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Flynn to Win!

Flynn to Win!

You ever start saying something and are completely surprised by what comes out of your mouth?  That was, in a sense, me last night on Cheesehead Radio.   Statement: Matt Flynn can lead this team to the playoffs.  No brainer, right?  I spent all week ready to disagree.  Not with this O-line, we have no run game and now we have no quarterback?  NO CHANCE IN HELL!  But when it came time for me to break the tie between C.D. and John, two of my lovely co-hosts and competition on last night’s show, the word “Interception” (meaning I disagree) just could not come out of my mouth.  So I said it, and I said it loudly.  Touchdown.  And I figured, if was willing to share my complete blind faith argument on the radio, I should share it here as well.

Yes, I, Jayme Joers, believe that Matt Flynn can lead us to the playoffs.

Now before you call the insane asylum to have me committed, hear me out.

  1. To “lead” us to the playoffs, doesn’t mean he has to play the last three games, it doesn’t even mean that he needs to play and WIN the last three games.  All he has to do, if called upon, is play this weekend.  And technically, even if he does play and the Packers lose, the playoffs are not completely out of the picture.  Therefore, Flynn could play this weekend, the Packers could lose and the Packers could still make the playoffs.
  2. There were not a lot of pretty things from the game on Sunday, but one of the small highlights for me was the game scheme adjustment when Flynn came into the game and through the second half.  There were still some questionable specific play calls, but overall, McCarthy tailored the offense to be a dink and dunk, small quick gains offense, and Flynn seemed to flourish in it.  Yes, he did make the total f’up with the interception in the end zone, and if I want to rely on him to help carry this team he’s going to have to stop that.  But looking purely at the offenses ability to move the ball, Flynn could get it done.
  3. The O-line.  For Flynn to have any chance to get the job done, the O-line needs to step it up.  If they cannot protect him, then the chances of him succeeding drop dramatically.  But again it won’t be completely on his shoulders, therefore I refuse to take my vote away from him because someone else can’t do their job.

Maybe this all sounds completely insane to all you rational people out there.  And yes, if you listened last night, our EPOC’s were definitely bizzaro, but I’m sticking with my on-air prediction.  It is not impossible.  And when it comes to my team, I’d rather blindly believe in the small possibility then dismiss all chances.  Call me a homer, cause I am, but at least now you know where I stand.  FLYNN TO WIN!

Let the laughing at me begin.

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Dayne Shuda's picture

Packers 21 Patriots 16

PackersRS's picture

I believe that even with Flynn, this won't be a lopsided game.

I just don't know enough about Flynn to make any kind of judgement. He's a backup for a reason, but then again, not many people would start ahead of Aaron Rodgers.

We'll undoubtedly need for the QB to make some plays in order to win. He can't be a caretaker, not with this running game.

I don't know if he can. I don't know if he can't.

foundinidaho's picture

I'm on board.

bryce's picture

Pats 49 GB 7...c'mon folks let's be honest...

longtimefan's picture


Jayme Snowden's picture

thanks for Lol-ing at that. my game prediction/wish was 24-21 packers and I was a lot closer than this. Therefore I say that I am the most realistic fan ever!

oldironnow's picture

We were 12-point underdogs... Now the Packer game and the bears/vikings game are both off-line... I hope the Gods are afoot and working for us. ;)

Bogmon's picture

Nobody thought in a million years that the Packers would lose to the Lions 7-3 last week...
Who's to say the Patriots can't be beaten?

All it takes is a nice shot from Matthews (or a blitzing Woodson?) to shake Tom Bieber up and he's sittin' on the sidelines too.

If the Packers do lose, I don't think it will be the blowout that many people are expecting.

Oppy's picture

I'm really confused, Bogmon, as in the other thread on the CHTV main page, you seem to indicate that you believe the Packers season is over and they have no chance to beat the Patriots, as you state in response to my post- "But, let’s not live in an illusory fantasy. It will take something close to a miracle for the Packers to make it to the second season.
Still, negative comments do not diminish the love for the team. Facts are just facts."

Have you had a change of heart in the last two days, or am I misinterpreting your statement?

aussiepacker's picture

I am looking forward to watching flynn and will be cheering as if it was any other game no matter who is behind centre.

Go pack go

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