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Fish In a Barrel

Fish In a Barrel




I hear a lot of people patting themselves on the back for predicting we would re-sign Greg Jennings. That's hardly impressive if you ask me. Nail the next move, and I'll be impressed.




The entire world knew the Packers would get a Jennings deal done. There was never a doubt, just some concerns on the timing. Making a prediction about it is the same as saying the grass will be green this year, the sun will come up tomorrow, and IronMan will hit a couple of Packer forums today. The correct forecast is hardly a sign of supernatural superiority.

I am happy the deal is done, happy it's before training camp, and happy it's off the table. The real trick? Predicting the Packer's next move.

The likely answer is the re-signing of Nick Collins, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that one is going to take awhile. My prediction on the next move the Packers make?

Signing a veteran quarterback.

Let's face it, Brohm is not getting it done, and Flynn, although serviceable, is more of a check-down king than a starting quarterback in the NFL. With neither backup making huge strides, the Packers are going to be forced to start considering a veteran arm to up the level of competition.

The talent pool is shallow right now, but don't be surprised if the Packers bring in a fresh arm to mix things up a bit.

That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it.

Check back later today as we break down mini-camp day three, and check back tonight as we unleash a whole set of mini-camp video not available anywhere else but Cheesehead Nation.

In the meantime, all hail Gregorious.


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Franklin Hillside's picture

I think I went to high school with that girl.

I voted, no. Both those guys will be serviceable.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Did she predict you would start a funny website with hilarious avatars?

Franklin Hillside's picture

No, but she did hate Brett Favre. We dismissed her as "weird," it seems she might have been clairvoyant after all.

Asshalo's picture

If TT didn't sign one last year, why would he this year. Did he learn his mistake in the TB game last year when Matt Flynn couldn't get a first down? I doubt it. Both he and MM seem very pleased with the strides both have taken.

If Justin Harrell doesn't stay healthy I would like them to sign another DE, but that's probably not going to happen.

Asshalo's picture

The above post got posted twice, so I deleted it

Alex Tallitsch's picture

You need to work on your Lounge skills...

MrBacon's picture

Darryn Colledge gets a contract extention.

By the way.... O'Doyle rules... *Holds arms in the air.*

Alex Tallitsch's picture


MrBacon's picture

Dont worry I think I have a feeling me and my entire O'Doyle clan is going down, it just takes one banana.

IronMan's picture

"By the way…. O’Doyle rules… *Holds arms in the air.*"

IronMan's picture


Pack93z's picture

"I hear a lot of people patting themselves on the back for predicting we would re-sign Greg Jennings."

Interesting way to start off an article..

Anyway... I don't think the next move will be adding a Vet QB.. just doesn't fit the agenda laid out post draft. Hard to predict the next move.. beyond signing the draft picks and making room on the roster by trimming some players off.. I would say we probably won't see a move until right around camp...

Weighing in on the decisions will be Jenkins progress, Harrell's health and Jolly's legal status... if I had to swag it.. I would say the next move will be an addition to the defensive line.. Wynn sounds like he had a tough go the past couple of weeks and Monty has been awfully quite.. something tells me another body will be added to that dline group.

Graffin's picture

(“I hear a lot of people patting themselves on the back for predicting we would re-sign Greg Jennings.”

Interesting way to start off an article.. )

I don't get it, who's patting themselves on the back?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

People are doing the "I told you so's." I think everyone and their mother knew this deal would get done.

Jersey Al's picture

Anyone who thinks our season doesn't end if Rodgers goes down is delusional. TT is getting away cheap with the two kid QBs, but it could bite him in the ass as much as any move he's made.

Graham's picture

If TT didnt get a vet last year, why on earth would he get one for this year??

Graham's picture

Next move will probably be Colledge or Sptiz. The reason? The others that we will probably need to resign are Kampman and Collins who need to adjust to the new defense. Want to be sure they can play before giving them more money.

Colledge and Spitz can play so they will probably get some money in this offseason. We have a crapload of free agents in this upcomming year. The players potentially worth keeping are listed below.

Blackmon (dont care if we let go)
Moll (might get cut this year)
Clifton (dont resign age/knees)
Pickett (I would like to keep if he can play 3-4)
Chillar (Solid backup but I'm sure he wants to start so we probably cant keep him)
Jolly (Solid backup I'd like to keep)
Bigby (This year means big money, or he's gone)

As you can see the only two worth signing before this season is Colledge and Spitz. The rest either dont REALLY matter or you want to see them perform in the new defense first.

I think Collins or Kampman get that mid season big contract in tipical TT style. Overall I feel better with jennings signed, and if Kampman performs I'll feel alot better if we sign him again too. Collins I'm not a fan of but if we can get him for a reasonable number I'd be okay.

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