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Em-Bear-Assessment: The Jay Cutler Soap Opera

Em-Bear-Assessment: The Jay Cutler Soap Opera

Has everyone noticed the soap opera brewing to the south of Green Bay?

No, this is not in reference to the Brewers quietly surging back into playoff contention. This soap opera is taking place just a little further to the south.

The Bears loss to the Packers last Thursday night exposed some serious flaws in the Bears game plan, most notably along the offensive line. The inability to block anyone, most notably Clay Matthews who exploded for with 3 1/2 sacks against the Bears, was exposed for all to see. Jay Cutler had enough, and shoved left tackle J’Marcus Webb during the game in a moment of frustration.

How did Webb respond to this act? He laughed.

Cutler was  not done though. He took advantage of  the post game press conference to tear into his teammates, and defend his actions as only Jay can:

"I care about this. This isn't just a hobby. I'm not doing this for my health. I'm trying to win football games. When we're not doing the little things or things the right way consistently, I'm going to say something. If they want a quarterback that doesn't care, they can get someone else."

Pretty strong words from a so-called leader.

Cutler shoving one of his teammates called into question his methods of leading the Bears. Some think this was inappropriate,  that criticizing the play of a teammate should be done behind closed doors, away from the watchful eye of the media and fans. Cutler’s post-game comments did not help, adding more fuel to the fire.  And now, more Bears have begun to speak out about Cutler and his leadership.

Yesterday, defensive back D.J. Moore spoke his mind, letting everyone know he was on “Team Webb” and Cutler was completely wrong for shoving Webb:

“I think it’s just wrong, though honestly. I would feel the same kind of way if he was to do me like that. It would make it seem like, well, the reason I’m having a bad game is because it’s what you’re doing and not me taking accountability for myself because I’m throwing these type of passes or doing this type of read. So it’s just a tough situation.”

“But when you act like that, though, with your own teammates on the sideline, it’s just something different that you normally wouldn’t do.You might say it in the locker room or something, but to do it like he did, that’s something different. It’s just weird.”

Meanwhile, right tackle Gabe Carimi spoke out in defense of “Team Jay”:

“Honestly it was barely a shove, so I don’t think I would have even recognized until it was brought up on media”

Lovie Smith has been doing his best to dispel any controversy:

“It’s pretty simple: I like Jay Cutler and everything that he is. I’m not trying to trade any of our players. The week before, I didn’t hear an awful lot of this stuff. We were talking about how good we were and how we were playing. So we’ll get back to that.

‘‘The focus is on the play on the field. That’s what I was disappointed in — our play, how we as coaches prepared our guys and the way we played. But we’ll correct that. We’ve lost games before. We’re not the only team that has lost a big game that we thought we would win. But we’ll bounce back.’’

And while all this is going on, Chicago sports radio has been inundated with discussion of whether the Jay Cutler experiment should come to an abrupt end as a result of his actions against the Packers last week.

The amount of talking going on between the Bears players, coaches, and fans over the past few days has been interesting to say the least. A team which was seen by many as a legitimate Super Bowl contender this season is now riddled with questions. Play on the field, emotions off the field, and everything in between is an everyday discussion now, with no end in sight. Winning cures all, even for the Bears, but a few more losses, and this team could start free falling, with Cutler being the likely scapegoat because of his actions.

Keep an eye on this situation. Things could start getting REALLY interesting in Chicago very soon.

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ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

As you know, I made similar comments on my FB page about the team and fans turning against Jay. With a new GM, it's a pretty foregone conclusion that Lovie & co. are on a short leash - playoffs or else. The new GM also inherited Cutler, and could conceivably choose to end the relationship at any time without getting blame for it (not necessarily his guy).

Jay seems to be trying to be Jeff George 2.0 (million dollar arm, 10 cent head). It was also speculated by Dr. Kelly that he may have Asperger's and that may explain his attitude/behavior/facial expressions - you'd have hoped the Bears team docs would have figured this out by now (then again it took more than one season for the Broncos to figure out his diabetes, so...)

JohnRehor's picture

I don't think he's trying to be Jeff George 2.0 at this point-he's there. Ultra talented and ultra douchy

brian batt's picture

The offensive line has been a problem for a long time. I remember when they first signed Cutler and some bears fan friends of mine were commenting on how they finally have a qb. My response then (and since then) was "You could have Brett Favre back there and it wouldnt matter. If theres no blocking, your qb cant complete passes laying on the ground". Cutler cant handle stress. He's a cocky shit when all is right but when things get rough, he pisses and pouts. I recently watched NFL SoundFX on Cutler. What a tool. Just a selfish dud collecting a check. And with Denver, a total dick. Check it out if you can. I hope they leave that line alone so he can get his ass handed to him a few more times.

JohnRehor's picture

Brian with the hammer! BOOM!

What makes it even better (at least for us) is we get an up close and personal view of his douchebaggery on an every day basis. I love it.

Victor's picture

I think you need to use the term "most notably" a few more times.
Like "most notably", this website sucks!

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