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I've heard a lot of moaning and groaning already about Aaron Kampman leaving and how on earth will Ted Thompson fill all the holes on his roster. If you ask me, there really isn't much to fill. In fact, the 2010 Green Bay Packers are about as close to 2009's squad as you can get. Quit complaining.

Next time, before you start crying, break down the leftovers a little bit first. You have start with what we have lost, which coincidentally really isn't that much.

  • Aaron Kampan: A great Green Bay Packer and future Packer hall-of-famer. We didn't have him for the second half of the season, and the position was held just fine by Brad Jones of whom many have started raving already.
  • Mark Tauscher: Another classy Packer and Wisconsin native all the way. Did a nice job of solidifying the line in 2009. I think T.J. Lang can step in there just fine. However, if I was a betting man, I would place my money on Tauscher in the green and gold in 2010 too. Mark my words.
  • DeShawn Wynn: Do I really need to talk about this one? Wynn is a non-factor in my big picture. Much like his career as a Packer.
  • Jeremy Kapinos: I don't hear anyone crying about this one.

That's it folks, that's everyone. Essentially, right at this moment, we have every single skill position back in place for 2010 bar one aging tackle and one suck ass punter. I hardly find that anything to be upset about.

With the signing of Clifton I finally could breath a sigh of relief. From here on out the rest is all downhill. We have holes, but the list is smaller than it ever has been before. This is how I personally see our needs in order of importance.

  • CB - I don't know how you cannot call this the biggest need right now. A questionable Al Harris, an injury prone group as a whole, and unproven talent is what you have to look forward to. I look for the Packers to go cornerback right away with their number one pick.
  • Punter - Sign Hunter Smith and get it over with. Ted, have you not learned your lesson yet? Just frickin' do it.
  • RB - Seriously, if you think our three headed monster is going this done, think again. Leon... Leon... Leon.
  • RT - If you don't snag  Tausch for another year, your going to have to find one, or hope that T.J. Lang can boot over there and help you out. Easily filled with a veteran backup or the third round.
  • QB -  Say what you want, but we need a veteran quarterback. We will get one too; make note I said that.
  • TE - What you say? Well, the fact remains that Donald Lee still sucks. Anyone remember what Keith Jackson did?
  • OLB - This I put in the have to consider pile. Brad Jones isn't getting nearly the love he deserves right now. He essentially came in and replaced a Pro-Bowler. Just get him some competition.

It's a pretty short list, and with a few nice pickups isn't even a list at all. The 2009 Green Bay Packers were a hop, skip, and a jump away last season. The 2010 squad carries almost all the same names. Whose worried?

I'm sure not.

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lmills's picture

As for starters go, I think you're right on. But i would say we are pretty thin in the backup department. What happens if Matthews or Jones goes down? Woodson or Harris (again)? Collins or Bigby? Cliffy? I believe we have soem serious depth problems. If everyone stays healthy, we'll be very well off. But it's the NFL. There's always injuries.

Packerfan4ever's picture

Thank you, I agree! I feel better about the season now that someone else agrees with me. :)

Jersey Al's picture

Just yesterday some guy emailed me to let me know the Packers didn't need defensive backs.

My answer to him: Now come on, we did watch the same games right? After Woodson, there's Tramon Williams - a good CB that gives up a LOT of big plays. And you're counting on 34-yr old Al Harris, who suffered one of the worst knee injurys ever, to be himself? Or Will Blackmon, also off an ACL, who has never been more than an average DB at best? Or Pat Lee, who hasn't shown much even in the very limited time he's been healthy? Or maybe you're counting on Josh Bell? Brandon Underwood? A long way to go, still. Trevor Ford? Awful. And I won't even mention you-know-who... At safety after Collins, there's Bigby (who the Packers are very down on), Derrick Martin (remember Minnesota?)and Giordano (remember Arizona?). Boy that crew of defensive backs will certainly scare opposing quarterbacks out of throwing deep.

My thoughts on this: There is seriously no shortage of really stupid Packer fans out there.

I will say I think you underrate the OLB need. Jones did a good job, but the Packers HAVE to have another consistent pass rush option besides Matthews, and it's not going to come from the defensive linemen. So it has to be a linebacker.

if I'm drafting solely for need, I address cornerback and left tackle of the future in rounds 1/2. Then OLB, Safety, Running back. A trade down makes even more sense now, with Cliffy coming back. No reason to reach for an OT. As lmills said above, build depth!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Nice article Al, right on.

FITZCORE1252's picture

We released Giordano this week.

PackersRS's picture

I think our most pressing need is at the DE.

Call me crazy, but Jones just had 4 sacks starting 7 games as a 7th round rookie... And there's CM3 in hte other side.

At the secondary, we have needs, but the return of Al Harris and Pat Lee (a second round pick a reason), together with Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams and Nick Collins, with Bigby playing OK, makes for a very good secondary.

Our finishing OL last year was pretty much acceptable, for the kind of playmakers we have on offense. We have nothing at LT for 2011, and the LG was a problem, but the line was acceptable.

Now, the DL... Yes, Jolly played well. Yes, Pickett was a monster against the run. And Jenkins, when had rotation, was effective. But at the important games, the DL simply didn't create ANY pass rush.

We're going to lose Jolly for at least 4 games. So even if Raji plays like he's expected to, we'll still not going to have any rotation.

If we had at least some interior pass rush, if we had collapsed the pocket at least one time, we wouldn't have lost the game at AZ. Warner kept dumping balls in 3 step drops. Double-teamed, there was nothing CM3 could've done.

I also credit Capers greatly, for not consistantly bumping AZ's receivers, giving his front 7 more time to get to Warner. But if we had some interior pass rush, if we had Dockett (I'm reaching here, bear with me), Capers' scheme would've worked.

Yes, the same can be said that if we had better coverage, it would've worked also. But Harris will improve our coverage. Blackmon and Lee will improve our coverage.

What will happen so the DL can create more pass rush?????

Aaron Nagler's picture

Alex - I have noted that you said the Packers will bring in a vet QB. I have put it in the same notebook from last year when you guaranteed (your word) the Packers would sign a veteran quarterback.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Yeah, well I say a lot of things.

FITZCORE1252's picture

You two...

jeremiah's picture

i am a big time brad jones guy. have been since about 10 minutes after we drafted him. his biggest problem is he is RAW RAW RAW! he has a very limited pass rush move repetoire, but has incredible athletic ability. if you haven't seen his highlight videos on youtube i suggest you check them out, the kid can line up and run with recievers, and has good closing speed on RBs. he was a little small for LOLB last year, and may be better suited for the ROLB spot due to his speed. i am super stoked to see what he can do after a full off-season of NFL coaching and training.

Shimzy's picture

CB in round 1 foe sho. Then LT, then Safety, OLB then RB. There must be a talented punter there too. Mathsay looks like a peado.

Bryce's picture

Alex, you're a stud, but I have to disagree with you. 1st round CB? Ahmad Carroll. We need a LT in the first round. Clifton will not finish the season. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we kept the guy, but he's rickety and has one season left in him at the most. Protecting Aaron Rodgers needs to be TT's #1 priority, and we can't keep letting that dude get blown up like he did in the first half of '09.

FITZCORE1252's picture


PackersRS's picture

Two can play this game... LT in 1st round? Steroid guy.

I agree with you, I think we need LT in the first round, but just saying...

FITZCORE1252's picture


So we resign Clifton, which we all agree was necessary, but that move takes LT off your 7 biggest needs list? I quote Sir Charles Barkley "that's just turrble".

Now one could argue that it's not the BIGGEST need after signing Chad, but man, we'd better get his successor in there soon, right???

I'm still thinking that's the #1 priority. Don't matter how good your QB is if you don't have somebody he trusts to cover his blindside. We don't need a fidgety #12 back there. Gotta get some new blood in there WHILE Clifton's still around, let him learn from a stud!


Bryce's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

Steelers re-signed Clark. Bummer. Would have been a nice addition.


Bearmeat's picture

Alex, I usually am lockstep with you, but here I strongly disagree. At least 7 (count them) MAJOR holes to fill before this team can legitimately call itself a Super Bowl Contender.

1. We need more competition at ROLB. If Jones doesn't come on strong as a major pass rusher this year we're screwed against top QB's again.

2. We need another Safety for when Bigby inevitably gets hurt or forgets how to play for a quarter.

3. We need another top tier CB that will not get hurt...

4. We need a LT of the future that's capable of playing this season when Cliffy inevitably goes out.

5. We need a Punter. (nuff said)

6. We need competition for Crosby.

7. We need a better Punt and Kickoff Returner.

At least the first 5 are absolutely necessary right now. This team has a ton of talent. I hope TT has the balls to put them over the top.

FITZCORE1252's picture


Clay is our ROLB, but I get your point and definitely agree, Jones needs competition. I hope we get a beast early, I don't know if jones is quite stout enough to be a great run stopper/pass rusher just yet. I was impressed with him for a rookie though. He could be the guy... might not. Either way, he needs to be pushed.

Gonna throw something out there... Any thoughts on taking a 1 year flyer on Joey Porter?????

I know the guy's a bitch, but man, he can still get after that QB (9 sacks in 12 games last year, 17.5 in 16 games in '08). I don't like the guy, but I think he would be just what the doctor ordered opposite Clay for a season. He's traditionally been a ROLB as well, wonder if he could swap? Give Jones and whoever we draft this year a chance to get bigger/stronger, while getting a handful of snaps too.

Just a thought.


asshalo's picture

The good thing is these needs require depth, except that this shouldn't be overlooked. Funny that there isn't a single offensive lineman on that list. Barring a miracle Chad Clifton is going to get hurt. We're going to need a Lineman who is not on the roster now to contribute regularly. Clay Matthews, Brad Jones and Brady poppinga are our OLBs. Two out of three aint bad, but one goes down (especially matthews) and there goes the pass rush. Also you can never have enough DBs as we painfully found out last year (CB, the entire offense line, S, OLB, DE).

"That’s it folks, that’s everyone. Essentially, right at this moment, we have every single skill position back in place for 2010 bar one aging tackle and one suck ass punter. I hardly find that anything to be upset about."

Yes, every team is vulnerable with their QB, but that's not the kind of depth I am referring too. Every team has to deal with injuries and some are more prepared than others. Don't be foolish and put it all up to luck like a lot of people did in 2008.

Why didn't this reasoning apply to 2008? Ah, yes, it was all the coaching. Off-seasons are critical for every team. We see organizations rise and fall every year. The packers are no different. They have gaps to fill and failures to do so (especially in light of unlucky injuries) can bring our lovable team to their knees. Not saying it's impossible or even unlikely that these needs won't be filled, just that it is what it is.

Greg C.'s picture

Well-said, Alex, except for the part about signing a veteran QB. Tedology 101: Ted does not sign veteran backup QB's. In fact, he seldom signs a veteran backup at ANY position.

It will be very interesting to see how Brad Jones does this year. I thought that two or three of his four sacks were just cleanup work, nothing special, but he showed some flashes and is the kind of player who could make a big leap from his first year to his second.

BubbaOne's picture

What we need is an IP, PM, and/or FPB---Impact Player, Playmaker, Future Pro Bowler. I don't care what position it is (except maybe interior O-Line). Bring in difference makers, this years version of CM3. If it's a shut down corner, fine; sackmaster OLB, fine; a LT that can take Cliffy's place next year and play for a decade, fine.
TT has done a good job of bringing in playmakers avg'ing at least one a year; Woodson, Rodgers, Jennings, Collins, Finley. He needs to keep it up, if he brings in two this year Packer fans should be ecstatic. I don't care if he takes a Ray Guy clone in round two. I think Packer fans would love to have a Hall of Fame punter who would play the position for the next 10-15 years.
If we keep bringing in difference makers regardless of the position over the long haul we'll be a playoff type team consistently.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

This is a great post. Exactly what I meant when talking about the first round yesterday.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah, in a perfect world.

Nobody drafts a guy thinking "this guys gonna be a bum". Every player drafted is done so with the hope that if not immediately, someday the kid will be an impact player.

Unfortunately, this little bitch called REALITY always rears it's little head. The draft is a crap-shoot, plain and simple. For every steal like Aaron Rodgers that falls to #24, there's a sure fire/can't miss guy like Tony Mandarich waiting at #2. All they can do is look at the kids body of work thus far, and project how they think it will translate at the next level. Far from an exact science.

But yeah, I'm all for a squad full of "IP, PM, and/or FPB". Go get 'em Ted.


PackersRS's picture

I don't care if it's PM, AM or noonish. I want guys that are good playing the game any time of the day, any time of the year, goddammit!

Doorknob's picture

Do you guys really think we draft a punter? I don't know, but of course anything is possible. I see our first five top priorities to be CB, LT (a year until projected starting), OLB, S, RB

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I think the possibility is not out of the question. Especially, if that kid from Michigan is available later on.

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