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Hey Daryn, "Waaah."

Hey Daryn, "Waaah."

I just got done reading a great breakdown by the infamous Greg Bedard about the state of affairs on the offensive line and the potential for another restructuring. Although I have faith that the Packers will write some checks today, Daryn Colledge can bite me.

The money line from Bedard is right here:

"Make no mistake, Colledge would like to leave Green Bay and his agent will be working hard to get a team to offer him a contract. He is tired of being forced to play multiple positions, which Colledge feels has hurt his development."

Give me a break. The one-year-old next door cries less than you are right now Daryn. Instead of ballin', why don't you take some responsibility for your suckage.

"As for Colledge, privately he is furious with the Packers. He expected a first-round tender and likely did not get it."

You want a better tender? Play like it. Guys that get that label can play, period. Yes, your development may have suffered being moved around a bit, but elite first round players adjust and make the most of that kind of situation. You just decided to suck at it.

If you don't like it here in Green Bay, get the hell out. I don't see anyone really shedding a whole bunch of tears when the door hits your forever getting torched backside. Make sure and take your show with you. If you spent half as much time worrying about your performance as you do your television career, maybe we wouldn't be having this discussion.

You want to know why you didn't get a first round tender? Because you are not first round material. First round guys are players, no matter where they are asked to perform.

Daryn Colledge... my new least favorite Packer.

Note: Daryn Colledge was also the only person I know of that was sad when Tony Moll left. Enough. Said.

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MrBacon's picture

Trade him to Oakland for Nmandi, Al is senile enough to make the trade.

PackersRS's picture

Hey, Daryn. I'm here, in case you read fans blogs, to tell you the truth.

Since 06' you've started 60 games. You have played LG in more than 80% of those.

Guess what? You have NEVER been better than good. Never a great. Never a more than good. And most often than not, you have been regular to worse. This in a team that basically asks its players to pass block. Nobody will condemn you for not being good at run blocking. But you were never better than good on both. All in all, you have been good/mediocre. Not worth of a starting spot.

Last season you were the worst player of the line that finished the season, and costed us with that stupid-ass holding penalty.

Despite of that, you can't see flaws when you put on tape and says that if you had been fixed to LG, you'd be much better?

Let me tell you something. This is what will happen:

1) You'll sign that tender. No team will show interest in you.
2) You'll lose the starting job to Spitz.
3) You'll be cut be the season's end.
4) You'll sign with a team that thinks you can be their starter, possibly the Bills.
5) You'll play the same way you've been playing for a year.
6) You'll be cut by that team.
7) You'll spend the rest of you career in the United Football League.

Don't get me wrong, you'll still be richer than me and most people. But that's it. That's how your glorious career will go.

Have a good/mediocre life.

Aaron Nagler's picture

Regarding Moll getting traded - Wilde said Rodgers was pretty upset, actually.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Rodgers gets a pass on things like that. This blog is completely arbitrary.

IronMan's picture

Thats why Rodgers is the QB, and Thompson is the GM.

bozz_2006's picture

crybabies can take the walk! maybe Kapinos will keep a seat for you on the bus out of town. Entitlement is a smelly cologne.

JohnRehor's picture

Daryn, if you didnt suck at every position you've played, maybe you would have a better shot at getting that big contract you want. Or a definite position. And maybe the packers wouldnt have to close their eyes and pray every time Rodgers drops back, hoping you dont get him killed.

Get off the pity pot and start playing better!

Das Schmidt's picture

Picture of Clifton not Colledge

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Ha. Nice catch. That's what happens before I drink coffee. I yell and make mistakes.

wgbeethree's picture

Suprised at the amount of "hate" for DC. I don't blame him one bit for being upset at how he was (mis)handled. He has done everything the Packers have asked of him for four years and not said a word until now (and really not made much of a public fuss even now). He was a decent prospect at LT coming out of college and he moved around for the betterment of the team like a "good soldier" should. He was never put in the best position to live up to his potential. Had they put him at guard and had him gain weight and focus on that position he may have been "better" but they saw him as the LT of the future so they didn't. Had he been left at LT to develop behind Clifton he would have either been better able to succeed there when given a chance or been seen as someone with potential there who just never got enough snaps to achieve it behind a good player. Either way he would have made A LOT more money. Even last season, everyone knew if Clifton went down Colledge would move over to LT. How many reps in the offseason did they give him to prepare for something we all considered an inevitability? ZERO. They put an ill prepared and hurt at the time player in a situation which didnt work out well. They did this consistently to him and it's suprising to some that he isn't happy about it? He did what was "best" for the team without a single complaint and when you do that it's natural to think that those you looked out for are going to return the favor.
Put yourself in his shoes. If your boss had you filling in for 4 different peoples jobs for years , while in your eyes not preparing you properly, which you did quietly knowing that you're in line for a promotion to the position you initially thought you were hired for and the big payraise that entailed at the end of it all and then when the time arrived it didn't happen are you really telling me none of you would be upset? I'd be FURIOUS and truthfully so would ALL of you. Pretty sure for 99% of us this would be the last sentence out of our mouths before we quit/got fired/got dragged out of the building by security for choking the boss. "I busted my ass for years trying to do what's best for the company and this is how you repay me? FUCK YOU!"

PackersRS's picture

That's true. If Jarrett Bush had been kept at outside CB, like he was in college, instead of the nickel, dime, and safety, he would have either been better able to suceed there when given a chance or been seen as someone with potential there who just never got enoguh snaps to achieve it behind a good player...

C'mon, man! Give me a break. How do you explain Lang being tossed at guard all offseason and when asked to relieve Clifton at LT, specially late in the season, actually did better than Clifton????

Colledge is mediocre, and that's the end of story. If he was kept at LT, he would've been even worse. When he played at LT, he was ATROCIOUS.

Just because he was able to play LT in college doesn't mean he can in the pros...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

You make a solid argument, but I can't agree wg. Many times at work we are asked and trained to make lateral moves. It happens all the time. You either rise to the occasion or find another place to work that suits you better.

It's really that simple.

This is interesting too though. Seems Daryn is trying to do some damage control.

PackersRS's picture

Yeah. As I've stated before, I think he's a solid backup. I have even defended his show, with some shouting that he should only appear on the TV (internet, in this case) when he learns how to block.

If he still wants to be a starter, but is going to work for it, then he's very good to have around.

Now, if he's going to bitch and moan, he can be shown the door...

Graham's picture

I agree he has done everything but play well... Other than that one great player

FITZCORE1252's picture

I just saw that Spitz and Bitchboy/Colledge went on a trip to China together, guess they're pretty tight. Hope that doesn't stop Spitzy from showing no mercy in the battle for the LG spot.


wgbeethree's picture

Colledge hasn't said anything even close to what is refered to as "the money line" in this peice! That is nothing more than the writer sharing his (as I believe the phrase was coined here) bedarded opinion.
Colledge's quotes on the topic have been.... If it's a second round, maybe I have a chance to move....and.... And unlike popular belief and what is written in the papers, I am very happy with the Packers offer, and if I'm back this season, I look forward to another playoff run and a shot at the title.

That doesn't mean he isn't upset "privately" but If you are going to get upset at a guy for what he says shouldn't he have had to actually say it?


As for the lateral move at work situation I agree that most people have had to deal with those (and most people aren't overly happy abut them) but there is no way you can consider LG and LT a lateral move IMO. LTs make so much more money than guards do that it can't be considered lateral which is why I used manager and janitor in my comparison. I have to stick with my conclusion that he was put in situation the was not ideal for him personally and did exactly what he was asked to without publicly complaining.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I just don't see Bedard making that up, much less printing it in the JS.

Jesse's picture

The Packers are one of the quietest teams in the NFL. Coach McCarthy and GM Ted Thompson seldom are interested in making news unless it's positve and relates to on the field success.

With that said, it should have been a major wake up call to Colledge when Coach McCarthy made a public statement which addressed Colledge's regression as a player.

Colledge's recent remarks are clearly a long-awaited response to Coach McCarthy's statement during last season. Colledge blaming his situation of being forced to play other positions is the worst excuse I've heard from a player in quite some time. I've seen Mike Flanagan play all 5 spots within a 2 year period and actually do fairly well at all of them. To be honest, as much as I loved Flanny, Colledge is the better athlete and should not be struggling like this at any position. As for him as a LG, I'm not impressed. Earlier in his career, he was average, looking like he was about to improve to boarderline-pro bowl status. Now, he's hanging by a thread and acting like he's the mainstay. Not sure how to approach a guy like that.

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