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Fair Enough Will

Fair Enough Will

Coming from a guy who says whatever is on his mind, I have to admit I have new found respect for Will Blackmon today for doing just that. I'll even go a step further and give him the benefit of the doubt when he tells me that Jarrett Bush is much better than anyone thinks.

Apparently I offended Will this morning when I said the following:

"Yeah, I guess I am the Jarrett Bush of Packers blogs. Make a huge play once in awhile, but mostly just get flagged."

It's mostly a bash on myself, but I concur it was at Jarrett's expense. Apparently, the venerable Mr. Blackmon, a good friend of Mr. Bush, did not like this at all replying:

"Ya'll keep dissin the jarret bush from the old defense. If u break down the recent film he has done better than what most people think. Green bay wouldn't have matched his tender for nothing. Then again that's what happens when ur on the outside."

You know what, I am going to give this round to Will. He is Packer, he does hang out and practice with Bush, and he also is in the secondary. As fans, perhaps we should take his word for it and see what happens? I'll be the first to admit that I am a "dumb fan" on the outside, so it would be foolish to try and argue with a man who plays side-by-side with the superstar himself. Correct?

It's true many fans have been overly critical of Bush, and in my opinion for good reason. But, Will Blackmon thinks we are all wrong. Perhaps we are.

That being said, I will not make a Jarrett Bush bash until further notice. I solemnly swear to take the opinion of Will Blackmon until proven otherwise. Most likely shortly after the first kick of the pre-season.

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Stan's picture

A CB who can't get on the field defends a CB who should never have been on the field...... the blind leading the blind.

IronMan's picture


IronMan's picture

"I solemnly swear to take the opinion of Will Blackmon until proven otherwise"

Jarrett Bush SUCKS until proven otherwise.

Ryan's picture

JB is a good corner. However, he's a backup. Anytime a backup corner is stacked against a starting receiver, a QB will go with that matchup 90% of the time.

If you look at the percentage of passes defended versus not, or flagged, you will see why JB is truly a good corner.

He's earned his place as a Green Bay Packer.

cousin fred's picture

I cannot blame a guy for standing up for his teammate, so I applaud that. And by God, it's a free country so who am I to say anything.

But maybe Will should have better things to do then play Twitter monitor. I don't see Charles, Donald, Cullen, Greg, Aaron, and so on, going along about their everyday lives worrying about social network sites and what is being said about who.

And the truth is, as fans and as the ones who pay the salaries and buy the merch, we have the right to be critical.

Ryan and Nick and Clay as we all know are fun to communicate with on Twitter, but they seem to have the maturity and common sense to keep it positive.

My advice to Will: concentrate on playing a full 16 for the first time in your career. Try following the examples of guys like Charles and Cullen who provide real leadership on and off the field.

PackersRS's picture

I urge for Will Blackmon to take a look at the tape of the Cardinals game last year, and right after that, affirm that Jarrett Bush doesn't suck. He won't be able to do so.

He might be progressing, but really, he didn't have anywhere to go but up.

Robert Greenfield's picture

I thought Tuesdays were supposed to be slow? Not today!

FJ Dan's picture

Wow. My eyes must have deceived me last season. And the season before. And the season before. Of course he's "progressing". He's been at it for 5 years. 5 years. 5. years. What's the timeline to fully develop?

WestTxCheesehead's picture

The fact is that far too often we "outsiders" see Bush chasing after a ball carrier as a player blows by him for a score or just a step too late to make a play on the ball or barely dragging a receiver down that just caught a ball on him. I always wonder why he's on our team. He's a marginal talent.

I do applaud Blackmon for sticking up for a teammate, but he's almost laughably wrong. IMO.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Jarret Bush should not see the field (outside of ST's) unless something tragic happens.

However, many of us praise Ted for his player personnel moves, the guy obviously thinks Bush brings something to the table, I would hope he'd know a bit more than us. The fact of the matter is JB is gonna be representing the G&G, we would be best served to root for him and hope he improves. Rooting against and badmouthing the kid can't be beneficial to anyone.

Love it or hate it the kid is a GREEN BAY PACKER, I gotta ride with Ted... GO GET 'EM JARRET.


Ryan's picture

REALLY well said. JB deserves to be supported, not jeered. True Packer fans back the team, not any single person. JB is part of our team. Lets support him. He's a good CB.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Lot of Bush love coming from Olympia today boy/s. ;)

Ryan's picture

That's right. I'm a Packers fan from Olympia, Wa. I was born and raised in Cadott, Wisconsin. Moved to Washington in 92.

Does that some how mean that I'm not a Packer fan?

Tim's picture

@Ryan, thats the first time Cadott has gotten any love for something sports-related in recent memory. Small world, I grew up there as well.

Ryan's picture

I lived on May street in Cadott. I used to work on a few golf courses around here in Olympia, WA and I just so happen to come across a few visiting golfers wearing Packer gear. We bullshitted for a few minutes and they asked me where I was from. Come to find out, they were the owners of the saw mill there in Cadott.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Ill make it smaller. Grew up in Eau Claire fished on Otter Lake every week.

Ryan's picture

I have family in Donald, WI so anytime I make it back that direction I still drop a line in Miller Dam.

Was just out that way a year ago for a funeral in Stanley.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

You can catch some fish on Miller. No doubt.

Ryan's picture

Hard to find any crappie here in western Washington State. Miller has some decent crappie, and it's got a nice little campground, so I'll usually make an overnight stay.

FITZCORE1252's picture


I live in Oly.

I had cousins in Cadott (know any Anderjeskis'?). My dad was born and raised in Cornell Wi, My mom just outside of Holcombe, my grandparents ran the Silver Bridge resort on Lake Holcomb for decades.... VERY small world.

Ryan's picture

That last name doesn't ring a bell. I have some relatives in and around Cornelle yet. Remaining grandparents are in Jump River, have family and friends in and around Stanley, Eau Claire, all over the state really.

Last name Krizan ring a bell?

Yes Alex, I'm THAT @ryankrizan on Twitter

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I should smack you, but that's a gutsy admission. Loser. Anyway, glad we got that sorted out. I thought for sure ol' Fitzy was messing with me when two Bush supporters from Olympia showed up.

I mean come on, what's the odds of finding two Bush guys much ess in the same town.

I dated a chick from Jump River back in '94. I forgot her name, when it hits me Ill let you know. She blonde, maybe named Jody - cut hair.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Sounds like you two have a nice history.

And Alex, I'm a Green and Gold supporter. I'm gonna wish everyone representing those colors the best of luck as long as they report to 1265, I guess if that makes me a "Bush guy", so be it.

Don't get it twisted though, I wouldn't be heart broken if Bush were to be cut tomorrow.

FITZCORE1252's picture

No it doesn't. Very cool though. Are you signed up on Lounge Book? Hit me up, maybe some of us can get together for a game next season somewhere in Oly. Definitely gonna be going to Seattle week 2 of the Pre-season.

slander's picture

I'll be going as long as I can get tickets. It's always a struggle to get Packer tickets here in Seattle!

I was at the game a couple years ago here in Seattle. I nearly got into a big fight with a Seahawk fan because I laughed when GB intercepted Seneca Wallace. He called me a "fair-weather fan" because I don't go to my team's home games like he does.

My argument: You try getting season tickets to Lambeau Field, nevermind the 2000 mile drive!

He then got pissy and I threatened to throw him over the railing. He promptly left the stadium.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Nice. I was at that game. I'm continually disappointed how weak Seachicken fans are, I barely got booed. I took a buddy (Hawk fan) that took me to that game to Lambeau for the Hawk game last year, he was genuinely impressed, with the Green Bay experience that is, definitely not the Seachickens.


Alex Tallitsch's picture

No, but my buddy Fitz up there just happens to live in the same town, and have the same internet provider. Must be a REALLY strange coincidence.

Ryan's picture

You would be highly surprised about the fanbase here in Washington State. The last game GB played in the Kingdome before it was imploded and another stadium went up in it's place, there appeared to be more Packer fans than Seahawk fans. It was a sea of green and gold.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I used to be a pretty big on the side Hawks fan. Dave Krieg went to my high school so we always idolized him.

Ryan's picture

He also played for the Lions and the Bears, among other teams.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Yeah, he played everywhere. Steve Largent helped his cause a little too.

FITZCORE1252's picture

HAHA, I see, you thought I was giving myself props for my own post... not a bad idea. Can't say I know Ryan, very small world though.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Exactly what I thought.

Ryan's picture

Or maybe I've been Fitz all along, and I have split personalities! What do you think, Fitz?

FITZCORE1252's picture

Haha, I wouldn't put it past me... you... wait, me... I'm confused. That is funny though.

Look me up this season Ryan, can't ever know enough Packer fans in the Oly area. Or you can just swing through I-5 from Martin Way to damn near Tacoma in the next few weeks, I'll be the guy wearing the vest getting flipped off (seriously though, stear clear of there, gonna be a mess for awhile).

Asshalo's picture

Have to admit, it's cool that he threw it back at you. I would assume most players would avoid debate with fans, but then again he was kinda asking for it with that initial tweet. I hope they both use it as motivation to get better, because right now neither Blackman or Bush has performed well enough to eliminate any doubts "outsiders" may have. As the great Dale Z once said, "More play, less talk."

"You know what, I am going to give this round to Will. He is Packer, he does hang out and practice with Bush, and he also is in the secondary."
On the flip-side, this could mean he is biased and simply defending his buddy. Do we really know Bush's performances have improved? If so, is Blackman overstating the improvement? Green Bay offered many tenders this off-season, but that doesn't necessarily mean all these players are going to make the team.

Sure we're all outsiders, but for all we and blackmon know, this off-season could be Bush's last chance to prove himself. While we're on the subject, the same goes for blackmon who can't seem to stay healthy. If they draft a CB in the first three rounds its safe to assume a CB from the 2009 roster will probably be cut this year.

His claims may be more informed, but they're still biased and, at the moment, completely unsubstantiated.

Asshalo's picture

Upon further investigation, I think you're siding with WIll because he called Nagler a pedaphile. haha.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

That was a strange thing yesterday, all the way around.

jeremiah's picture here is the thing. does two-day old garbage smell less than three-day old garbage? probably. but it is still garbage.

here is why bush sucks. besides being a flag machine at times. he has a tendancy to brain fart. not all that uncommon with DBs who are not starters. but what really holds him back is what happens when he DOESN'T brain fart. he oftentimes is in pretty good position to defend the ball, but just...doesn't. i do not know how many times i have watched him cut in front of a WR, get between his man and the ball, only to see the ball sail over his head, or just past his finger tips, etc... and this is when he isn't running around trying to decide which guy he is supposed to cover.

he just doesn't finish plays, can't get his hands on the ball, and that is why we see him draw flags for PI, illeagle contact, holding, blah blahblah. he is a 4th string-at-best CB for a reason. and that reason is his limited playmaking ability. partially due to his height, and partially due to him just not being that good.

his hustle, and decent speed is why he is kept on STs, but even that will only get you so far. so back off blackmon, concentrate on getting YOUR ass on the field.

FITZCORE1252's picture
PackersRS's picture

"The storyline going down in Minnesota is, will Brett Favre put off retirement until his grandson can join him on the team?"

"And the other question is, will Brett Favre switch to solid foods to unsolid foods before his grandson switches from unsolid food to solid? And will one be out of diapers before one goes in?"

"I think that's a big situation that got brewing"

Man, wise words... Wise words...

FITZCORE1252's picture

That second quote there is good shit.

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