago were those two games..

Heres a hint..... get current and then you can be relevant, other wise just go do what your good at...Playing your skin flute

Bigwayne's picture

So if I browse your site, your telling me I will find blogs/threads talking about this season? And about how much you guys got destroyed by the current Vike team? The two games I'm talking about where only within the last two months. As far as skin flutes go, Im willing to be Jared Allen, could play his all over your O line while still getting rogers in the face.

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