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Favre to Denver

Favre to Denver


Most of us saw this one coming. Brett Favre is considering unretiring to be the quarterback of the Denver Broncos.





Jay Cutler's reign in Denver might be coming to an end.

Josh McDaniels has been in communication with Bus Cook and spoke to Favre “at least once” according to reports.

The New York Jets own the rights to Favre and would have to be cut or traded. It’s probable that New York trades for Cutler and has a franchise QB for years while the Broncos get a veteran for at least a year and can take the #2 offense in the league deep into the playoffs.

If you believe any of this, you’ve just been had. Happy April Fools. Brett Favre has been working out locally with a high school team.

Brett Favre has already played on the Jets, the home of Broadway Joe, now he can play in Denver, the home of John Elway.

Agent Bus Cook hasn’t returned any calls on the matter nor denied the reports, so we can assume it’s going down…again.

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IronMan's picture
longtimefan's picture

I have only seen that picture once..Brett over a farm field..where did you find a copy of it?

Asshalo's picture

haha, I can't believe i fell for that. Nice Z. That's the last one I fall for all day.

Aaron's picture

ltf - That pic is from the Onion.

elmo's picture

Favre is better than A-ROD (Mr. 6-10)....

He would be an upgrade in Denver....I'd like to see it, you horse tooth jackasses...

You guys are a bunch of whiny traitors...

Ted Thompson will disappoint you.....You are worshipping false Idols...

"Where's your Ted Thompson now,"

Asshalo's picture

I don't know about upgrade, especially after a career ending injury. Either was it was very stupid on Denver's part to seek a trade without consulting their franchise QB. His record is amazing when his team gives up 21 points or less (I think the 2007 victory on MNF was the only time he got out-gunned in that scenario-- god that was such an awesome moment). IMO he is the real deal.

Franklin Hillside's picture

"I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this."

"I was thinking the same thing. That John Denver's full of shit, man."

Alex Tallitsch's picture


Andyman's picture

A freakin' +, Franklin.

I love it.

Profizzle's picture

"The New York Jets own the rights to Favre and would have to be cut or traded. It’s probable that New York trades for Cutler and has a franchise QB for years while the Broncos get a veteran for at least a year and can take the #2 offense in the league deep into the playoffs."
I would take Cutler with a broken leg over Favre any day at this point.

elmo's picture

That's because you're an IDIOT, Profizzle....

(You must be TT's lost son....)

Profizzle's picture

sorry elmo, the Jets and the Packers did not make the playoffs. In the NFL if your not first your last, in this case both had no post season games. A first year QB preforming better than Favre in every stat is impressive. And here is a question for you, I know fair-weather fans such as yourself criticize Rodgers for not being "clutch". Please explain how such a GOD as Favre collapses the second half of a season destroying his teams playoff hopes? Seems like you need to reconsider who the idiot really is.

Longtimefan's picture


I have seen that picture in a frame and autographed

Longtimefan's picture

Quote elmo:

<blockquote cite="comment-2683">

<strong><a href="#comment-2683" rel="nofollow">elmo</a></strong>: Favre is better than A-ROD (Mr. 6-10)…


So we can call Brett Mr 4-12 correct?

Profizzle's picture

I love how he thinks Favre actually put the team on his back to win games. Credit the D for limiting the repercussions of Favre's actions the second half of the season.

jeremiah's picture

i can't believe i fell for it.....good on ya, mate! (i have always wanted to say that...)

elmo's picture

I love how he thinks that Rodgers is as good as Favre...

Credit Rodgers for sucking and not being able to put the team on his back and pull out a win because he's another shitty Tedford project that won't make it in the NFL...

He's Jeff George and Tony Romo rolled into one.....

He's not a WINNER.

Andyman's picture

Have we even seen the best of Rodgers yet? Highly unlikely - the dude has been starter for ONE YEAR. Gotta cut him at least a little bit of slack and quit attempting to compare him to a guy that started for 16 years.

Profizzle's picture

And I love how you dodge the questions you cant answer about Favre not being a winner and ruining the Jets playoff chances by himself. Its probably past your bed time now but you argue like a child, answer some of your own questions kid.

longtimefan's picture

Hey Elmo, care to let us in who you really are?

People do not call me LT unless they know me from a LONG time ago

My guess is your David or Pete

Come on now fess up

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