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Follow Finley?

Follow Finley?

With the lack of Green Bay Packers news lately, I asked my 4,000 or so followers to throw out a prompt for today's article. Thanks to the ONE guy who responded (frickin' losers) @Slate004. His topic, Jermichael Finley and his sudden return to Twitter. I'm down with that, and of course have an opinion.

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, please get a life. For those of you who are, you will remember both Jermichael and his wife what's-her-name joined Twitter early in camp last season. Most of us, myself included, followed both of them in a display of ass-kissing the likes that none of us has ever seen. I even got to talk to Jermichael on the phone. It was pretty cool and crazy... for awhile.

Then, out of the blue, Finley cancelled his account and we never heard from him again outside of the awesome catches he was making on Sundays. I don't know why they quit, but they quit.

This week, the Finley's appear to be giving it another go, this time with a joint account @MrNMrsFinley88. Let me tell you, this whole thing is going to turn into an epic fail.

Now a smart man never bashes another man's woman, so let me make it clear that isn't exactly my intent. But Jermichael, you're bride really annoyed and pissed off a bunch of people last year. Some of the stuff that came out of her mouth last season both about the town and during games was completely asinine. I can't quote her since you deleted your accounts, but it was not pretty. Not to mention the hourly requests for followers over-and-over-and-over again. Everyone saw through the PR ploy, and no one (or at least myself) found it all that entertaining.

This whole joint Twitter account thing is silly Jermichael. Firstly, only a fraction of us really care what your wife has to say. We are here to listen to you, plain and simple. Twitter, and micro blogging platforms in general for that matter, are for single personalities. I hope you rethink this, get your own account, and expand your own fan base as individuals. As for Mrs. Finley, you got to realize us Packer fans are a sensitive bunch. That whole follow-me-and-we-will-donate-fifty-bucks thing was dumb. One, because no one wanted to, and two because everyone knows you guys can at least throw a grr at the charity of your choice. All I am saying is think about it.

Finally, and this goes straight to Jermichael himself, quit being a cheapskate with your website. Now I know you haven't hit that guaranteed huge money yet, but it's coming big man. I don't exactly know what kid you have running your free site, but the young man promotes you like a top flight heavyweight star. He's out there updating, twittering your site around, and pretty much bugging the shit out of every Packer fan he can find. Yet, he's stuck working with a lame ass free sponsored site that quite frankly he has done all you can with. Show the kid some respect, flip him some coin for a web designer, and get yourself a real website.

He should also see a phat set of tickets in his mailbox this season. One of them, he can now send to me.

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Asshalo's picture

I had no idea his wife was saying stuff. That would have been so entertaining. Damnit

Anne's picture

She was upset when someone told her there was a website with Jermichael and a girlfriend. I don't think she said anything bad about Green Bay. It was totally all about their personal life.

Joe's picture

Wow, looks like we got a very pessimist Packers fan on our hands here...he talks to Finley over the phone and still trashes him.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Um, I talk to Finley on the phone and tell it like it is.

Andyman's picture

A couple buddies of mine had talked to him about doing a website for him, but he never got back to them. Makes me sad to see the crap he's got instead.

EmJayEm84's picture

He and his wife can tweet whatever, as long as he gets Jennings back in the game next season and not double teamed.

Slate004's picture

Excellent article bro - i hope this time around the twitter scene, they enjoy it more rather than use it for publicity........ The guy has amazing talent and no one can deny him that..... I just wanna praise him for doing something great - not hopeing he will "tweet" me back :P

jeremiah's picture

his wife is hot, but i don't care what she has to say. jmike is a star, and i hope he makes it through the whole season healthy this year. anyone who has watched him play more than once can see that rodgers is falling in love with him, and that excites the hell out of me. opposing DCs have already started to gameplan against him specificly and that is a huge honor for a second year guy.

FITZCORE1252's picture

It's slow, here's a decent piece-

Not a huge fan of Seifert, however, the following quote just reinforces (in my mind anyway) that we NEED another BEAST opposite Clay.

"You're far more likely to face elite quarterbacks in the playoffs, and you'll need to at least slow them if you want to advance".

Hard to argue that.

We're gonna be relatively healthy and deep @ CB (should have 2 and Al would make 3 more that finished 2009 on I.R. back for the start of 2010), can't say the same about LOLB. I hope Brad's the guy, I don't wanna mortgage our future on it though. We need to bring in competition in the draft... EARLY. JUH, JUH, JUH... J-E-R-R-Y-----H-U-G-H-E-S (kid's gonna be a baller, I'm tellin' ya).


aussiepacker's picture

Seen the jerry hughes highlight reel and got half a boner [at his talent i swear.]. Would love to see him in the green and gold this year.

Globalpack's picture

I agree that the joint Twitter account is weaksauce. You should drop any woman that insists on one. It is akin to the joint email account.

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