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Since some people seem to be getting uptight about the amount of time we spend criticizing people around here, I thought it was the perfect opening for another edition of Dumbass.

Yes, we spend alot of time around these parts picking apart other peoples' stuff. Why? Well, usually it's because they are stupid.


Before I get into my rant, rest assured we know where we stand in the scheme of things. If you want to criticize us publicly, than you are more than welcome to do so. In fact, we invite it. But, rest assured we don't take anything sitting down.

I like to sing standing up.

We know we are far from perfect. Dale uses weird words and phrases, and I never take the proper amount of time to edit. So, feel free to have at us. We love that shit.

Now, on to the Dumbass of the week.

I will dedicate this one to one of my favorite members Mr. 'Halo.


I actually have been wanting to call out this former fan for quite some time. During the whole Favre incident last season, he was quite vocal around the Packer forumsphere. A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, has told me his name is David Thomason, and he claims to be Brett Favre's pilot and friend.

I do not know in what capacity these claims are true, but it seems to be common knowledge. If you have ever browsed Brett Favre's former website, you will find him under the name DavidPHX. Now I don't know if he gave Favre a couple of rides one time, or truly was a bonafide chauffeur. Whether Favre considers him a friend, I do not claim to know either. What I do know, is this guy has a huge mouth and doesn't hesitate to use it.

In his latest rant, he takes the time to offer advice and pose questions on Aaron Rodgers' interview with Michael Irvin. David has an interesting take. I would like to make fun of it right now.

Here it is:

Why did Rodgers talk to Michael Irvin. He has many times displayed his hate 4 Favre.
Why did Rodgers even bother to answer any Favre questions?
Did Rodgers really think that whining about Favre not returning a phone call would not make National News? My God it was a year ago and a phone call, get over it.
Why are the Packers allowing this to happen? Have they not learned from last season? Do they really want another year of a divided Packer Nation?
My advice to Aaron Rodgers is shut up and throw the football. Until you take this team to a Playoff game and win a MVP just stick to football. I really don’t care who you call and if they call you back. If you didn’t know you were being set up then you are just plain stupid. I don’t think your stupid so that leaves it that you maybe enjoy the drama? Until you take this team to a playoff just shut up, work hard and stay out of the news. I will have respect 4 you then.

Firstly, I love the way you use the little 4's. That's kind of cute actually. You really can appreciate it in the screenshot. Regardless of the cuteness factor, let me address these issues in order.

1. Aaron Rodgers can talk to whomever he pleases. That is his right. Some would even argue it his responsibility as a professional athlete. A lot of people have shown hate for Favre, big deal.

2. He didn't answer the majority of the questions. In fact, he openly says he doesn't want to comment on several occasions. The questions he did respond to, were honest answers to tough questions --something that is refreshing to see at the quarterback position in the off-season.

3. It shouldn't make national news, and that is just the point. It is guys like yourself refusing to let go that continue to perpetuate this atrocity. He was asked a question he answered it. If anything, this speaks volumes about how distant Favre really was from his teammates.

4. Allowing what to happen? Nothing is happening here. The only thing I see happening in this neck of the woods are the Favre supporters becoming a smaller and smaller demographic. There is no divided Packer nation, just some random loud mouths modeled after the attention seeking hero they so faithfully imitate.

As far as your advice to Aaron Rodgers, I think he threw the ball quite well. We all know the statistics so I'll kindly gloss over that for you. He handled the season like a true professional and certainly did things "the right way."

This wasn't a set-up, this wasn't a conspiracy. This was a stand-up guy doing a routine interview he probably has done a thousand times before.

As far as drama goes, I thought that was all the rage right now?

Is that only if there is a big 4 on your back?

Or, is this just Jet lag talking? Pun intended.


(Stay Tuned)

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Aaron's picture

This is awesome...

Tufu McMoney's picture

Why aren't the folks at Fire Ted Thompson fodder for your dumb-ass segment. They truly deserve it for there source-less reports and propagandist yellow (mustard yellow) journalism. "Halo" has nothing on the tasteless garbage you'll find on their site and the comment pages here at Packers Lounge. People need to move past Favre and start focusing their cross-hairs.... er attention on the man responsible for Green Bay's demise: Ted Thompson

Alex Tallitsch's picture

The above mentioned website should be intelligent enough to notice that their entire dotcom is emedded at least four times in this post.

And you guys wonder why your traffic is so light.

Asshalo's picture

"Yes, we spend alot of time around these parts picking apart other peoples’ stuff. Why? Well, usually it’s because they are stupid."

Wo, I'm flattered. I don't really mind this "Dumbass" segment, because similiar segments are very common on talk radio. what I was referring to is media outlets criticising other media outlets. Of course this isn't an newspaper or radio station, but it does seem a little predatory to not give the positive just as much attention as the negative.

Didn't see anything wrong with what AR said. He has every right to feel hurt. QBs and their back-ups spend an incredible amount of time prepping each week. I'm fine with this so long as AR said his piece and he's done with it. If not, Favre may respond-- in all honestly if AR speaks, brett has every right to as well. I don't think Favre hates him. It will just take him sometime to get over this. I highly doubt the two will never speak again. It has the capacity to be a national story, but I doubt that will happen. Again, this interview at face-vale doesn't bother me on bit-- so long as it stays on interview.

As far as this guy goes, his fourht point is a valid concern, "Why are the Packers allowing this to happen? Have they not learned from last season? Do they really want another year of a divided Packer Nation?" Yes, this is probably an isolated incident, but should the remote chance that this becomes an incident arise, many people will be asking that same question. The fifth point was definitely a stretch on his part

Asshalo's picture

...and now that i'm on the topic of praise-- I have plenty for this site. That's not just me blowing smoke either. I do my packer news rounds 2-4 times a week and this is always a constant stop.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I personally am happy to have you man. Opinion is always appreciated.

Elmo's picture

New Dumbass to add...TED THOMPSON!!!

67311. Farve to Vikings rumor
by CMartinRules, 2/3/09 8:35 ET
The St. Paul Pioneer Press speculates "if the Vikings are unable to trade for Matt Cassel of New England or Matt HasselbeckGoing-Long-With-a-Seahawk of Seattle, it wouldn't be shocking if they made a run at [Brett] Favre should he become available, as expected."
Writer Charlie Waters says the JetsNew York Jets could waive Favre to clear his $13 million from their tight salary capthe-1-executive-club Mar-26-2008 .

The Vikings were thought to be Favre's preferred destination last summer, but to keep him out of the NFC North the Packers traded him to the Jets.

A condition of that trade stated that the Jets would owe the Packers three first-round draft picks if they traded Favre to the Vikings.

On Tuesday, Favre confidant Peter King of may have tipped the quarterback's hand when he told ESPN he had "a gut feeling" Favre would consider a return if he could somehow play for the Vikings.

Super BowlBetting-on-the-Super-Bowl Sunday, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported "that Favre could be anglingThe-New-Fly-Fishing to join the Vikings, but such a move would not happen via trade because it would cost the Jets multiple first-round picks (according to"

Ok so what if the Vikings give the Jets 3 first round picks for Farve and the Jets hand the Packers the 3 first rounders. I wonder if the Jets would have a choice of the 3 they gave up?

Bernard Shuford's picture

Favre is so history. I was a huge fan for a long time. I'm almost embarrassed by that now, even though I'm typically a pretty "faithful" fan. My loyalty, I found, is with the Pack.

Rodgers is just fine with me. Y'all Favre doods just go on to New York and suffer with the management there through another ridiculous off-season debacle.

Elmo's picture

I'm embarassed by AWRONG and CATATONIC TED...and the whole Packer organization at this point.

It'll be funny to see Favre and the Vikings whip the Packers asses 2X this year...

Elmo's picture

Nobody's worried that Ted had to scrap his whole Defense, coaches, and philosophy into his 5th year as GM?

Man, you people are really deluded...

What's next...scrap the ZBS next year and fire all the offensive coaches after another losing season?

Jeez...wake up, Packer Nation....Ted's a loser.

longtimefan's picture

I am convinced that Elmo is Mike Sherman

BTW Elmo you going to let me know who you really are behind your alter ego?

Asshalo's picture

"Nobody’s worried that Ted had to scrap his whole Defense, coaches, and philosophy into his 5th year as GM?"

There are two extremes to every arguement.
(1) He's scrapping to hide his poor management
(2) He's committed to winning and won't settle for anything but progress.

It's a little earlier to be writing off this off-season.

Elmo's picture

How about the idea that Favre wants to get "cut" from the Jets and sign with Minnesota?

Would that be the death knell for Ted in Packerland?

I hope so..

longtimefan's picture

elmo I think your wrong about wanting to be cut...

what if Brett is willing to re-work his deal to stay in New York?

Franklin Hillside's picture

Elmo, why would you ever want the Packers to lose? Especially to the Vikings with Favre under center? You are not a Packer fan, you are a Favre sycophant....and crazy.

No real Packer fan would ever want the Packers to lose. I hope he goes to the Vikings, so we can beat him twice and put this whole thing to bed.

How quickly people forget the speed with which Mike Sherman ran the team and organization into the ground. Sad really.

Elmo's picture

Because the sooner that the inept Ted Thompson is run out of town, the sooner the Packers can get back on the right track and winning football.

Ted Thompson is a clueless moron....imo.

longtimefan's picture

come on elmo , admit to me who you are..

Greg C.'s picture

Last year it would've been a public relations disaster for Favre to play for the Vikings and trot out onto Lambeau Field in a purple uniform on opening night. If he goes to the Vikings this year, though, it wouldn't be a disaster, it would just be weird. He will be 40 years old in October. He is not the player he used to be. I hope he wises up and retires.

Elmo's picture

If Favre ends up on the Vickies this year, you and the loser Ted Thompson will be crapping your pants.

He beat Tennessee and New England, something Rodgers wouldn't have been able to do....

Rodgers was "annointed" by Ted Thompson because he couldn't beat Favre out head to head....

This year will be TT's last, enjoy it while you can!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Elmo, you should write a 500 word article. I'll post it.

Pack93z's picture

Come on now.. do we really need this..

I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion! I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!I hate Ted Thompson with a vile passion!

Visions of Bart come rattling in my head.. ;)

Elmo.. in all seriousness.. Ted has made some moves that both have turned golden as well as some that have been reduced to tarnished brass.. IMO, he is well above the Mendoza line in terms of hits verses misses.. until that trend reverses.. I think your opinion is based more on emotion than fact.

But that is the beauty of life and sports.. you are free to have such an opinion.

Elmo's picture

..."don't know....Mongo only pawn in game of life"....

longtimefan's picture

I agree with Pack

I think elmo is basing everthing on emtions.

Other then the Brett issue, what else has Ted done that you dont agree with

longtimefan's picture

No comment Elmo?

Or can't you really think of anything else Ted has done that you hate

longtimefan's picture

"He beat Tennessee and New England, something Rodgers wouldn’t have been able to do"

AR beat Seattle something Brett didnt do :P

BTW, your aware that AR didnt play the Pats this year..

so can't use that argument...You can compare the Tenn game tho..

longtimefan's picture

looks like Elmo was a loss for words?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I think Elmo got kicked out of the public library.

I love PopEye's picture

Looks like the pilot doesn't like it when people bash Brett, but Brett can call the Packers dishonest and he is okay.

What a crybaby <<<< Brett's pilot comment


Mike Vandermause is sports editor of the Press-Gazette.

Eleven months ago, some of us were duped into believing Brett Favre was serious when he announced his retirement from the Green Bay Packers during an emotional press conference.

So it’s not surprising that skepticism greeted the news on Wednesday that Favre, after just one season with the New York Jets, was retiring. But after listening to Favre’s rational explanation 4 calling it quits during a conference call with reporters, I am convinced he really means it this time.

Too bad he didn’t stick to his original instincts and hang it up in 2008. Favre, along with the rest of the football world, would have been spared a lot of consternation, disappointment, bitterness and disillusionment.

What did Favre accomplish by insisting on playing one more season? He had nothing to prove, and lingering one year too long only served to damage what had been an impeccable legacy.

Was it worth it 4 Favre to squeeze one final season out of his aging body? His right shoulder, along with his performance, deteriorated in the final month of the season. The Jets faltered badly in losing 4 of their final five games and choking away a playoff berth.

It had to be painful 4 the Jets organization to see a division title snatched away by Miami’s Chad Pennington, the quarterback it dumped in favor of Favre. It resulted in the firing of Jets coach Eric Mangini, and some disgruntled teammates weren’t shy about publicly ripping Favre.

It was an unnecessary ending to a great career 4 Favre, who threw two touchdown passes and nine interceptions in his final five games.

When Favre gets inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014, the lackluster final season of his career will likely be forgotten. And maybe by then his bitterness toward the Packers will have evaporated.

Sadly, Favre admitted to using feelings of spite toward Packers General Manager Ted Thompson as motivation.

“Maybe initially I came back 4 the wrong reasons,” Favre told ESPN. “It was like, ‘OK, they don't want me to play, then I’ll play somewhere else and show them I can still play.’ ”

That’s not a good reason to prolong a decorated career.

Favre lobbed more grenades at the Packers in his conversation with ESPN. He described the organization as dishonest, felt Thompson had taken Favre’s team from him, believed it had become personal, and accused Thompson of purposely sending him to football purgatory in New York, where he would have difficulty succeeding.

What Favre left in his wake is a Packers fan base that remains divided over Thompson’s sound football decision to move on. Some will never forgive Thompson 4 trading Favre. Others view Favre as a self-serving egomaniac.

It didn’t have to end this way. Favre could have walked away from the game a year ago and been universally revered.

Was all the grief that followed worth one final lousy season?

Mike Vandermause is sports editor of the Press-Gazette.

Just another TT ball washer's picture

Look at what this guy who goes by the name PeigOfIrelandfrom Brett's forum has said.


Aaron should have been around Brett long enough to know how to play the field and the other team as in....get the suckers with penalties rather than strut around the field looking at the person who fumbled or missed a catch thrown too high, too short or behind. There's more to the game than Aaron's stupid passing and awkward hand-offs.

There is something called strategy and Rodger's aint got it. Seems the years under Brett were wasted...just wasted. Aaron just wants to sling it out there like that's all Brett did.....Brett played the field and psyche of the other team....

If you can get twinkle off of his high horse and make him play football rather than him concentrating on Mr. Congeniality popularity contests Packers might have a chance. The dude is too VAIN to be productive. Seems more like a 49ers type of player.....ahhhh what a thought.

Just my little ole humble opinion.

Let's hope the draft isn't compromised by building around Boy Wonder. Hopefully none of Aaron's aloofness has permeated onto Flynn or Brohm. That would be a crying shame.

One other ya think Twit stacked the deck with QB's last year just so Brett couldn't go back to Green Bay? Passing thoughts as the veil of deceit lifts with time.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

It's a sure sign on the dumbing down of America.

Just another TT ball washer's picture

Or Brett's forum has a bunch of people with no football knowledge, and only care about stroking Brett.

Andyman's picture

Hahah, another TT ball washer. Hi-larious.

longtimefan's picture

David claims that Aaron knew what he was going to do, as he was accompanied by Packer PR people

According to him this was all a ploy to make people feel sorry for Aaron

I think he might be right a little bit..Maybe they knew who to go to and what question were suppose to be asked..But I think the emotions that he sup[supposedly had ( they said almost to tears) were real..

I still dont think Aaron should be upset over the non call tho..

But that rant by David sure does shed some light on a few things and I can only imagine he is echoing Bretts opinions..

Seems that David would do that allot..He would spout off something, then low and behold a little bit later Brett would say same exact stuff

longtimefan's picture


longtimefan's picture

Daivd is sort of quiet during all this, I guess he has just said that if Bretts arm is okay he will put money on that he will be starting q/b of the purple gnomes

longtimefan's picture

Hey David, why is it you admit to being a source when it puts Brett in a good light.. but yet you like to rag on un-named sources when it comes to people bashing Brett..

If being an un-named source is not good enough when they are blasting Brett then it shouldn't be good enough when people are sugar coating Brett


This is coming out now since someone said your talking about me on Bretts site..

Can't be man enough to say it in public eh?

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