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Fan of the Week

Fan of the Week


Behind every Packer fan there’s a story. Behind every story there’s a face. Meet the faces of Packer nation.




Timothy Skog

Website: The Packer Fan
Follow Timothy on Twitter: Click here.


Mr. & Mrs. Packer Fan

Mr. & Mrs. Packer Fan

Mr. & Mrs. Packer Fan



My name is Timothy Skog and I am a whopping age of thirty nine years old. I own my own business, Skog Enterprises, which takes on many forms. Currently, my family and I, live in Hampton, MN.

I have three lovely ladies in my life; my beautiful wife Carla, who has been my soul mate for over eighteen years and together we are the proud parents of our two lovely daughters Raelyn (9) and Sydney Starr (6). Guess who Sydney was named after?

We also have a male Springer Spaniel named Reggie, oh yeah! I myself was born in Red Wing, MN but grew up just outside of Ellsworth, WI. That is where pretty much all of my blood lines still reside. They are all scattered somewhere in WI. I am a transplant CheeseHead, that grew MN roots, that is, until I retire to Door County, selling delicious homegrown berries!

Could you tell me a little bit about how and why you became a Packer fan?

Well, growing up in the farm country of Wisconsin, that was the only team that I got to watch on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, living only miles from the Humpty Dumpty Dome. We usually have to travel to a venue that is carrying the NFL Network to view the game.

I really have been a fan since birth. I still have vintage 70's Packer's baby clothes, and needless to say, I have EVERYTHING Packers! The reason I became and remained a Packer's Fan, was the team. They played as a team, you never heard of a big headed superstar. No one player was ever going to be on T.V. smack talking, or putting anyone down or doing the blame game.

Team Unity, was the driving factor for me. (I know all too well, the tales of my fair weathered Viking fans; fire the coaches, trade players, if we only had a quarterback, we'll never win the big one, the ChoKings need a new stadium to win, blah, blah, blah!) I mean, we as Packer fans, might say some of those things, but never to the degree other teams do. I just love the way the Packers play with heart, always trying, never giving up, one for all and all for one! Who would not want to be a fan of that? The Packers are the greatest!

What is your favorite Packer memory?

That has to be when we were living near downtown Minneapolis and we were renting an apartment from my Viking friend. It was Super Bowl XXXI and that Sunday, I had all of my Packer Fan friends over upstairs and he had all of his Viking friends over, wearing all their "puke purple" just to be stupid, their usual mindset! We had the place decorated to the nines, and everyone brought something for good luck, Packer stuff toys, flags, footballs, foam cheese-heads, you name it, we had it there! It was a battle of upstairs vs. downstairs! The louder we got, the louder they tried to combat us, when New England would get a first down, scored or a defensive stop, we would BOO and they screamed loudly, it was awesomeness!

When they knew it was over and the Packer's would be WORLD CHAMPS, it grew very silent, they realized the upstairs had prevailed. I was jumping like a little kid, I never thought I would get to see a Super Bowl victory in my lifetime, it was one of the greatest days in my life! We all got in our cars, flags flying and horns honking, it was incredible and one of my favorite memories! Really the whole game is one of the BEST ever; 3 sacks by Reggie, the TD from Favre to Rison, the Howard return, it is all very memorable.


The Packer Shrine

The Packer Shrine

The Packer Shrine


Have you ever been to Lambeau Field?

Yes. My first trip came on the commemoration of Super Bowl I. It was December 10th, 1989. The Packer's were hosting the Chiefs and Don "The Majik Man" Majkowski had been ailing, but started the game. We lost the game 21-3. But it was just so much fun being there and cheering. Before the game we walked around the parking lot, just looking at all the cool things that people had with the Packer's logos or colors on it, some very cool stuff!

The Packer's tailgating community was so incredible, we had never been offered so much free food in all our days! Many kind hearted people from all over the world! I remember it looking like the time we traveled to Milwaukee for a game, it was a just a haze of grilling smoke! WOW! We had 20 yard line seats, row 10. Amazing seats, but more amazing were our neighbors sitting next to us. They all tried their very best, to make it the most memorable experience we could ever have. All of them were lifetime season ticket holders, so much fun and interesting stories too.

It was a cold December day out, but I remember it being warm inside the stadium and then getting back to the hotel and noticing we had gotten a little sunburned from the bright sun. It was another very happy memory, no matter if it was a loss. We finished 10-6 that year, the best since like 72, so we saw a great game in a great season.

My wife and I have been to maybe six home games since then over the years, but have never missed a Packer Family Night since it started and have had our girls join our family. They love it, and I enjoy it probably more than they do, but for the reason of seeing my girls so happy at Lambeau. They already tell stories to their friends about their experiences there and to me that means, my legacy will continue through them.

Who are your three favorite Packers not the current roster? Why?

My favorite has to be Bart Starr, he was the first Packer I ever met, he was at a supper club in Wisconsin. He was a very kind man to a little kid like myself. I never asked him for an autograph, I think I was in shock at meeting him and having him shake my hand. He is a true legend that gave his heart and soul to the Packers. My daughter even took his name, if we would of had a son his name would of been Starr Timothy, either way, we were getting his name involved.

And how could we forget Reggie White. What would the Packer's be without the Minister of Defense coming? I say, there is no Super Bowl appearances, or no faith or team spirit, probably just another losing season after another. I can also say I met Reggie White and his family at a church in MN, during his speaking years, he gave me goose bumps and made me feel important and worthy of anything I wanted to become after hearing him speak. He was truly a great football player, and a missed influential person on this earth.

I guess I could not leave out the "All Mighty Favre". Brett did a tremendous amount for the Packer's and for the NFL in general. We as Packer's Fan lived and died, by the Favre. Some Sunday's we jumped and screamed in happiness and then on other game days, we kicked and cried in sadness or anger. I am a huge fan of Brett, but some of the things that came to light after he left, made me question his God-like status. He might have been that poison that was dissolving the foundation of the Packer's Team Unity. But, we as Packer Fans have always forgave and tried to forget those misdoings or misspoken words. And I would love to meet him or be at his #4 jersey retirement ceremony. I wish him nothing but the best for him and his family. Shout outs: Clifford "Lynn" Dickey, J. Jefferson, J. Lofton, E. Bennett, P. Coffman, Gilbert Brown, LeRoy Butler, Robert Brooks, Ray Nitschke

Who is your favorite Packer on the current roster? Why?

By far and away that is Donald Driver. His talent, his unselfishness, his character, his family, his leadership, his incredible smile! He is the bona-fide real deal! He never gets enough credit for what he does, he has never been the "famous" one. He just goes out on game days and preforms. I really dig this guy! I can't say enough great things about him as a man or a football player for that matter! Don you ROCK!

Next up would be Aaron Kampman. I am hoping for good things this season for him. He gives his all and has been a huge factor on the defense side of the ball. And when his home community in Iowa got struck by a devastating storm, he steps up to the plate and gets his hands dirty. Even those around him on the team, wanted to be apart of it. It just shows his value as a player, a teammate and citizen. I hope he gets double digits sacks this year!

And finally, another Aaron, Rodgers that is! Talk about a guy that can take the heat and sit back and let it all run off his back, wow. Hats off to him! He had a very impressive season and I expect him to be HUGE in 2009! He is very smart, he sucks it up and takes the blame when he needs too. He wants to get better and tells the fans that to our faces. He invites his teammates to be his friends, to learn and grow together to be better as a whole. That old saying; there is no "I" in team, I think was written by Aaron Rodgers.

Those are my top three, but another shout outs to: Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson, Ryan Grant, Nick Barnett, A.J. Hawk, and Mason Crosby, hey even kickers deserve some love!

What other sports teams do you follow?

Being a MN resident, I do enjoy following the Minnesota Twins. The Brewers, just never caught on, or should I say couldn't find on my MN T.V. I try and follow the Minnesota Wild, and Timberwolves, but they have been tough to follow when they keep losing all the time! I like watching a lot of college football, no big favorites, just enjoy watching all the BIG 10 teams. I also like any teams that have special players that I would like to see the Packers try and go after during the draft.

What is your current take on the 2009 Green Bay Packers?

I am excited. I think our defense could be in the Top 10 this year. We have some of the best coaches in the league on that side of the ball. If the players believe in the system and study hard, put the effort in to learn it, I see no problems with the new 3-4 kicking some butt in the North this year!

But, we also need to try and grab a named player. This goes back to Reggie White, we need leadership, it is not about age, it is what comes with age. The knowledge, the commitment, and the understanding of the BIG games and how to go out and perform at a high level week in and week out! Peppers might not be the best anymore, but what is to say he can't push us over the top? Maybe Jason Taylor? We need somebody huge that will want us to tune in and watch them crush Sage Rosenfels over and over again this year!

I think on the offensive side, we are good, another OT might be worth investing in. I think we can score tons of points, Aaron just needs some time to sit back there and do it! I can't wait! GO! PACK GO!

If you could work for the Packers, what would you do? Why?

I would love a Marketing job. I have so many ideas that could take the Green Bay Packers to new heights and to new revenue outlets. I would not want any "under the microscope jobs", GM, Coaches, Board Members, etc. I have been there, done that. If I could not get in as a Marketing Executive, I would want to be the grounds keeper. How cool to mow Lambeau Field!

First thing you would, or currently do, if you get to Lambeau Field?

Easy, I hit the Pro Shop first, then to Curly's for lunch or dinner.

How did you find Packers Lounge? Do you visit any other Packer sites?

I found the Packers Lounge site through a Google search. I try and visit as many site as possible to see what the "Fans" are saying about the draft, free agency, etc.

When you’re not doing everything and anything Packers, what would we find you doing instead?

Currently, I am recording new material for my band "phun". You can also find me hanging out on the web, or with my iPhone stuck to my skull!

If you could shout at the top of your lungs to Packers Nation what would you yell?

GO! PACK! GO! ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL! We all bleed the Green & Gold! Remember, it does not matter how big a Packer Fan you are, as long as your a Packer's Fan!


(Stay Tuned)

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IronMan's picture

I was hoping this would be about the fat dude with the pasties and the G painted on his stomach.

It was a good read however. Good choice too for your favorite Packer. DD is the man.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

When making the logo, I thought that might happen. Sorry Tim. You have to admit though, it was a good read. I needed a good picture to represent a big fan... well I suppose that guy works.

Thanks again Tim!

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