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Dumbass: Pat McCurdy and Miller Lite

Dumbass: Pat McCurdy and Miller Lite

Although many agreed, I definitely caught some hell from a few fans for saying that the entertainment experience at Lambeau Field falls extremely short. To further my case I offer you Pat McCurdy, a no name singer who apparently will be releasing a song in conjunction with Miller Lite to be played on the jumbotron repeatedly at Lambeau Field.

This song will be marketed with viral video and thousands of dollars in sponsor money. I offer this exhibit for your viewing pleasure below.

Are you frickin' kidding me? You find a crappy singer, who plays local fairs and doesn't write sports songs, to write a Packer song for the jumbotron at a multi-million dollar event? Absolutely f'in brilliant. Someone payed money for this? Seriously? You even filmed a video? Did you film it in front of the corn dog and deep fried Twinkie booth, or is it just various clips of you singing on the tilt-a-whirl and gravatron?

I know the Packer rap was bad, and there have been a few other questionable songs too, but this takes the cake as the crappiest Packers song that anyone ever paid money for. Hell, even my 30 minute parody cuts on a twelve dollar head set mic are almost better than this.

Bottom line, this nonsense has to stop. I'm all for showcasing local talent, but only if it isn't embarrassing. What's even worse is that Lambeau DJ will most likely follow this one up with three Mellencamp tracks and then the G-Force song. Please Green Bay and Miller Lite, no one wants to see this piece of garbage played on the jumbotron. Just kindly turn down the offer and advise Miller Lite to fire the guy who was obviously hammered out of his gourd when he agreed to this deal. McCurdy might be a good singer, but as he openly admits, "He doesn't write sports songs."

That's pretty apparent.


Note: I am already catching hell for this. So, I have added a poll for those less vocal.

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shoegal12's picture

I agree..not very professional. Hopefully it only plays before kickoff... like two hours before.

jerseypackfan's picture

I can see it now. Halftime with the UW band and this frickin guy!

Dave's picture

Are you serious? I admit that a cleaned-up Pat song specifically tailored for a product is hardly his finest work, but he's a pretty popular guy in the college and bar scene. It makes perfect sense that the Packers would try to market to that crowd, since that's the age when most people tend to drift out of fandom.

And if you're complaining about him not writing sports songs, are you saying that you want Lambeau to be the same generic football game you'd get at Soldier Field or the Metrodome?

asshalo's picture

The fact is this guy isn't that well known. And without a context to put that video in, I think a lot of people will have similar reactions. That song is horrible.

Oppy's picture

Pat McCurdy isn't well know outside of WI, but he is an establishment and practically revered by a generation or two of Wisconsinites.

I'm not a fan, but songs like "Sex and Beer" and "The Bears still suck" are perennial favorites, and the guy plays at every major fair and festival- to packed crowds who all know his songs- for nearly 30 years.

Again, he's not my thing, but he is well known and a cultural icon to some extent in WI.

Oppy's picture

...And the song really, really, sucks.

Jayme Snowden's picture

I HATE this song. And hate is the nicest word I could come up.

brad's picture

In other news, the popular rock band from Atlanta "Sevendust" was in the studio yesterday recording a song for the Falcons...


FITZCORE1252's picture

That's just a beating. WOW! Seriously a shame. If that's the best you can do, stick with Rundgren as your go-to (great go-to, I might add).


PackersRS's picture

It's a curse and a blessing, the Packers fans. Really.

Because they are so faithful, they'll support their team no matter what, and they make it possible for a publicly owned franchise to survive.

On the other hand, crap like this gets passed along, and there's not gonna be a dropoff in attendance. They can pretty much ruin the Lambeau experience, and people are not gonna stop comming...

asshalo's picture

You're essentially right, but missing a bigger point. You shouldn't market the gameday experience around people that you know will stay loyal no matter what. It should be geared towards people who are on the fringe, visiting from out of town, or ambivalent.

In recent years Lambeau has gotten much more traffic from non-season ticket holders due to ticket-resellers.

asshalo's picture

Don't get me wrong, I am a Lambeau purist ( I actaully miss the green steal). And I normally like the dorky Lambeau stuff. After all, it's always a good time outside the stadium.
But there is a way to make yourselves more nationally marketable without compromising the organization's culture. That song and the G-force are just a mood kill inside the stadium.

Titletowntim's picture

One of the best blues musician/songwriters in the country lives in Green Bay-his name is Billy Flynn.
He could do something with this. Sorry Pat,stick to your folk fluff

Kyle's picture

I didn't think it was that bad guys.. They aren't going to have a completely serious song before a game. I found it funny and it would probably make some of the crowd laugh so it's not all that bad.

asshalo's picture

Honestly, this is getting out of control. I thought your last post was a little over the top, but this is dead on. They really expect people to sing along to the G-force song, but it literally just kills the mood. Another one!?!?! This is like children's sing-along music. There are a 100 other songs that would get the crowd jacked and not the other way around.

Play Metallica- Enter Sandman, abbout 15 seconds in when it starts to build. Then when it does finally build, the crowd will be jackeed. How about some Hip/Hop. Soulja Boy is a little dated but you could find something that would get people int he mood. Living on a Prayer, Iron Man, AC/DC. All are cliche stadium music but they would be infinitely better.

I'm officially putting a call into the organization.

Jersey Al's picture

Good for him, he getting a paycheck. But embarrassing for Green Bay. Imagine a Monday Night National TV audience getting a whiff of that? Nothing like perpetuating the hick Green Bay stereotypes...

GW's picture

Great Song! Loved it. It should go over well. I've been to many games and seen what they put up there, this is better than most and it should be a big hit.

GW's picture


Alex Tallitsch's picture


GW's picture

Greatest Rock N Roll Band of All time.....Lynyrd Skynyrd! FREE BIRD AT LAMBEAU WOULD BE AWESOME!

GW's picture

What part of the Country you from Alex?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Born bred and raised in Wisconsin. Wausau and Eau Claire. I've heard Freebird, Come on Eileen, Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, Stairway to Heaven, Sweet Home Alabama, Cherry Bomb, and Brown Eyed girl at least 1,000 times. This <del datetime="2010-08-13T21:24:18+00:00">year</del> week.

I know what it's all about. Unfortunately that world only exists in seedy dive bars on bad radio stations.

GW's picture

I've been to Lambeau Field many times and there are more loud mouth drunks screaming &amp; yelling profanity, making fools out of themselves, spilling beer,than any bar in Wisconsin. They ruin the Lambeau experience for many, which is really too bad for the young fans at their first game.
I was only pointing out Skynyrd, no other group, Skynyrd has sold Millions of records,are in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame,still touring,still making music, still very popular, still very,very good.
Skynyrd is played at the Jacksonville Jaguar Stadium which is their hometown, KFC jingle is from Sweet Home Alabama,Saturday Night Special was played last year on NBC Football late last season,certainly those are not seedy dive bars and bad radio stations, my point is that Skynyrd can be played at Lambeau, they're better than good enough. Check out their new album GOD AND GUNS at a store near you! Great web site by the way! Looking forward to the game on Saturday Night! Have a good one!

jerseypackfan's picture

One song I cant stand when it is played at games or on any football highlight video. "Let the bodies hit the floor" by Drowning Pool

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor.

jsutlookin's picture

I absolutely love Pat, but not that song.

Tripp's picture

Pat has a song called "tits and beer", would that be better?

Jayme's picture

*Ahem* That's "Sex and Beer." And yes, they are the two things we hold dear.

bogmon's picture

I personally think they need to get back to the true Wisconsin roots and start playing some serious drinking music....POLKA.

Yeah, it's corny, but at least it's traditional and gets everyone in a good mood...who can't get down with 5-10 minutes of some corny ass polka...the clarinet solos alone are worth it!!!

John's picture

Alex, I have read many of your articles abourt the pack. For the the most part I normally agree with your take on what is what. However, I think your take on this EMMY award winning song is way off base. Not only should it be in some hick beer bar jukebox, it should NEVER be associated with the PACK. I actually moved away from the midwest years ago. Although I still think it is the best place in the world. Fact is, this ffffing stupid song just makes me embarrassed to have grown up around there. And to think some of the people on this site whould even consider to think that this is good? Make's me want to slice my eye out with a rusty spoon.

John's picture

PS.... did you ever golf with your dad? Keep up the great writing.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I have not. But, I suppose some progress has been made. Thanks for asking.

Jack's picture

I've written to the Packers begging them to eighty-six the whole G-Force thing---it really is embarrassing and totally unnecessary. This McCruddy song may push me over the edge. Makes me wonder who the heck is making the calls at 1265--and why they still have the job.

aussiepacker's picture

Hey i love the green bay packers but this song sucks balls.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Well put Aussie.

GW's picture

You all may want to reserve judgement until the finished product is played during a game! I didn't think it was all that bad, certainly nothing to make me embarrassed to be from Wisconsin or the midwest. I've never met anyone who is embarrassed to be from the midwest.

BigSnakeMan's picture

Call me crazy, but when I go to Lambeau I'm there to see a football game. I couldn't care less about the music, punting contests or scoreboard beer races. In fact, if there were less of that superflous nonsense, maybe there would be less idiots there that feel compelled to start the wave.

Mike(Pat&#039;s Twin Brother)'s picture

I wish Faith Hill would come to Green Bay as a "Golden Girl". Yes she is so sweet and her outfit reminds me of the old days at the Bamboo Room(Oval Office). Lets get a petition going!

LACheez's picture

oh wow. this is almost as bad as the stupid g-force song that they packers play on before their videos. we need to do something like the steelers do with "renegade" from styx. it is badass and gets people pumped up once a game! google steelers renegade and watch it. we need more badass and less hick!

Overkill's picture

"this is almost as bad as the stupid g-force song that they packers play on before their videos."

Always that moment of dread immediately after clicking interviews, "Let it be DiGiorno, please!"
How about, for the stadium, vintage AC\DC,
vocals removed karaoke style, Bon Scott clone wailing about cheese? No? [img]

GMAN's picture

McCurdy is an average singer who has been good enough to have a career as a local musician--kind of in the Snopek vein--quirky and just creative enough to get by, supported by a small local following.

By no means should this song or performance by McCurdy be shown at any Packer game. It reminds me of flat beer--yuch! I'd rather watch the rally rabbit drumming on the street corner.

thepretzelhead's picture

Please no. Let's go back to the wah wah wah wah wah wah waaaaaaaa wah wah wah wah wa ump dadadaump dadad...they used to play at kickoffs. Better than this....."I like my wife she's ok?" uggh

Big Davey's picture

Pat Rule's. I saw him play every Tuesday night when I was a student at UW. He is a ton of fun to see and has a pretty loyal following. Been living in NYC for 10 years now, and sorry to say this folks, but Pat capture's Wisconsin's quirky charm.

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