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Friday Night Lights: Perfect Record

Friday Night Lights: Perfect Record

Friday Night Lights: Perfect Record

I’m finding it rather difficult to recap last night’s episode.  Why?  Because it was pure filler, pretty typical of a mid-season episode, but nonetheless, disappointing.  Here’s what happened, in a nutshell.  Vince likes that his family is back together, and is siding with his father’s way of playing and handling recruiters – which there are a lot of.  Coach Taylor has lost grip on his players, and his daughter.  Julie is still on the couch.  The Lions have criminal records.  Street is now married.  Still no one has said clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose, and we still are missing out on a lot of game footage.  That’s all you need to know.  Heck, that’s probably more than you needed to know.

During the show, I keep a running log of my thoughts/reactions, so this week instead of a long winded recaps, here are my thoughts:

Open with a shot of Hero Vince, under center.

Jess asks Coach for a recommendation.

Oh, Its Panther's week.  Buddy and co are getting ready to stand guard on the field.  No issues like last year.


Street got married.

"I get a phone call a day about you.  Colleges are interested in you.”

Also, if Street is doing so well, why isn't he shaving more often?

UH OH!  Dad is giving Vince gifts.  This is not going to end well.  Says TMU on it.  Shoes, shirts, and such.

Vince "I can't take them.  Coach would be upset.  He's not going to like that too much."

Vince's Daddy is moving in, permanently.  And only Jess sees the issue here.

"It doesn't matter how" Vince just happy that Daddy fixed the issue.

WHY IS DADDY STILL WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES? – aren’t there stores in Texas? what a sweet lil graphic, a website showing all the criminal records of the Lions.

Coach Taylor goes to the Panthers Booster meeting to find out who released the records.  “Shut it down.”

Julie is clearly doing nothing; she doesn't even want to take Grace to school.

Energy is zapped from the Lions practice.

“Today we focus, Friday we punish.”

Coach takes a special interest in Vince.  Vince worried about colleges’ reactions to his record. “Will colleges still call?”  "All they see is a bunch of thugs Coach"

Sweet!  More footage of Luke working out.

Riggins "fender benching” with Luke

"My wife is a woman, dumbass” if you are into a chic don't pay any attention to her

"they gotta earn THIS" – yes guys, all girls are after your junk.  Forget your wallets or the keys to your cars; we want what’s in your pants.

Hold the phone!!  Tami wants to have a barbeque.  BBQ’s solve everything!

Coach gets a phone call.  Head Coach in Florida, and you're name is at the top of our list.

Coach tries to blow him off, the other guy, John doesn’t take it,

Vince struggles in the parking lot.  Daddy stops by.  Vince is very worried about TMU forgetting him, apparently though Daddy's been talking to schools all day.  Daddy's playing the game.  Telling what TMU is offering and has scouts coming to the games.  Tells Vince to throw passes.  "I don't make the calls, coach does"  Daddy's going to tell him not to listen to Coach.  Thanks daddy.  You're awesome. "Don’t worry son I ain't going to let you fall” Vince wants his dad back so much, doubt it’s for real.

Love watching Luke work out in Riggin's back yard.

Seriously, can the Packers hire Riggins??  Please?

Daddy is watching the practice with Street.  Who is still sporting his Panthers jersey.

HYDRATE – gotta love the random assistant coach who has one line an epi and it’s always yelled.

Coach still not really paying attention to Jess.

Vince, Street, and Daddy talking about colleges on the sideline

Daddy  "can you let him air it out a little?"  Mocks Coach.

Oh, this is not going to end well.  not well at all.

Street: “you got a problem there”

Daddy is getting lots of calls.   “yeah we interested in your school.”

Coach, “have some scouts looking for tickets.  Didn’t we have a conversation about recruiting going through me?”  Daddy, “no I don't remember it that way, it’s not going through you.  You the coach.  This is my son we're talking about.  You go be the coach, boss some bitch ass parents around but that ain't going to fly with me.  We have plans for the future, and you're not going to get in the way of that.”  Sweet.

Tami is going to drive up to college to pick up books and assignments.  “That damn kid is climbing back into the womb.”

And Tami meets the TA.  “I’m here to pick up an independent study for Julie Taylor.”  TA stunned, “how is she”

I cannot believe she didn't smack him.  He’d be dead if i were her.

Street is on the Panthers sideline.  "We’re the only team in Dillon”.

Luke knocked him the f out.

Coach Taylor has no control over his team.

The route of the Panthers is on.  Whatever happened to JD?

Vince is supposed to take a knee and he doesn't listen because he wants to throw deep for the scouts.

“That's not who we are”

Luke and Becky make up, inner dialogue: Remember that time we made a baby.  Maybe we should do that again, without the baby part.

Radio announcer: Coach Taylor should be ashamed of himself.  All those penalties; and that last play.

Vince and daddy talking to a scout and Coach is pissed.

Next FNL Jan 5th - ah, a long break, Fitz will be happy about that

Scenes from upcoming:

Totally bs recruitment, girls, sneaky visits, this is going to end great!

“Daddy is driving you in the wrong place.”

Derek shows up – Coach is going to kill him.

Vince misses practice

Luke is pissed at Vince.  “How was Oklahoma?”

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aussiepacker's picture

I hope they use all this direction to have an epic finish to this season. I would hate to see a shit ending to this awesome show. And yes i think the packers should hire Riggins to replace Slocum.

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