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I'm a Bears Fan

I'm a Bears Fan




In case you didn't know, I'm a Bear's fan. I hate to admit it but it's true. I'd like to think I can blame my parents, but that's still no excuse.






My entire family grew up in the Chicago area before moving to Wisconsin. As geography would have it they were of course Bears fans. I suppose at a young age you are impressionable and I naturally followed suit and was lucky enough to catch the Bears in their good years.


I was a fan when they went to the Super Bowl, Walter Payton was my preferred player, and I most definitely wore a Jim McMahon homemade headband on more than one occasion. He was on a big poster in my room after all.


I even bought the Super Bowl shuffle on '45. I wish to god I still had it.


I was big fans of the tough guys like Gary Fencik, and perhaps the best fullback in history (barring William Henderson of course) Matt Suhey. I watched the Fridge carry the ball, and still am disappointed that William Perry and not Walter Payton has a Super Bowl touchdown on their stat sheet.


Once in awhile, on a day like today I reminisce about the great times I had growing up rooting Chicago. They truly were grand memories, and I am not ashamed to say it.


Soon enough though, Jimmy Mac would slowly be replaced on my wall with Don Majkowski, and when I was lucky enough to run into James Lofton and get his autograph in a Godfathers pizza on a family trip?


I think you know the answer.


It's sad to see what the Bears have become now. They used to be revered as America's team merely 15 years ago, and now they are, well, the Chicago Bears.


Who most certainly suck.

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Nick Boulanger's picture

It takes a big man to admit what you just did. However, the Bears still suck.

Asshalo's picture

I honestly can't criticize when you like the team in your region. What caused you to make the switch. The move to Wisconsin? I've actually heard of that happening a lot-- people moving to WI and then changing their preference to the packers.

The only thing that irritates me is people from the midwest like the Cowboys, the Lakers and Yankees. I sort of did the same thing when I liked the Orlando magic in grade school when Shaq and Penny were on the team, but kept with them.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I made the switch because I got old enough to realize I had choices.

IronMan's picture

I'm a Bears fan too....

(Missouri St. Bears)

RonLC's picture

You had me worried for a minute IM.

Erik's picture

I've always had a respect for the Bears. I saw the songs like "The Bears Still Suck" as the type of thing two really close friends would do to each other. It's a rivalry, but one where both teams, at the end of the day, still harbor a certain amount of respect for the other based on glory years and a long history.

On the other hand, I've always hated the Vikings with a fiery passion that could burn a thousand suns.

Jersey Al's picture

"and perhaps the best fullback in history...Matt Suey."

You lost me on that one.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Why Al? Because I spelled it wrong? It's actually Suhey. Otherwise, as the lead blocker for Payton, you have to get some props I would think.

RonLC's picture

Like Peyton needed a blocker. Any success Suhey achieved was because no one knew he was on the field.

Doorknob's picture

The most powerful weapon Chicago has now is the weather. No one wants to play Chicago in December... no one not never

Manitowish Waters's picture

So Alex, who do you like NOW? If you say you switched to Green and Gold, then why does your story start off by saying you're a Bears fan?? I'm really confused... if you switched, great, we're glad to have you.. but you don't have to keep telling people you're a Bears fan because you liked them back when you were still a kid do you? ...

Thank god I got on board with the Pack back when I was still pissing the bed....

PackersRS's picture

It takes balls to admit that. I'm also confused if you were and are bears fan, if you were and now sympathizes with them or if you were and now despise them, like most do. I would bet money on the last, as I've never even suspected you being anything other than a diehard, exclusive fan, so forgive me if I appear to question your fanhood...

Being foreing, I've never considered cheering for another team than the Packers, but my father being an exchange student in Racine had a lot to do with it, so I can't really point fingers.

I don't know really what to do with this information, and as you stated before you obviously don't care about what other people think, and I praise you and envy you for that.

However, isn't it a little hypocritical to have bashed Favre and his "fans" for going to the enemy when you kind of did the same? I know, I know, VERY different circumstances and motives, but still...

jeremiah's picture

packers/bears= love/hate.......packers/vikings= hate/hate

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I suppose I am forced to clarify. I certainly am not a Bear's fan although I do have a soft spot for them when it doesn't affect the Packers. They are kind of like my second NFC team. I have a second AFC team in the Chiefs too.

If the Bears were in the playoffs and the Packers weren't I would most certainly have to root for the Bears, or the Lions, or most NFC teams for that matter. But, I would never root for the Vikes or the Cowboys in any situation.

I quit following the Bears in the 1985 and never look back, but you have to respect the memories, and foremost the love the game.

Manitowish Waters's picture

That's understandable. When I was probably four or five, my mom bombarded me with 49ers, Joe Montana stuff and looking back now I was definately a 49ers fan in many ways, but I was so young I didn't even know anyting else existed. I realize now she was just trying to stick it to my dad after they divorced, him being a Cheesehead from Sun Prairie. I wisely came around when I realized the Packers were a more lovable bunch even though they sucked at the time, and I never looked back.

I remember going nuts when the Houston Rockets won a couple rings in the mid 90's even though I didn't even know they existed a year earlier. I also recall going nuts every time the Bulls won an title. When you're young and dumb, you really cheer for whatever is convienient at the time..

wgbeethree's picture

Diehard Packer fan from birth here but (and I really hate doing it) I have to say that Fencik was one of my favorite players growing up (along with Chuck Cecil) . I knew it was wrong at the time but you can't help but love the way he played the game if you are a fan of football. The Bears have always been ''the enemies'' and even as a kid I knew I was supposed to hate them but there's no way you could not respect players like him, Payton, and Singeltary. Luckily for the young Packer fans growing up today they won't have that problem. The Bears pretty much to a man suck as players and are gigantic douchebags thereby eliminating that dilemma.

backthepack4's picture

I was born in WI and born a Packer fan. I moved to Chicago in '85 and became...
A bigger Packer fan!

FITZCORE1252's picture



jclombardi's picture


Jclombardi is the lead Blogger. Jclombardi is a Packers blogger, senior writer, author, speaker, publisher, & consultant. Going back to the Lombardi era, he is a diehard legendary Packers fan in the Midwest. It’s tough living in Bears and Rams country. As a published author, he has written works about poetry, prose, nonfiction, narrative history, and feature stories. Also, he conducts guest speaking tours at town hall and historical society meetings throughout mainstreet communities in the country. As a French-American icon, he enjoys the theater, specific sports, writing, speaking, and traveling the world.

FITZCORE1252's picture

That's funny right there!


RonLC's picture

Being a Packer fan since 1947, it is imposssible for me to even admit the existence of the Bears. Used to love watching Packer Db's push Bear receivers into the wall at the back of the end zone at Wrigley. Packers vs. Bears = Bleeding Profusely.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Awesome! I too like to think the DUH QUEARS don't exist.

GBP 4 life

FITZCORE1252's picture

Did you just kick me in the dick???

Didn't see that coming. I think it's only fair that you suspend yourself from your site for say... 1 month.

Man, I grew up 2 hours outside of Chi, raised a Packer fan. Being raised in bear country as a die-hard really made me hate the bears almost as much as I love the Packers. Unfortunately most of my best friends grew up bear fans ( maybe it was fortunate, going out t'd up from the feet up in GBP gear surrounded by the enemy, at least a few of 'em had my back).

Anyhew, I accept your apology and I forgive you :-)


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"The Bears still suck!"