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Fun Duh Mentals

Fun Duh Mentals




I am getting pretty sick and tired of hearing about how the Packers need to work on fundamentals. What a crock. The only part of fundamentals that means anything is "duh."





This statement by Mike McCarthy really leaves me with more questions than answers.


"I'm not particularly satisfied with the level of fundamentals that we're playing after having two weeks of competition."


After two weeks? How about after a lifetime. Maybe I am wrong here, but it seems to me that fundamentals should have been something that has been taken care of years ago. Things like blocking, tackling, and footwork have been staples in these guys lives since they were in highschool. Am I wrong here? Is blocking and tackling in the NFL completely different than in college? Is there a third arm, or some kind of move I am missing? Of course not, it's all bullshit.


These coaches and players are paid hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to have the fundamentals down before they even get into the NFL. Having to teach a guy making a hundred grand a game how to tackle is completely and totally pathetic if you ask me. For god sakes, you have been doing the same things since you started playing football.


When hear the statement, "We need to work on fundamentals" it only says one thing to me.


"We are in a boatload of trouble here."


Just like Rome, fundamentals aren't built in a day, and thinking that a week of practice is going to fix that fact is naive. While other teams are working on schemes and game plans, the Packers are working on tackling and blocking.


This is a conversation that shouldn't even come up, and using it as some kind of fix all is stupid. If you can't tackle or block this week, there is no golden ticket that says you are going to be able to next week. Quit throwing out the phrase. The truth is that these guys are not playing with any heart or any urgency. That's the one fundamental that should be getting all the attention right now.

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PackersRS's picture

I'm not saying that MM isn't using fundamentals as an excuse. I'll TRY to make a point that these guys know fundamentals. But they're not perfect enough to play in this kind of competition. 5% of the guys comming out of the draft have the fundamentals perfected enough to play in the NFL. The rest are projects, that had the fundamentals to play in the NCAA and in HS, and where great athletes. Raji wasn't a great tackler even in college, and had only one pass rush move: the bull rush. However, he's so freakishly strong that he just overpowered people. That was enough in college to dominate, but that'll go only so far in the NFL.
A lot of our guys have already had the time to learn the fundamentals to suceed in the NFL. The question is, are they lacking passion and discipline to put what they've learned in practice, or have they just been poorly coached? Or even worse, both? I think in some cases (OL), it's both. But the drops and the bad tackling, and the poor ST play, that is mainly on lack of determination/discipline. And even in the OL's case, I believe with the proper discipline, they can be a good enough OL. Good enough to not totally kill our offense. To be like last year. MAybe a little better if they have continuity...

Stan's picture

Reporter: So you didn't play so well against the Bengals, what's your plan for practice?

McCarthy: I'm gonna work on...... (everybody in the press room joins in) THE FUNDAMENTALS!

McCarthy: Oh, you guys can read me like a book, which is incidentally just what Marvin Lewis said to me after the game.

IronMan's picture

That would make a good chant for Packers fans. FUN da MEN tals, clap, clap, clap clap clap.

Hofschneider's picture

Ok, this article is right. Especially in the last sentences. "We need to work on fundamentals", means nothing else, but to be more aggressive, to be more motivated. As easy as that. Everybody who has ever played ANY kind of teamsport knows that. It's not about technique, not about footwork, blocking what so ever. It's about passion. About the look of your eyes. If you play a derby (we call it that way, here in Europe), like against the bears, you need no coach for things like that. Thats the reason we win agianst the bears - althrough we played bad - and lose against Cinncinnati. If both teams play 100%, the better (=talented) team wins. But if you play 90% you will lose. ALWAYS! If you play the worst team of the country, you will lose. That's sport. That's football.
Look at the dolphins last year. Worst team, the year before. And they won 11 games, made the playoffs. Why? Not because of the wildcat, blabla. Because they didn't turn the ball over. When do you not turn the ball over?! - You are motivated. You have sparkles in your eyes. You are focused. MM can't work on fundamentals. You can work on passion and ALL fundamentals WILL work. Look at the Jets, 49ers, new headcoach. Not a new playbook, no new system. Mostly the same players. But an old-school-HC. A new HC. A new HC!

Sorry for my englisch, greets from germany

Go Pack Go

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Great post.

Mr. Bacon's picture

Interesting. But just remember, this is not the Bundesliga or Futbol.

We only play 16 games in a season rather than 45+ (Counting the various league cups and UEFA tournaments)

Hofschneider's picture

That's true. 34 games, to be correct. I have to say, Cups are like playoffs. You lose, you're out. But in the end; the cups aren't that important. The league coun'ts. And it's not like baseball - you have like 500 games a year and it doesn't matter if you win or lose. GM are much more flustered all the time. My home-soccer team had 4 coaches in 3 years. Because every game counts. If you went 0-16; you can not say: ok, we try next year. You don't get rewared with a #1 draft pick. If you are 0-16; you move one league down. And if you do wrong the next time, you move one league down, again. Ok, wrong topic.

But if you play only 16 games, it is even more important to take every game seriously.

By the way, I love football AND soccer (yeah... right!)

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