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Hello Again Minnesota Viking Fans

Hello Again Minnesota Viking Fans

I would like to take this opportunity to continue where we left off last season in regards to the Minnesota Vikings.

Dear Vikings fans,

As you can see, last season was quite a painful one. I do understand why, I mean watching your only chance for the Super Bowl fly out the window forever must be tough. What you say? Well, let me remind you that that was last year, and this is this year. Quite frankly, this year you just suck.

I concede you still have your prima-donna quarterback Brett Favre at the helm, although a year older and and ankle worse for the wear. However, everyone else is getting older too, as injuries leave your secondary in shambles, your line in pieces, and the rest of your team just a shell of what it used to be.

I realize you still have Adrian, but the Lions had Sanders for a long time too. It makes no difference. When your depth, and overall talent takes a hit like you did, nothing but bad things happen.

The Packers on the other hand have been smart. They hired a coach that doesn't let the players run the team, a GM who believes in taking multiple shots at a Championship instead of throwing his cards all in, and not to mention retaining perhaps the most elite quarterback in the league.

Too bad you guys weren't Packer fans, because you would be looking forward to a great season, and not a disaster just waiting to happen. Instead you get to have a season of second guesses, busted dreams, and honey I can't I have a headache's. I'm sorry to hear that.

As a final note I wish you good luck tonight against the Saints. You're going to need it, you guys are going to get crushed. In the meantime, I'll enjoy watching the entire spectacle and loving every minute of it.

I'm glad we had this little chat again.

Enjoy the Favre to Camarillo action.



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Erik's picture

It is great to see Mr. Tallitsch already in midseason form when it comes to putting Vikes fans in their place.

foundinidaho's picture

Alex, your level of sophisticated snark is unmatched. Well done. ;)

bryce's picture

Love it. I really, really hope the queens go 7-9 this year after brent is carted off the field.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Why 7-9 when 0-16 is still alive??

Asshalo's picture

It will be interesting to see what Vikings think of Mr. Favre after this season. Lord knows the national media and the casual fan have the shortest memories when dealing with him. National perception has switched from thinking {(A) Favre should retire to avoid embarrassment} to {(B) Favre for President} about five times.

jbeebe1571's picture

Where do I start? 1st, Alex hit the nail on the head with his first swing. The Vikings were deplorable in their opening appearance. Favre was completely out of sync with the team after missing yet another camp, and the lack of targets relegated #4 to looking for Camarillo to bring it home for them as Alex predicted. The "Williams wall" looked more like the Williams footstool and Jared Allen got no lovin' tonight. How long can Adrian Peterson go on carrying the ball every play? Explosive? Yes, but not when he carries their whole team for 60 minutes. I'm salivating over playing them now.
On the other side of the ball, the Saints seemed a little less unstoppable than last year. Their secondary play was questionable, and special teams play was shabby. Field goals were unattainable outside of 30 yd.s with no wind. I hope they feel like they won the Lombardi all over again after handing it to such a mediocre opponent.
In closing, I guess I'm just smiling on the inside all the way up to our kickoff Sunday.
Goodnight and GO PACK GO!

PackersRS's picture


I'll be sending you a P.A. signed by me soon. I figure it's for the best. I'll let you speak on my behalf of everything Vikings (and smack talk) from now on. You rule.

P.S.: Favre to Camarillo = 1 for 29 yards.
Favre to Vilma = 1 for -5 yards.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Adjacent over Hypotenuse, top to bottom.


Alex Tallitsch's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

T minus 14 hours bitches!

God I love FOOTBALL!

j4a1's picture

Packers 12-4
Everyone else in the divison 8-8.

Lance l's picture

Packers 13-3
Minnesota 9-7
Chicago 8-8
Detroit 6-10

Every Kid Boos's picture

The vikings play not for records, but because they love to play the game. I seem them really gelling as a team around week 14 and putting a winning streak together.

4-12 Vikings success story.

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