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Free Agent Needs

Free Agent Needs


The free agency hype continues as I look at what exactly we need to address during free agency.

I will personally be so glad when free agency kicks off, and not because it means we get new players. I'll be glad because we'll have something to talk about.


We've only been in the true offseason for more than a week and it's already driving me batty. I try to find new things to talk about, but there's just nothing there. We need free agency. We need the draft. We need camps and stories.

We're almost there. Here are our top ten free agent needs. Rip me a new one in the comment section!


10. Quarterback – You might be surprised to see quarterback even on the list at all. The truth is this.

A) Aaron Rodgers is awesome

B) We have nobody worth a damn behind him. While I love getting people through the draft and it is working out pretty well overall, if Aaron Rodgers goes down (GASP) we will need someone with experience to throw the ball. We will not need a QB who might be decent in a couple years. We need someone who has played NFL games and can do his best to not lose games for us.

POTENTIAL FREE AGENTS: Patrick Ramsey, Jamie Martin


9. Kicker – Yes, bring in someone to challenge Mason. I think we will too, but it probably won’t be through this period of free agency. We will likely bring someone in before camp starts and a kicker competition will take place.

POTENTIAL FREE AGENTS: Who cares, it’s kickers


8. Fullback – Korey Hall and John Kuhn are solid, but unless one of them steps up and stops being interchangeable, we might want to think about bringing someone in. There’s a good chance that one of them DOES step up and differentiates himself from the other, but keep an eye open during free agency.

POTENTIAL FREE AGENTS: Zak Keasey, Moran Norris (we don’t need any morons, but we could use a moran)


7. Tight Ends – Donald Lee disappointed me. Tory Humphrey is Tory Humphrey. Jermichael Finley is a question mark. Finley could end up being the new Tony Gonzalez or the new head server at Applebees. Unfortunately there are not many good tight ends in this year’s market. Tory Humphrey is the 5th rated tight end according to




6. Punter – After “The Frost Incident” the team decided to go the route with Jeremy Kapinos and I love him. I love him because he kicks the ball far. I like that. He was an emergency replacement though and there are some questions about how reliable he could be an entire year. We’ll bring someone in before camp like with the kickers.



5. Running Back – Grant might be the new Gado and Brandon Jackson has almost proved he’s better than Grant which isn’t saying much. This year’s running back market is pretty damn good. We’ll probably spend money elsewhere but we should keep an eye on some of the good names below.

POTENTIAL FREE AGENTS: Brandon Jacobs, Cedric Benson, Rudi Johnson, J.J. Arrington, Aaron Stecker, Jason Wright


4. Cornerbacks – You can never, NEVER, have too many good cornerbacks. They’re so hard to find. I put finding a good CB up there with finding a good QB. So hard. Al and Charles will likely be back (Shut up, Al. You aren’t going anywhere). Tramon will be our rock for the future. Pat Lee and the rest are either question marks are exclamation points of suck.

POTENTIAL FREE AGENTS: Adam Jones (joking), Corey Ivy, Justin Miller


3. Linebacker – We’re entering the 3-4 era and we’ll need starters and\or backups who can play this scheme. It starts now.

POTENTIAL FREE AGENTS: Bart Scott, Michael Boley


2. Defensive Tackle – I like Pickett and Jolly but we didn’t get much of anything up the middle consistently. Keep both on the team but maybe bring in a younger guy who might surprise some people.

POTENTIAL FREE AGENTS: Tank Johnson, Gabe Watson, Kendrick Allen


1. Defensive End – We all know we had NO pass rush in 2008. I won’t bring up the injuries. I’ll just bring up the fact that 2009 needs to be much different. With Kampman now moving to LOLB in the 3-4, we need two defensive ends. There’s a 95% chance Cullen Jenkins will be our right defensive end. He’s perfect for it and seems to get better every year when he’s healthy. The other side is open for business.

POTENTIAL FREE AGENTS: Terrell Suggs, Julius Peppers, Chauncey Davis (this is my pick), Dwan Edwards


As you see wide receiver is not listed – for obvious reasons. Our receivers are awesome. I also did not put up guards or tackles. There’s no need for that for two reasons:


1. We have young up and comers. We did not deal with their growing pains to NOT get the benefit of their growth and talent. An example of that is Colledge, who gets better every year and graded out in 2009 very high according to scouts, beat writers, AND the coaches.

2. As long as the vets are still here, there’s no urgency.


Free agency is almost here!

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Andyman's picture

Now if only TT didn't shy away from free agency like...a guy that...shies away from things...a lot.

I suck with analogies.

Pack93z's picture

Up and comers at the Oline spots and no need to resolve the positions eh... I just about rolled over and laughed my myself into Viking land.

Lets take a look shall we..

Legitimate starter someplace along the line...


Marginal Starters

Colledge at guard (At tackle he joins Spitz)

Potential Starters

Sitton - Way to little field time to put him into either of the above categories.
Barbre - Needs to start to utilize that athletic talent he has.

Clifton can still play solid on natural turf.. on hard fast surfaces.. he struggles with speed and agile DE.

Tauscher.. Can he come back from a knee again? This to me is about the safest bet among the marginal players.. however I think the Packers should move him inside to guard.

Colledge.. he needs to move to tackle and take advantage of his natural skills sets, which is playing with a high base and only has to protect one gap.

Wells is undersized, he is a effort guy but really should be #2 at C... Spitz should move over.

So.. this is what I see..

LT - Clifton/Draft Pick to groom into the spot.
LG - Free Agent/Barbre/Sitton
C - Spitz/Wells
RG - Tausher/Sitton
RT - Colledge/Giacomini

IMO, we could really use another top notch interior player to solidify that running attack. Can Sitton be it? Can Tauscher..

We need to address this area either in the draft early or free agency. This position trumps FB, RB, CB, LB, TE and QB... hands down an area of concern IMO.

Forgot to add.. overall a pretty decent look.. minus one little oversight. lol.

Dale Z's picture

Let's take a look. 4,000+ pass yards, 28 TDs, 13 Ints and a running back who despite his crappy play, got over 1,000 yards. All with multiple injuries to the O-line.

Our offensive line will be loads better if guys just stay healthy in 2009. Giacomini, Barbre, and Sitton are going to give some of those "potential starters" a run for their money.

I'm more concerned with running backs running IN to the linemen than the linemen themselves.

Z out!

Pack93z's picture

Game after game I watched missed blitz and stunt pickups, but overall the pass protection wasn't bad, to be honest, for the past several years back into the early 2000's the line has been pretty solid in pass protection.

But on the run blocking side.. no, this isn't a stellar group this past year. You can write all the blame upon the running back or backs, but the simple truth is the line hasn't been particularly strong at the point of attack in the running game.

Part of it is the mixing of the ZB scheme with some drive concepts mixed in... part of it is players not getting low enough and maintaining leverage along that offensive line.

Colledge made improvements, no doubt, but he really had no place to go but up.. but he is far from a dominate player in the running game inside..

We have aging tackles, a marginal center and a couple of young players with potential. But remember, this is a group (Colledge, Spitz, Moll and Barbre) that are going into their fourth and third years.. their development has been slow.. so how is it the Sitton and Giacomini are magically going to blossom in year two?

Get wound up if I happen to disagree.. but the running games issue aren't all the Running backs doing...

93Z out!.... lol.

BTW.. not trying to stir you up.. I just honestly happen to disagree with the notion... and I wish they would have taken a more aggressive approach already... like hiring a different oline coach or assistant.. or scraping the ZBS totally and utilizing the experience that Campen and Fonteno have.. which was straight power drive blocking..

Maybe this will be the year they scrap it in the offseason..

Dale Z's picture

No part of the team is 100% perfect. The ZBS isn't going anywhere. For a reason!

You can't rile me up~! It took me a while to realize I was the one who actually wrote this..

Z out!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Quit hating on Mason Crosby.

Greg C.'s picture

I agree that DE is the spot where a free agent would make the most sense. I've heard good things about Chris Canty--maybe he could be that guy. At NT, I think we can get by with Pickett and a younger guy to rotate with him. I think OLB is the only other real biggie in terms of where a free agent could help a lot.

My view of the OL is closer to pack's than to Dale's. I haven't been all that impressed with the guys Thompson has drafted, and our old OT's are at or near the end of the line. Maybe a free agent would help shore up the line, but somehow it seems like a longshot.

I agree about bringing in competition for Mason Crosby. Going 0-2 in game-winning field goal attempts is not getting it done. If it happens again, his career may be over. NFL teams don't like kickers who miss clutch field goals.

IronMan's picture

Not only that but he was 30th in FG percentage at 79%.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I give Mason a pass this season, he went through how many holders? I don't know the answer, but I know it was a few.

Greg C.'s picture

I do expect Mason Crosby to bounce back and have a fine season. But he should be feeling some heat right now.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I think he will fine, it was also the first non-Davis year in quite some time. I will agree though, if shank city rears its ugly head, I am off the bandwagon rather quickly.

bb's picture

We need to add players to this team . (Mike Wright N.E. Pats D.E. or can play D.T in a pinch.) James Sanders Safety N.E. Play with Capers Last year
. Lower rated F.A.. this is Ted's way I like it

Asshalo's picture

Peppers and Suggs are franchised. On peppers, You'll need to give ur left nut to pay him and then a first round pick to trade for him. Plus he wants to play for dallas (what a bitch).

Tyler B's picture

I'd like to see a free agent at DE, NT, and LB for defense. I'm not into huge signings, I would prefer second and third tier players. I would say if they drafted their first pick at one of these 3 positions, then sign free agents at the other two.

I am also not sold on Crosby. He has a great leg, but the percentage isn't where it needs to be.

I've already said my part in regards to the qb situation.

I'd love to see a great tight end on the roster.

I think the o-line could use a free agent either at left tackle or guard, I agree with Pack in that Wells should probably be replaced by Spitz next season. I don't like Clifton, however, I wish we could just make him go away.

Andyman's picture

Dallas won't be able to sign him (no first rounder this year) and I really think that he will just be staying put. Either way - I hope TT does SOMETHING in FA. I don't want to see him sit on his hands and let potentially game changers pass by.

longtimefan's picture

I think Ted will do something unexpected this year..I have a feeling he knows his ass is on the line and he has to show he is willing to do something..

Or the one theory is right

He is told not to spend to much money cuz they want the bottom line to look better at the end of the year so they can say they made a profit

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