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Favre Divides Vikings

Favre Divides Vikings




It has started already. The rumblings out of Minnesota. A team divided. A "schism" it's being called. In the words of one NFL source, Favre has "little support" in the locker room.





Ah, it's music to my ears.

Like Napoleon Bonaparte, the self-proclaimed emperor of France that didn't know when to stop, has Brett Favre gone too far and agitated his own Minnesota minions?

There are many players in the Viking locker room that don't want Brett Favre there. Some resent his riding in on his white horse to seemingly "rescue" the Vikings. "We didn't need rescuing" is the sentiment.

Some resent the special treatment he has received from the Vikings organization and Brad Childress. What self-respecting NFL coach drives to the airport to pick up a player? None. Except for Brad Childress.

Some are just buddies of Tarvaris Jackson and are incensed at the raw deal he has received. All T-Jack wanted was a fair fight between him and Sage Rosenfels. That scenario is officially dead.

And some are in Sage Rosenfels' corner. They felt he could bring the consistency that T-Jack lacks. After all, the Vikings did pretty well when unspectacular, but steady Gus Frerotte was at the helm last year. Why not give Sage a chance? That possibility is also dead.

As Abe Lincoln said (borrowed from the new testament, I believe), "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Will Brett Favre turn the Minnesota Vikings into "Team Turmoil?" It really only depends on one thing—how well he plays. If he is able to play at a high level and lead the Vikings to some wins, most likely all will be forgotten.

I happen to be one Packer fan that still believes he can play and if healthy, he will help the Vikings. But I  don't regret the Packers' decision to go with Aaron Rodgers. That decision is looking better every day.

But if Favre playing well doesn't come to pass, resentment will linger, the "schism" will get larger and the Vikings divided "house" and season will come tumbling down.

Like the egomaniacal emperor Napoleon, Brett Favre has recorded many victories and conquered many hardships. But will going to Minnesota be his Waterloo and mark the end of his reign as emperor of the NFL?

If so, then perhaps the Packers will conquer the NFC North. As a Packer fan, it's what I have to hope for.


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IronMan's picture

As much as I would like to think that the Vikings are imploding, this is a non issue. The media is making this out to be more than it is.

Jersey Al's picture

Of course, but it's fun to imagine the Vikings blowing up, isn't it?

MrBacon's picture

Like Ironman said this is a non-issue spun by ESPN.

Until Favre actually implodes the team with his poor performance.

OTA, Minicamps, Training Camps are there for a couple of things: Get to know your teammates, condition yourself, learn the new plays, sharpen your skills.

Favre missing out on that is going to hurt his chances to prove Teddy wrong.

Jersey Al's picture

He has convinced himself that he's so good, he doesn't need any of that practice/coaching stuff. Of course, his best years came when he was under a tight reign (as much as that's possible) by his coach. It seems to me, Brett is running that team and Childress is just a tool.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Childress is definitely a tool.

MrBacon's picture

Childress = Professor Plum killed the Vikings, with the Favrench, in the Metrodome.

Asshalo's picture

He and childress were really pushing it by allowing him to skip training camp. There was already special treatment before that. If the team is winning and favre is playing good, this will go away. But if he has a rough patch, this is only going to get worse. Either way, I doubt Favre can play at the level to justify the special treatment he's received.

PackersRS's picture

That's exactly what I think and exactly what I think happened over at NY. Things were pretty good when they were winning. But when they started loosing and Brent started throwing picks, suddenly everybody was complaining about how bad of a companion he was, how he was isolated from the group. Thomas Jones badmouthed him, there were others, but I don't remember.

Jersey Al's picture

Do you believe, like I do, that this was Brett's plan from the beginning, to bring come in for the last few preseason games? And that Childress and Wilf were all on board?

PackersRS's picture

I do. To believe that in the time spam of half a day they agreed on the contract terms, that he bought the plain ticket, made his bag (I'm not saying that verb), found a home, re-checked his medical condition, his physical condition... And most of all, he just kept throwing the ball in the local HS just for fun? When he had a bad arm? It's ludicrous that they want me to believe this was spontaneos. But hey, he plays "for the love of the game". He's just a kid in hearth.
That or, as I've been thinking, he has Alzheimer.

Greg C.'s picture

A couple weeks ago, when an ESPN reporter announced that pretty much everyone in the Vikings organization thought Favre would join the team, some people dismissed it as a non-story, a media creation. The next day, Favre flew to Minnesota in Ziggy's private jet and signed a contract. He wore shorts, sandals, and a baseball cap, and he clearly was in his glory at his press conference. I would be very surprised if many, if not most, of Favre's teammates were NOT pissed off by this circus.

Team harmony does count for something. We saw that in Dallas with Terrell Owens. The players pretended everything was okay when Owens was there, but they sure were glad when he left. On the surface, Favre would not seem to have much in common with Owens, but one similarity is that he's put himself in position to split a locker room. Another similarity is that he loves the spotlight.

Thanks for the article, Al. Great picture, too.

Jersey Al's picture

Interesting comparison with Owens.

Thanks for the great comments, as always...

Justin Case's picture

Favre Sucks - 'Nuff said.

Matt H.'s picture

I think T.O. was the poster child for "injecting talent" history has proven, doesn't work.

longtimefan's picture

lol on Brett's board they are saying that RIGHT NOW Brett would beat out Rodgers

Bryce's picture

Yes, Abe took it from the New Testament, Jesus in fact.

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