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Get Over It Already

Get Over It Already

Warning: this post will mention Brett Favre.

Everyone alright still? Anyone get their panties in a bunch because I said his name? OK, now that that's out of the way, I'll proceed.

In a recent post at Cheesehead TV, CD Angeli discusses his own personal "Last Day at Lambeau", a reference to the soon to be released film of the same name which discusses the divorce of Brett Favre and the Packers. While the film focuses on the actions of Favre from 2008-2010, Angeli's post instead focuses on fan's perspective of seeing Favre play his final game at Lambeau Field. This personal story spans the entire range of his career, starting in 1992 and concluding in his final game at Lambeau as a member of the Vikings in 2010. It is a great read, giving incredible insight into the impact Favre had on the author.

As with any post, there is a place for comments. And Favre's name is a guarantee to generate comments from the Packer faithful. The unfortunate thing is that some of the comments that are left are so incredibly short minded and naive that they actually cause me (and others) to shake our heads and ask ourselves, "Are people really this dumb?"

Case in point:

Can we Get over this Favre thing, do you realize the PACKERS are almost 100 yrs old?
He was a great player, not a great PACKER!!!!!!
Just sayin!
I’d really like to see articals about great PACKERS!!!!


Or how about this nugget of wisdom:

You’d better plan on a pretty big mountain if you expect to get the cell phone man a very good seat. As only the third best modern era QB, at present, for this storied franchise I don’t figure Favre is a lock even for the HOF either the one in Canton or the one that counts!

Now I may not know much about anything, but I do know a few things about football. Let's run through them, for S's and G's:

  • 61,000+ passing yards for Favre as a Packer. I'd say that's pretty good
  • 400+ TD's for Favre as a Packer. Yep, still pretty good.
  • Won a Super Bowl. OK, I'll add that to the list of pretty good things about Favre.
  • Won 3 MVPs. Ok, now I'm just pushing it I guess.

Based on stats alone, this humble blogger thinks that Favre will probably make the Packer Hall of Fame. Hell, if he plays his cards right, he could even be inducted into Canton. But what do I know, I'm just a blogger.

Just to prove that I have an open mind, I'll try to balance out what seems to be a complete love fest for Favre:

  • Did Favre act like a complete douche waffle in the Summer of 2008? Most assuredly. And for the record, the Packers could have done things a hell of a lot better as well that Summer.
  • Did Favre going to the Vikings sting? Absolutely
  • Did I cheer when the Vikings lost the NFC Championship Game with Favre as QB? Damn right I did (although in light of BountyGate, I'm not sure I would have wanted either team to win)

The point I am attempting to make is although CD mentions Favre in his article, the post is not about Favre. It is about his impact on a fan, and the desire of a fan to get one final look at an all time great player. One of the regrets I have is that I never got to see Favre play in person, much less as a member of the Packers, and would have loved to see his "last day at Lambeau" once, let alone five seperate times. But because the post mentions Favre, the haters have to come out, complete with their ridiculous comments questioning whether he is an all time great. I can sum it up in one sentence:

Brett Favre was one of the greatest players in the history of the Green Bay Packers and National Football League, who had the messiest divorce in the history of pro sports, which unfortunately led to his ending his career with another team.

There you have it. Clear, concise, and to the point. I said it, and I will say that until the day I leave this planet. But questioning whether he was a great player is beyond dumb. Saying he is not hall of fame worthy is even dumber. It smacks of bitterness, and I'm done with it.

It has been four years since Favre left Green Bay. Four years. It's time to get over it already and move on. You cannot hold on to bitterness forever, no matter what the topic is. Bitterness will leave you lonely and miserable. At some point, you have to accept the past, and try to find a silver lining. In the case of Favre, my silver lining is the pure joy (and occasional streaming profanity he caused me to hurl his way) he brought me for 16 years. Did the last few years of his career suck? Of course they did. But did he bring a Super Bowl title to Minnesota? He did not. Did the Packers win one the very next year? Yes they did-and that is why I have moved on. He cannot hurt us anymore.

So to the haters out there, go ahead, keep hating. If nothing else, you make for good topics to write about. And heaven knows us bloggers need topics to write about.


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c.d. angeli's picture

Boom goes the dynamite. :)

Chad from Madison's picture

I recently had a guy in an online debate tell me that Favre's jersey would NEVER be retired due to his actions because the Packers don't retire numbers "willy-nilly". I had to direct him to page 537 of the 2011 Packers Media Guide..."The Green Bay Packers will formally retire Brett Favre's No.4 at a future date to be determined according to club President/CEO Mark Murphy...". The guy actually responded, "Well he'll never get into Canton." WOW! Hatred breeds ignorance and stupidity.

Kathy's picture

Who? (lol)

Bearmeat's picture

Nope. Screw the dongslinger. I'll happily remember BF once ARod's hung up his cleats and is safely enshrined in the PHOF and the NFL HOF.

Not until then.

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