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Fire Mike Stock

Fire Mike Stock

Usually I am calm and like to tell people to relax and give people a chance. That time is over. Fire Mike Stock.

I always give new players and coaches the benefit of the doubt. Everyone is “decent until proven crappy” with me. They really have to show they suck before I abandon them. I do this because when you’re on my LIST, you get both barrels.

Now Mike Stock is on THE LIST. I waited. I gave him his chances. I gave him time. There is no more time and no excuses for this crap.

I think we’ve all seen enough of Frost. The guy sucks. The guy isn’t getting better. You can get him all the psychological help you can, it won’t suddenly make his foot stronger and more accurate.

Get rid of Frost. Cut him. Trade him. Can’t trade him because the deadline passed? Put HIM on special teams coverage and hope he gets injured. I’ve had enough Frost at punter.

And you have to ask how much Mike Stock had to do with the decision to get rid of Jon Ryan and bring in Frost. Did McCarthy and Thompson discuss the move with the special teams coach? I would assume so. Did Stock not get along or like Jon Ryan? Did he have a hardon for Frost? These are questions to keep in mind.

As frustrating as Frost has been, the special teams coverage has been worse. Nobody can tackle. Ever. It takes the third guy to finally bring the returner down. That’s unacceptable.

While we have had injuries and he’s had to work with a lot of backups, guess what, that’s what special teams mostly is! Backups!

How many penalties have we had that bring back big returns? Too many. On returns, ALL eyes are on the guys who might even be thinking about blocking in the back, so when they DO commit the penalty, you’re going to get flagged every time. And that “Oops, I didn’t do it!” shoulder shrug isn’t helping matters. If you do commit this unacceptable sin, go about business as usual, don’t draw attention to it. If a ref sees a guy acting guilty, he’s going to assume you were. Stop doing that.

The easiest way to fix this is to get rid of Mike Stock. He’s old and caught up in old school ways. Old School is nice and all, but this game is moving forward and you need to adapt to the times, gramps.

Enjoy Florida next year.

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IronMan's picture


1. This is Dale's evil twin brother.
2. Alex is playing games with us. Or..
3. Dale doesn't like old people.

Dale Z's picture


bozz_2006's picture

must admit, I'm getting pretty friggin tired of watching the returner get tackled by Mason Crosby

Alex Tallitsch's picture


Profizzle's picture

Couldn't agree more guys, I hate frost therefore hate the man who brought in such a shitty punter that has put us in the hole giving opposing teams amazing field position. Cut Frost, fire Mike Stock, next is the D-Cord.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Good to see you commenting Pro - Dale will be happy too. Maybe too happy.

Asshalo's picture

IMO, MM should be in this conservation if we're seeing the same things next year (penalties, poor execution, 4th quarter losses, etc).

Dale Z's picture

so we come back from 4-12, go 8-8, then 13-3, then get bombarded with injuries and all around just play some bad ball and we fire him? That's stupid.

But this is a "What have you done for me lately" America, I guess. Wow.

Packnic's picture

while i don't think any coaches should be fired just yet... if there is any one who deserves it most it would be Stock. if the terribly average to below average play of the special teams wasn't enough, the Jon Ryan/Derrick Frost switch seals the deal. I mean i understood at the time that Ryan did put us in some unfavorable situations last year and couldnt seem to please the coaches week in and week out. But to go out and cut him so late in the preseason without any adequate replacement was almost arrogant. I wont cry if Mike Stock is escorted out.

Dale Z's picture

I just remembered "get off times." remember this bullcrap? Stock didn't like Ryan's get off time, thinking he didn't boot it quick enough. Well Frost booted it quicker apparently, too bad it only went 15 yards. IM SO MAD AT MIKE STOCK! GO AWAY! RAH!

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