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Friday Night Lights: Swerve

Friday Night Lights: Swerve

So we start the episode in the various churches around Dillon, and right away we know, this episode will be about conflict.

Julie is still home from school.  Afraid to tell her parents of her slutty ways, she heads back to school only to stop in the neighborhood, pause, and carefully think her way through her choices and then plow into mailbox number 5704.  Julie then tells her parents that she swerved to hit a dog, and they promise to fix the car and get her to school.  Tami takes Julie out for some food, and Julie finally confesses the evil deed – both the sleeping with the TA, and eventually the wrecking of the car – to her mother.  The patient Tami relays the news to Coach who immediately wants to beat the TA up.  On the field, Coach is considered a king maker, but at home he is struggling.  He pays for Julie’s car repairs and attempts to force her back to school.  It doesn’t work and Coach is beside himself.  Julie hides in her room convinced she can out run this problem.  (side note: Did Julie get Matt’s bed when he left for Chicago?  They look exactly the same).  Coach, frustrated by his home life leaves a practice early and nearly misses kick off of a game.  This is not the Julie Taylor we know.  And this is not the father figure of Coach that we know.

Then there’s Vince and our little gangster friend.  Vince comes up with some of the $5,000 he owes, but cannot come up with the rest.  And after gangster dude threatens Vince, Jess and the family business it is clear to our young couple that they need help.  Jess urges Vince to go to Coach or the police, and while the good and reformed in Vince wants to choose Coach, he ends up at his father’s house.  Vince’s Daddy promises to call in a few favors and take care of the situation for Vince.  It’s Daddy’s fault anyways that Vince needed the money.  And for few short moments you really do understand that Vince’s Daddy does regret the outcomes of his past choices.  But Daddy doesn’t have the money either, and instead beats up Gangster.  Daddy then tells Vince not to worry about, “it’s taken care of” and Vince calls him sir and we all sit down to a family meal.  But this surely cannot end this smoothly.  Remember these are the same writers that made Landry kill, Smash do steroids, and paralyze Street; this has to be just the beginning.

So apparently Luke has now come down from his branding high and realizes that the TMU situation is not as rosy as it seems.  He goes to Coach’s office, “Vince said you were talking about me.”  Coach then explains that TMU doesn’t want Luke and apologizes for not being better prepared.  Luke then goes on a nice little drinking spree and ends up at the Riggins house, where surprise surprise, Billy is drinking (and watching old tapes of Tim Riggins).  The two bond together in the back yard, while Becky and Mindy are off shopping for stripper wear.  Later after the game, which we see no footage of, Mindy plays matchmaker with Luke and Becky, “you're both young, you're both hot and you both need to get laid.”  Hopefully Becky will replace Tim with Luke, as really she needs to get over the Tim Riggins thing.  But can these two hot, young kids overcome their history and actually be together?

Next week:  STREET!  Hey, he’s back!  That’s exciting.  He’s an agent now.  And pretty sure he’s going to make waves with Vince.  Vince’s Daddy wants to take more control over Vince’s recruitment, and clearly Coach and Daddy are going to come to a crossroads.  Julie is still being unrecognizable, and Tami Taylor goes to visit and ends up meeting the awful T.A.  That should be a fun conversation.  Also, someone is out there hating on the Lions.  Coach promises, “Today we focus, Friday night we punish!”

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.  (I really thought we’d get to hear it this week in Billy’s speech, but alas, we still must go without).

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Don't come around for awhile and 33% of the articles on the home page are about a teenage drama show. Oh Lounge, when did you lose yourself? Really a shame.


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