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Greg Ellis a Packer?

Greg Ellis a Packer?




The Cowboys are looking for a trade partner for veteran OLB Greg Ellis. Should the Packers make a move?





Our LOLB is going to be Aaron Kampman and as of now our ROLB will be Clay Matthews III(CM3) but you still have to think about it, right?

Ellis is 33 however and could only have a year or two left of decent football in him. The thing is, in 2007 he had an injury shortened season and his stats from that 13 game season from him are better than his 16 game season of 2008. That could be telling.

So are we happy with CM3? I know the Packers love him but could he get the Rodgers treatment and watch for a year or seven while a veteran does the job?

Rumor has it Ellis wasn’t happy about being moved to OLB from his DE spot. Maybe he could help hunker down the DE spot opposite Jenkins?

He’s a year removed from the pro bowl. I like that, but would the Cowboys trade him within the conference?

There’s also talk that the Cowboys might just straight CUT Ellis and if that’s the case I hope we at least get him on the horn and hear what this guy’s deal is. I’m sure he’d want to be on a 3-4 defense and a chance to play the Cowboys in 2009. Hey, that’s the Packers.

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Toby Hump's picture

I'm gonna say no. It's a safe bet in saying our team is pretty much 'as is'.

Dale Z's picture

Don't forget Ryan Grant was traded for in SEPTEMBER. You can never guess what Ted and Mike will do. Look at this years backwards draft for example. Totally flipped the script. I wouldn't assume anything, in fact if I had to bet money, I'd bet something crazy DOES happen. A trade, a big name pickup,etc.'s picture

Old, Injury Prone, and Always bitching about his contract..... No thank you.

Jersey Al's picture

A definite "NO" from me. Malcontent.

Profizzle's picture

idk why anyone would consider adding a whiny 33 yr old LB from the Cowboys when our depth at the position is very deep and or line backing core is arguably one of the best in the league at the moment.

Dale Z's picture

Deep? How many games have Barnett, Poppinga, Chillar, and Hawk played in the 3-4?


Ellis would at least bring EXPERIENCE.

Asshalo's picture

Yeah, you have me scratching my head with deep.

I guess we're not happy with either hawk or barnett and none of our OLBs have any experience. He'd be a great pickup for two years.

Profizzle's picture

Personally I think they will do fine. The transition to the 3-4 will be gradual and there still will be the 4-3 scheme for a while. If you look at a Matthews-Barnett-Hawk-Kampman 4 man wreaking machine...thats a scary starting LB core and (arguably the best in the league) not to mention the great depth Poppinga, Bishop, and Chillar bring. Im not sure if were watching the same team here because I believe a healthy packers LB core could easily be the best in the NFL. We are deep and were stacked, we do not need this guy.

Asshalo's picture

Hawk and Barnett got eaten up by blocks last year. to their credit they played a lot better with a deep rotation on the DL in '07. To me that means they're too dependent on the people around them. On paper not even close to the best in the league, because both OLBs are pretty much question marks at this point.

Greg C.'s picture

I like it that he would rather play DE, because that's where we could use him. But I'm guessing he means DE in a 4-3 defense.

If he is willing to play DE in the 3-4, I'd say he deserves a look. He's a good player. We don't know what kind of a fit Jolly will be at DE, plus he has legal problems. And after Jolly, we're in Montgomery and Harrell land.

Asshalo's picture

Ellis is about 30 lbs too small to be a DE. I don't think ted will make even the slightest of moves.

Cowboys are hoping to trade him but rumor has it he'll just be let go. He'd be great for a 2 year pick-up. Matthews could learn from him (and maybe alternate as an ILB) and he'd be an insurance player if Kampmann doesn't work out.

Greg C.'s picture

You're right. I just checked his weight, and he's only 265 lbs. on a 6'6" frame. Probably not a candidate to play 3-4 DE. And I wouldn't take him at OLB unless he came very cheap.

Asshalo's picture

wut about a short term contract though. I wouldn't mind eating some cap space if it was only a 2 or three year deal with the bulk of the money coming this year.

Either way I don't think ted will do this. He doesn't really pick-up band-aid veterans.

PackersRS's picture

For the right money, he'd be a great asset. I wouldn't trade a high draft pick for him. Maybe, maybe a player, but even then I'd have to think really hard about it. Sending Bush for him would be awesome. And he should agree with a dramatic salary reduction. For what he's getting in Dallas, for his age, I wouldn't take him.

But if he's a FA, the LEAST TT should do is consider him. Bring him in for an interview.

Graffin's picture

He would bring exp to a virgin 3-4, definitely a plus. All depends on what the price would be, should be looked into at the very least.

Pack93z's picture

I would vote no on Ellis.

He isn't stout enough to drop inside and we have an abundance of talent at the linebacker position.. whether the coaching staff can draw that talent out to production is the question.

Looking at the roster, I have extremely less confidence in the numbers along the defensive line.. want to sign a veteran stop gap, then ink one of the FA sitting out there yet in Carter, Holiday or another that will be released between now and camp.

PackersRS's picture

He has been released from Cowboys. Like I've said, we should at least invite him over to negotiate and see what he has left...

Dale Z's picture

I agree. Get him on the phone and see what he's about.

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