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Halo'd Ground

Halo'd Ground




Hi, Lounge, it's me, Asshalo. In the past few months there has been a lot of politically incorrect talk about the possibility of retiring Brett Favre's jersey.





I'm not going to debate whether it's going to happen or not. We will eventually see a "4" next to the likes of Reggie White (92), Bart Starr (15) and Don Hudson (14), Tony Canadeo (3) , and Ray Nitschke (66).


I'll guarantee an organization as classy as the Green Bay Packers will not retire the number of a man who gave 16 seasons and a mound of wins and records to its fans. Doing so would alienate the many former Packer fans who have taken a little break from the green and gold to cheer for the Vikings. As Favre loves to point out, no one or nothing will be able to take away those memories. The experiences Favre shared with Packer fans will live on forever.


But, let's really think about this. Realistically, the same could be said for ANY experience. If you watch the "All the single babies!" video on YouTube, it is one minute of your life you will never be able to get back.  Even when the video reaches its end, even though you are not watching it, it will exist on the internet and in the minds of far too many people.


See where I am going with this? I bet Favre doesn't (but I'll get to that later). Much like the memories of Super Bowl victories and dancing babies floating through time and space... are the lies, the reneged promises, the donning of the Purple, and the ultimate betrayal of playing and beating the green and gold.  Oh, and don't forget the "I will never forget you, Brent" t-shirts.


Ah yes, Favre only wanted revenge on Murphy, Thompson, and McCarthy. The problem is you can't isolate three individuals from the players and fans, who got their fare share of revenge last night too. Packer fans will remember Monay night as vividly as any other Brett Favre moment.


But who are we to forget the bad (or perhaps ugly) and remember the good? Normally that applies. After all, we've seen Reggie White and Vince Lombardi go to other teams. Yet, there's something that doesn't sit right with this one. The problem with Favre going to the Vikings is we're being told by the man himself, and other fans, to forgive the betrayal. Of course that's not too much to ask-this is Brett Favre we're talking about. He can stab you in the back and make amends simultaneously. It's not magic. It's Favre.


Favre can give all the politically answers he wants, but that doesn't take away his shit eating grin at the end of Monday night's game. There will come a day when I will not care Favre played for the Vikings, but don't tell me now that he's innocent. The betrayal is an inseparable part of his career. If he is man enough to go through with it, he is man enough to live with the consequences.

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Matt M.'s picture

I second that emotion.

Alex Tallitsch's picture
Jersey Al's picture

It's Smokey!

Asshalo's picture

Graphic looks amazing, Alex. Thanks a bunch for the post .

But I'm a little curious as to whether the "Emo" post was directed at me, what with the Matt's "emotion" comment underneath my first post and the recent adding of you as a friend on facebook. If so a few things (1) In a wierd way I am kinda flattered, but mostly creeped out. Someone spent a little too long looking at the facebook pictures and maybe needs to loose his priviliages or at least start paying them (2) But what's would be most annoying (doesn't count towards creepinees) is that someone would infer that I listen to fall-out boy. Real bands are at their best live and they can actually play instruments-- both of which fall-out boy isn't capable of. I do like me some funk, soul, rock and a little reggea( In that sense the Smokey post is definitely welcome.

If it's not directed at me, you can disregard that stuff in the middle. Either way thanks again for the postage.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Not you at all.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

(Wisdom..from another site)

Whether or not he likes to admit it, the author of this post is a TT ballwasher.

I think it was Parcells who said “You are what your record says you are”, and TT’s career losing record of 33-35 proves him to be a loser.

At this point, anyone who is still defending TT is a TT fan, not a Packer fan, as they don’t care about the good of the team as much as they do their incompetent hero and they must be doing so for non-football reasons.

TT should be fired today, not at the end of the season. The bye week would be a good time for a fresh start.

He should never have been hired in the first place, so Murphy should just acknowledge that Harlan made a terrible mistake and move on. Anyone who can’t see that is blinded by their love of TT, not the Packers.

Stan's picture

NO ONE'S WASHING ANYONE'S BALLS JJ! (can't beiieve I just typed that). Ted Thompson is as guilty as Favre of misleading people and playing off fan emotion. However when it comes to Favre and retiring his jersey it's an honour that should be reserved for those that were elite, loyal, team players but also class acts. Brett Favre was most definately elite, loyal and a good team player..... but a class act? His actions were far from that and perhaps it will forever taint his place amongst the Packer elite (or perhaps it won't.....).

Asshalo's picture

JJ wears vikings jammies

Jersey Al's picture

I'd say JJ is a little obsessed with the male anatomy...

Asshalo's picture

JJ...MM...TT. I think we're seeing a pattern here.

Asshalo's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-6058">

<strong><a href="#comment-6058" rel="nofollow">Alex</a></strong>: Not you at all.


Whew. My bad.

Greg C.'s picture

We need to let some time go by after Favre retires, I mean really retires, to think about this. Right now, the last thing I would want to see is Favre's number retired. Maybe that will change after awhile. But I kind of doubt it. And the outcome of Monday night's game (or the upcoming game in November) has nothing to do with it. Favre is an egomaniac. He proved that with the way he left Green Bay and even the way he came to Minnesota, skipping out on most of training camp. So screw him.

Asshalo's picture

I agree, time needs to pass, but what I am saying that win on Monday is inevitably apart of his packer legacy now. As naive as he likes to be for his own emotional benefit, people are going to remember that game and his time with the vikes everytime they remember favre as a packer.

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

So what are you going to do...hang TT's c*ck ring in the Ring of Honor..?


(#4 WILL be up there soon...once Pegboy Ted is gone!)

DenzelWM's picture

Hello there, Happy few days-after-halloween! Today the real scares come when all you one night standers find out you just got a nasty case of herpes. :D!

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