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Future at Cornerback

Future at Cornerback




Tramon Williams got a new contract but it’s only for one year. What is the future plan for the cornerback position?





I was excited to hear my boy Tramon got a new contract. He wanted a new contract and people started shouting “holdout” because people are stupid. Here we are, he missed no activity, mandatory or voluntary. So much for that “holdout.”

Tramon is one of my favorite players. He’s a good story, a young FREE AGENT pickup who stepped into a starting role when Al Harris got hurt and did well. He’s above average as a young player with tons of room to grow. So yeah, I was excited about having him here and happy.

But one year?

We all know Al and Charles aren’t going to be around forever and like Favre, their dropoff will come out of nowhere and be devastating to the team. We’ve had glimpses of the future, but who is it going to be?

Pat Lee? I like Pat Lee but he hasn’t shown much and hasn’t had much of an opportunity to do so. Can’t bank on him.

Tramon Williams? As I mentioned he only has the one year deal and I don’t like the sound of that. Sure he could re-sign next year for 5 years but…who knows? As of now Tramon Williams isn’t in our long term plans it seems.

Will Blackmon? He’s just a special teamer and hasn’t done much when given the chance to actually play D-back.

Jarrett Bush? Riiiiight.

Brandon Underwood? What does the rookie have in him? We’ll see soon enough but you can’t be expecting too much. I know I’m not.

Joe Porter\Trevor Ford? I grouped them together because I didn’t know they were even on the team. These are special teamers at best and not guys to bank on.


Yes, Tramon Williams is a restricted free agent next year and we could likely re-sign him, but for how long? Another one year contract? We’re going to need stability at cornerback soon when Woodson and Harris start showing their age.

The bottom line is I was once excited about our future at cornerback but now I’m just not sure what’s going to happen.

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Aaron's picture

You're right. They should have signed Tramon to a multi-year, big money deal after one decent yet wildly inconsistent season. Silly Packers...

Dale Z's picture

Wildly inconsistent? And here I thought Corey was the drunk...

PackersRS's picture

I thought Tramon was inconsistent, too. Showed VERY good hands, but, like Collins, when his confidence got too high he started jumping up any routes, and got burned. BUT both of them are very talented players, that, if proper coached, can be pro-bowlers, IMO.

Aaron's picture

Right - because he looked great giving up those big plays later in the season. Go watch the Texans game again. That game is everything Tramon is at the moment. One min he's giving up a monster 60 yard bomb for a TD, the next min he's cutting under a sideline route for an INT. The kid is good - he just needs to understand you can't always go for the INT or you will get burned. Fortunately, he has Woodson to look up to in this regard.

Dale Z's picture

So because he wasn't a shutdown corner or perfect, he has to be labeled inconsistent. Isn't every player in the NFL inconsistent then?

Aaron's picture

No, he has to be labeled inconsistent....because he was inconsistent. As for every player being inconsistent - lots are, yes. That's why the majority of players don't have long term big money deals. The more consistent players get paid. Even Peyton Manning makes bad throws - but he CONSISTENTLY plays at a high level, as do Woodson and Harris. Williams responded well last year (btw - I am a big time Williams fan:

Why are you in such a rush to have him handed a multi-year deal?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Didn't a just hear you lauding Tramon on and on and on the other night LIVE?

Aaron's picture

Yes, as an emerging young player who's doing things the right way. Nothing I've said above counters that.

MrBacon's picture

Bush is best suited for safety.

Woodson will play the rest of his years at safety as well.

You kind killed yourself saying this about Pat Lee, besides its only his second year in the league. It took a while for Al Harris in Phili, to go from Nickel to Starter.
"but he hasn’t shown much and hasn’t had much of an opportunity to do so."

I think Tramon is getting a Ryan Braun deal, where Braun was given his arbitration but later in the season got a multi-year deal.

Black is our best ST Returner.

Pack93z's picture

Well it is a pretty fair way of handling the situation all around in my opinion.. it pays him more than the one year Exclusive FA deal that we was stuck to.. but also give him and the Packers a world of options going forward.

Lets say Tramon takes a large step forward in his development again this season.. then the Packers will know exactly what they are getting if they ink him to a long term lucrative deal. If he fizzles they have protected themselves from overpaying him.

Let be honest.. the Packers held all the leverage here.. any long term deal would have been under market value.. if he elevated his play he would be clamoring for fair compensation in another season or two..

From the business side.. this one year deal makes a ton of sense.. if he continues to grow, the Packers should have enough cap space to load some future dollars into this years numbers.. I love the length and terms of the deal.. fair and smart.

PackersRS's picture

"From the business side.. this one year deal makes a ton of sense.. if he continues to grow, the Packers should have enough cap space to load some future dollars into this years numbers.. I love the length and terms of the deal.. fair and smart."
Exactly, we could still get him on the team, while spending the minumum possible, and thus allowing us to spend that money on Greg Jennings, Aaron Kampman and those Oline guys. It seems smart to me...

Dale Z's picture

Because I think he deserves it. Because I think the Packers SHOULD sign him longterm NOW before they DO realize "wow, he's pretty damn good. Too bad the secret is out and now we gotta pay him more than we would have before."

I think of A-Rod's new contract the other year. He hadn't done jack, the little time he did play was INCONSISTENT, but we knew. Oh we knew, and we got a nice cheap deal keeping Rodgers around a while. had we waited till AFTER this season where he outperformed the previous QB and loads of other starting QBs, we would have paid a lot more.

Do it now, save money. Tramon, who made good or great plays more often than not, and stepped into a starter's role with ease, is only going to get better. We'll probably re-sign him next year(I hope) but we'll pay for it.

PackersRS's picture

But the thing is coaches and TT are seeing him EVERY day, not just on gameday. So maybe they saw inconsistency on practice. Maybe they have doubts on him. Doubts that they don't have on Rodgers.
Also, Rodgers was TT's 1st round pick. Not that it has anything to do with that, but it does.

Pack93z's picture

"Because I think he deserves it. Because I think the Packers SHOULD sign him longterm NOW before they DO realize “wow, he’s pretty damn good. Too bad the secret is out and now we gotta pay him more than we would have before.”"

So you don't think that if we signed him to a bargain contract now.. because he own all the leverage, that he wouldn't come back in two years saying how underpaid he is.. then have the fan base turn on him because he is asking for more money.

I think at the end of the day, Tramon proves his value this season, we hammer out a deal someplace in the season for a fair market price and the Packers don't put themselves at risk for overpaying a guy a year early.

Isn't this the same scenario that the Packers were in last season, signed Grant to a very incentive ladened contract with him and people aren't happy because we inked him off of 1 year of starting play?

Can't have it both ways..

Dale Z's picture

Not all players are douchebags like Ryan Grant though.

Pack93z's picture

How does Grant fall into the category?

He attended the voluntary camps last year, he just didn't get insurance like Tramon did so he could take part. Yes he held out in TC.. but unlike this year the Packers dealt with the issue in advance..

Grant played through an injury last season.. even if he didn't run exceptional, he ran hard. He didn't sit out because he pulled a hammy... he didn't complain.. he played.

So this year, Tramon goes public that he isn't going to sign the one year tender (just like Grant), shows up for voluntary camps (just like Grant) and more than likely would have been sitting on the sidelines because he couldn't play without signing the tender.. just like Grant. The difference this season.. is the Packers took care of it early and it didn't make it to TC.. neither player signed their one year tender that would have eliminated all leverage.

So Grant is scum because he got a deal that is incentive based and Tramon isn't because he didn't get a long term deal but you are saying he should have..

IMO, sounds like you are playing both sides of the field.. at the end of the day.. if Tramon plays to expectations or exceeds them.. he will get his long term deal and hopefully be happy.

Graham's picture

He was inconsistent because one play he would be picking off the pass and returning it for a TD and the next he would get beat deep multiple times. He is a good young player for sure. I liek him as our 3rd CB and a fill in starter. One year deal this year in a new defense (granted should not be THAT different) but still keep him honest.

I'm fine with locking him up midseason style a vintage TT move. I thought that move would be reserved for Collins but long term Collins seems to be talking himself out of Green Bay but who knows. In case you want to yell about GJ I think he will be signed BEFORE the season.

Franklin Hillside's picture


if you're in a rush to pay TW at least wait until midseason, why pay him during the summer?

Aaron's picture

Dale - you are leaving out a major component - the new scheme. Yes, he made some great plays - in press man to man coverage. When he played off, he looked lost. Well, he'll be asked to play off with his eyes in the backfield much more than last year - why pay him until you can see what he can do in the scheme? Will you end up paying a little more? Probably. But not nearly what you would end up paying if he hit the open market, which he won't be able to do unless the Packers want him to. That's called good roster management.

PackersRS's picture

But Aaron, EVERYBODY on our team looked lost playing zone. Except for Woodson, but he's Woodson. They put the blame on bad communication. And it very much can be it, given that, well, the DC was Sanders, and they played almost only bump and run.

Aaron's picture

Agreed to some extent. On the other hand, I'm not advocating contract extensions for anybody.

PackersRS's picture

I agree with your other take, that it's better to overpay a sure player than to "bargain" a bust. Not for the scheme reason, though. I tend to credit a player's failure at adapting to a scheme more on the coach than on the player.

Graham's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3900">

<strong><a href="#comment-3900" rel="nofollow">Franklin Hillside</a></strong>: Agreed. if you’re in a rush to pay TW at least wait until midseason, why pay him during the summer?

BTW I love your blog its awesome. Except for some reason I cannot post comments on it. Dont really know why.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Thanks, Graham. We appreciate it.

Not really sure why you can't post comments, I just did a couple tests and they worked. Sorry, man.

Greg C.'s picture

The one-year deal is a win-win situation. The Packers get another year to see what Tramon can do, and Tramon gets another year to try and elevate his game and get a really big contract. The good thing for the Packers is that Tramon is a restricted free agent at the end of the year, so they will be able to match any offer he gets from another team, plus that other team will owe them some compensation if they do succeed in prying Tramon away. For the most part, the only unrestricted free agents who go to other teams are the ones who aren't good players.

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