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Favre to Upstage TT?

Favre to Upstage TT?




Is Favre planning to upstage Ted Thompson by announcing his decision to play for the Vikings right before the Packers shareholder's meeting? That's what I am hearing.





I got an email this morning from someone who isn't really in the habit of emailing me. It said the following:


"I was told Brett is flying to MN today – will make announcement on 7/30 –1 hour before the start of the Shareholders meeting."


Now I had read some theories on this earlier in the morning, but the information in the email is supposedly a week old. Either way, it would be a very crafty move that would further solidify Favre as the mega douche he has become.

Take the information for what it's worth. But, I found it odd enough to at least make a note of it. I don't put it past Brent to pull something like that off, and it certainly would follow tradition.

There is your unverified anonymous Favre email tip by an uncredited Packers blog for the day.

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I'm a little sick of bloggers trying to play amatuer politican/psychologist. I thought he was dragging this out because he didn't want to go to training wait, it was because he wanted to use the arm as an excuse if he plays wait, it's because he wants to stick it to Ted hours before the shareholder's meeting.

Sorry guys he can't be doing all three at the same time. It's useless and a little pathetic trying to guess his motives here. Who gives a crap? Honestly? Thompson received a standing ovation at last year's shareholder meeting when he basically said he was going to deal Favre away. It's more of a symbolic jab if anything, especially since the shareholers hold almost no power at all.

If thompson looses his job, it most definitely will not be because of the favre situation which has proven to be a success. The executive committe, the board of directors and the majority of the fans already know this. If TT looses his job either this year or next it will be because of losses and general failures on the roster. For every person who unjustly makes Thompson into a demon because of favre, this is another person who elevates TT simply because of their stance on the Favre issue. Let's do some sobering up guys. He's put the team in a great position with some holes.

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I don't mean to take this out on you, Alex, because it's plaguing the whole fan base. Let's just move on and cheer against him and not worry about it. It's not our problem anymore. Any affect it may have on us is intangible, at best-- at worst, it's complete perceived and in no way material.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I had to take the easy way out this morning. Too busy. It is what it is, which is nothing.

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Yeah, don't take it personal. It was a culmination of frustration with commentary from all over, particularly from a horribly constructed piece at PFT.

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I already upstaged Favre, by drafting Aaron Rodgers as my quarterback in fantasy football.

Because I am comfortable, in Levis.

Jeremiah' s Johnson's picture

The only megadouche in the NFL is Thom P. Tedson (Mr 31-33), and of course, you Alex!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I actually laughed at that.

Jersey Al's picture

megadouche. I always learn new words here...

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