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High Heels and Lipstick in Disguise

High Heels and Lipstick in Disguise

Everyone has heard of the stereotype.

Single car, driving through a not so great part of town. The car stops at an intersection, and there is someone walking around the area, "working". This person is begging for attention, and will say whatever they have to do to ensure that they are both heard and seen.

Most people ignore the person who is working, because they know it is wrong to talk to them. They realize that giving them attention is exactly what the other person wants. The more attention you give them, the more they are going to do and say to try and "seal the deal."

Does everyone realize that something similar takes place every single day? Only this is not something which takes place in the dark of night-it takes place for all to see, and the more that view it, the better it is. At least, to some people anyways.

Every day, certain members of the media invade our televisions and radios, our computers and iPods, and act much like the street walkers I was referencing to in the beginning. They are high heels and lipstick in disguise, acting like whores for ratings, doing and saying whatever they can to get us, the public, to respond to their words.

Their shtick is always the same: say the most completely irrational, moronic thing they can, because in doing so, they will get attention from all over the globe. Their ego needs are fulfilled.  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly,  their ratings are strong, because in the grand scheme of things, that is what television and radio stations are looking for: ratings.

Case in point-this guy right here:




For some reason, this guy REFUSES to admit that Aaron Rodgers is  a superior football player. His stats speak for themselves. Yet every time he goes on TV to talk about Aaron Rodgers and why he is not considered the best in the game, he puts on his hypothetical high heels and lipstick, and whores himself out to the public by making statements which are completely unfounded. They border on irrational, foolish, even stupid.

He speaks, and the public responds. And that is EXACTLY the problem. The fact that people respond.

Imagine what would happen if every time you spoke, you were ignored. Would you feel a little less sense of worth in your life? Would you start to doubt your own gospel you preached every day at your work? Would you start to wonder if you should realize that you are indeed wrong about things and should work to rectify that issue?

The more people respond to foolish statements, regardless of who makes them, the more that individual is going to continue to preach their word. It makes no difference if that person is in the media, or in your personal life. When you respond, it feeds the ego.

As Packers fans, we have a definite sense of pride. We are proud to display the green and gold. We wear our jerseys as a symbol of oneness with the team. We flock to Lambeau Field even when the Packers are not playing, just to feel the mystique enter our heart. So when people make disparaging comments about one of OUR players, we all feel the sting. It hurts, and I am convinced that is the point of why certain comments are made.

Shock value in the media garners ratings. It gets people attention. It makes them more visible, because it causes a reactionary, emotional response by the people that it affects. Even Aaron Rodgers, the current bulls eye for one member of the media, had this to say about shock value in the media while talking to Jason Wilde on ESPN Milwaukee.


“I just think it just goes to the point that you can’t take a whole lot of what those people say too personally because they’re shock experts on ESPN and NFL Network. A lot of them are just going for the shock value of what they’re saying, as is typified by that guy on ESPN, I don’t want to even say his name. He works for “First Take.”

“All he does is say things that are so ridiculous just for the shock value. So everybody who was saying stuff about our team this offseason about not getting together for workouts, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about that. The different people who said stuff about whatever player they are talking about over the years, I think sometimes people forget about the human element to our story.” “We take stuff personally at times. We get upset if somebody says something real negative about us, but more than that, our families do, our friends do, and they feel like they need to tell you. So, I think that stuff just reminds you that you can’t take yourself too seriously, and you can’t take the pundits too seriously.”


I think Rodgers nails it when he says that while he may not take criticism too personally, it affects his family and friends. He left out one important group it affects: the fans.

We feel the pain when our players get injured. We feel the sting when someone criticizes our team. And while we are feeling that uncomfortable feeling, the person who levied the criticism is basking in the glow of another ratings bonanza, even if they know what is said is completely false.

So how do you deal with someone who feeds off their own ego? Simple. You ignore them.

If you are watching TV, and something comes on you do not like, you change the channel. Yet so many people get sucked into the daily dose of stupid by said member of the media. Keeping him on the TV adds to the feeding of the ego. Change the channel. One person may not be enough for the top brass at a network to notice. But if nothing else, would it not be nice knowing that you will not have to deal with that?  Stop subjecting your eyes to it, and just look away. Resist the urge to tweet to these people, or comment on their Facebook walls. Let them rot in their own world, thinking they are right all the time. You do not need that irritation.

The next time you turn on the TV or radio, and you hear something that you know is completely false, change the station and don't ever look back. Let the media whores approach someone else's car, looking for attention. It's not worth your time.



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PackerBliss's picture

GREAT Article!!!! I always had many ways of describing Skip but I think a whore fits the bill. I actually think he is a whore and he thinks it is Oct. 31st all year long so he dresses as an anaylist.

JohnRehor's picture

Thanks much.

I like the Halloween analogy-well played

PackersRS's picture

The more you talk about him, good or bad, the longer he keeps his job...

JohnRehor's picture

True. Very true.

Even my writing about this douche helps keep him in the conversation. The important thing is not to acknowledge the media whores who live off of the nonsense they subject us to every day. Let them rot. Ignore them going forward

dullgeek's picture


Kathy's picture

What an insult to the working girls! (good article!)

JohnRehor's picture

Thanks Kathy!

packsmack25's picture

Not gonna lie, I'd probably take a swipe at Skip if I ever saw him in public. He needs someone to pop him one good time.

JohnRehor's picture

While I never condone violence (i prefer a massive amount of profanity during a tirade instead) the same thought has crossed my mind as well. But its not just Skippy that does this. There are a number of others, whose names will go unmentioned, who live off the pure shock value of what they say. Refusing to acknowledge them is what kills them, and that is why I cannot and will not subject myself to any more of their moronic stupidity anymore.

Bearmeat's picture

Does anyone remember when Ochocinco and Skip "squared off" on Cold Pizza?

The picture of Skip at 11:30 is priceless. Ocho OWNS him!

JohnRehor's picture

Wow-forgot about this.

The fact he argues with the athletes he talks $hit about when they are sitting in front of him further proves the point he is an idiot. He firmly believes that what he preaches is right, even when he's confronted.

He refuses to back off his own beliefs, which is his right, but the belligerence which he defends his opinions is part of the reason he is hated by so many.

Kay's picture

Whore is fitting for shock analysts.

Luke's picture

Spot on! Does anyone else notice how many Packers fans are starting to buy in to Skip Bayless's B.S. after the Bengals game?

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