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Friday Night Lights: The Right Hand of the Father

Friday Night Lights: The Right Hand of the Father

For those of you not familiar with my writing, one of the things I do is a weekly recap of each episode in the final season of Friday Night Lights. Basically it’s one of the best shows ever as it combines my two loves of football and teen drama.

If you’ve missed the two previous recaps and episodes, Expectations and On the Outside, feel free to check them out as well.

Let’s get down to business.

FNL: The Right Hand of the Father

I know what you’re thinking right now, right there, that’s a Jesus reference.  Actually, it’s not.  Or maybe it is.  Or maybe it’s in reference to Vince throwing the ball with his right hand, maybe it’s because Buddy decided to be a dad again by picking up his phone with his right hand (and sitting on the right side of Coach – I’m on to something here), maybe it’s because Julie used her right hand while drinking the enormous class of wine that made her really drunk and slutty.  Who knows…Either way, that’s the title of this week’s Friday Night Lights episode.

Also, if you did not cry, or at least tear up, during the show, you have no soul.

Okay, now that I have that out of the way, on to the recap.

We begin with television coverage of the Lions previous win.  The gang is watching the footage and celebrating at Buddy’s new bar – hey, whatever happened to the car lot? – and everyone is happy – and apparently not wondering why there’s complete, aerial coverage, of their game.  Enter reflective jam band; enter drama.

So Slutty McGingerhair from the last episode really wants to be a slut.  The YouTube video of the guys playing “puppet girl” with her has surfaced and people are outraged.  (I’m guessing that puppet girl wasn’t the writer’s first suggestion…).  Coach Taylor yells at the boys in his best Marvin Lewis voice and ends up kicking two kids, who are re-enacting the puppet girl video, off the team, or field – it’s not really clear, but they’re extras so we don’t care.  Guidance Counselor Taylor talks with puppet girl, Slutty McGingerhair or whatever we want to call her and here is what we learned:  Tami Taylor likes to stay awake at parties, Slutty does not.  Tami then catches Slutty McGingerhair in the supply closet with another boy.  Slutty is clearly un-phased.  Tami is worried, and threatens that Slutty will get a reputation. Unconvinced that her lecturing is enough, Tami Taylor brings in some other lady – we shall call her Boring McSoberton - to warn girls that they will make bad decisions when drinking, like drinking more.  No one is paying attention though and Guidance Counselor Taylor kicks some girl out of the lecture – that’ll show her.  At the end of the “girls only meeting” Jess apologizes to Guidance Counselor Taylor, who thanks her by getting her a job in the boy’s locker room.

Our Roger Goodell lesson is continued as we not only contemplate football players and their social responsibilities, but now wonder if a girl can be in the locker room.

Meanwhile, Julie is getting drunk and throwing herself at her TA.  Who is not only apparently married (his wife is on sabbatical) but also likes to drink with underagers.  I’m still confused as to where Julie goes to college, because I was a history major, and nothing about this whole set up seems familiar.

Speaking of staying the night, Vince’s dad is back – and by back, I mean out of jail.  Vince’s mom: let’s be a family.  Vince: no.  I’m the man of the house.  Vince’s “dad”: (gets all up in his face) No I am. Vince: A man doesn’t leave his family.  Then Vince leaves and throws things in coach’s office, where coach responds by explaining the word character to him.  Vince, stressed by everyone telling him to be great and be better, is relieved to hear that it’s not about being; it’s about trying.  “That’s what character is, it’s in the trying.” So Vince stops crying and has an amazing game.  Isn’t he adorable?  His dad sneaks in and sees the end of the game and when Vince arrives home his dad is packing up.  Vince’s dad gives Vince his props, “tonight I knew what pride was” and leaves the house.  Vince is the man.  Vince is also crying.  But that’s okay.

Stay tuned for next week as it appears we will see more of the TA that sleeps around, Vince’s dad being bad, Luke quoting a line from Studio 60 “I’m coming for you” and more of Tink dancing.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

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FITZCORE1252's picture

LOL. You. You are a sneaky one Jayme. I almost thought you were really gonna post about Friday Night Lights on a regular basis there for a minute... you almost got me. Well played!

Peace out, I'm off to finish season two of Dawson's Creek. Got the box set from my BFF... SOOOO EXCITED! YAY!!!!


aussiepacker's picture

Friday night lights is a wicked show. Spewing it is its last season.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Honestly, I didn't even know they were still taping that show. I did watch the first season, pretty good but I just can't get past dude's in their mid twenties playing 17 year olds... nice 5 O'clock shadow dude. If I come across it I'll give it another look though, 'cause if it's good enough for Aussie it's almost good enough for me!

What up Aussie? You watching the fights this weekend or what? Rampage vs. The Dragon... like em both, don't know who to pull for. I do know The Prodigy best lay a beat-down on Hughes.



Jayme Snowden's picture

I LOVE this show. I re-watch that first season about once every three months. classic!

aussiepacker's picture

the first season is probally the best of the bunch.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"I re-watch that first season about once every three months."

You need to get out once in a while Jayme. I mean it's cool you dig the show, but really? Once every 3 months... they put people in institutions for things like that.

aussiepacker's picture

Yeah man i will be watchin the fights this weekend. Rampage is one of my favorite fighters but i think he might struggle against machida and i dont know what it is but i just dont like bj penn.

FITZCORE1252's picture

See, I'm not so much a BJ fan as I am an anti-Hughes guy. The guy's just a cocky D-bag. He fights out of the Miletich camp and I used to live by there... saw him at a couple signings and everyone else was cool but he was just super douchy.

aussiepacker's picture

Dude what was your thoughts on the last pay per view (122)? I was dissapointed in the card going in but was surprissed by the quality of the fights, even though their wasn't many stoppages.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah, real good night of fights! I was hoping for the Lesnar fight to get out of the 1st but it was all good. I think Cain might be around for awhile. I want to see Cain vs. Carwin... somebody's sure to go night-night.

I'm looking forward to the "Bones" Jones vs. Bader fight too. Two up-and-comers. Bones is just SICK!

Enjoy this weekend Aussie! UFC and the GBP whoopin' up on the queens, I'd be hard pressed to think of something else I'd rather be doing. I might get me a couple big ass cans of Fosters in your honor.

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