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Someone always has to do it when I'm trying to chill out. No matter what, whenever I try to relax, some douche bag comes around here and starts talking smack about news. It's a classic dumbass.

The modus operandi is always the same. Rogue poster, never heard of them before, comes in and starts talking smack like this. You want some news? You want to know the goings on of what's going on? Well dillhole, let's start dissecting your comment.

1. Yeah the Packers aren't going to tender DeShawn Wynn. Well holy hell in a horse hanger. I should have been on that one right away. Listen here, no one give two shits about DeShawn Wynn. The guy played one good game in his entire disappointing career in Green Bay. He's the same guy who came out of college... non-story.

2. You are right; the Packers tagging Pickett is big time news. You know how I know that? Perhaps because it's been on EVERY single news network, twitter feed, and newspaper on the planet. If you are coming here to find out Ryan Pickett got tagged, you need to get out of your tent, turn off the Coleman, and go talk to someone, anyone. The Packers want Pickett long term. To the informed fan, the tag pretty much tells you that.

3. On to the combine news, if you want to call it that. I really was holding back because I didn't want to rain on anyone's parade, but let's get the facts out about the combine right now. I will even bullet point them so it's easier for you to pick apart.

  • You know what happens at the combine? Shmoozing. If you think Nagler or any of the others are coming back with solid news in their hands you'd be dead wrong. Those guys sit around and look and see who else is there sitting around. They have a couple of beers, the newbies drool over the coaches and the ESPN guys, and everyone gets away from home for a couple of days. Did we learn anything new? Let's check.

  • Ted Thompson has sat down and talked about the uncapped year. Well that's a big surprise. I'm sure none of the other GM's has really thought about it. Missed that story, sorry.

  • At the combine Ted Thompson said he thinks building from within is a great policy. Really? I'm so pissed I didn't see that speech.

  • The Packers are working on an extension for Collins. Hardly news there. The argument is still divided, the Packers know they need him and don't want a holdout. Nothing we didn't know or talk about last week. Or, this week for that matter. Outside of that, Thompson said nothing. Big news there. However there is a Thompson line of the day, "The cake's not done till it's done."

  • Tramon Williams is expected to get an elevated tender. Again, hardly a surprise. We only have one sure thing at corner right now. I'll make sure and get another post up about that pronto.

  • The Packers are talking to QB Tim Tebow and WR Golden Tate. The Packers, talking to QB's and WR's? Almost unheard of. Let's not forget about the other 50 guys they are talking to too. That's what they do there. It's not news.

  • Jersey Al was happy to hear about Wynn because he has a man crush on Lumpkin. Now there's a story for you.

  • McCarthy wants all the free agents back. So do I Mike, so do I. What do you expect him to say? "Well Packer fans, I only really want this guy and this guy and this guy can go." Child, please.

  • McCarthy said special teams will be the most improved part of the team next year. One, that's not hard to do when you are dead last. Two, he said that the last three seasons.

  • McCarthy would consider using the wildcat if he had the personnel. No shit Sherlock.

  • Justin Harrell looks better than ever. He's also had a lot of time to practice looking good sitting around.

I have taken two things away from the combine action at this point. First, the only thing of note to me anyway was a cryptic quote from McCarthy on Kampman:

"I think his performance was definitely on the rise, and we'll be a lot better using him in year two."

Now that little slip of the tongue is news. He uses the future tense all the way. Very, very interesting.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I have learned that 1 ½ inches in arm length on a tackle takes you from a fifth round pick to a first round pick.

That sir, is a little bit more than you have to spare. Dumbass.

P.S. Nick Barnett just told me personally that he thinks the Packers will and are talking to Collins. Now, there is your news.

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FITZCORE1252's picture


Sick 'em Alex.

Found this interesting from Mikes' presser. Read between the lines here as well, especially about the running game, I'm tellin' ya, gonna draft a speedster or make a run at Sproles...

(What are the areas you have to get better at to be a Super Bowl team?)

Well, I have had a chance to get through all of the offensive cut-ups and actually I am going to finish up the special teams this week with Shawn Slocum and Chad Morton, and then I'll start with Dom (Capers) when I get back. But just going through the special teams some today, I mean, penalties and the punting production, clearly those are two big emphases that we'll have as soon as our players get back. We led the league in penalties on special teams for the second year in a row. I think it was 42 percent of our penalties on special teams were first-year players, so we've got to do a better job from a coaching staff standpoint of getting our younger players ready to play with better technique in special teams. That's something that the players are going to hear Day 1 when they get in there, and our performance in the punting game was not nearly good enough. Offensively, it's well-documented, we had an opportunity to go back through the sack reel again and that's the one glaring (area) on offense that we need to do a better job at. Then you look at defensively, and I'll go through that page by page with Dom, but the veteran quarterback. When we played the Brett Favres and the Kurt Warners and the (Ben) Roethlisbergers in the spread-out type situation in those type of games, we didn't do very well, so that's something that we've taken a close look at. Sudden change is another area on defense that we need to do a better job of. On top of that, the positives clearly outweigh the negatives. Those are the negatives, those are highlighted things that we'll talk about and we'll have a clear-cut evaluation and point of emphasis for our players when they get back, but we have a lot to build off. We have a lot to build off on defense, especially with it being our first year. I was very pleased with the way the players bought into it, throughout the offseason, the commitment they made. We struggled there a little bit in the beginning, but I thought we got going where we needed to be. Offensively, we can be better. We broke a number of records offensively in the history of the Packers, but we've got an opportunity to get better. Our quarterback gives us that chance, and special teams is the area where you are going to see the most improvement on our football team.

(Are you confident that you're getting enough big plays out of your running game?)

Yeah, I think our running game was good this year. We can get better. We can get better at stretching the defensive ends. That's something that came out of our offseason study. We can do a better job of breaking more second-level tackles. So those are the types of things that we'll continue to work on. I'm confident with the people we have. But we're always trying to improve, whether it's through the draft or a perimeter or in-line standpoint. I think our run game has really evolved, and there will be some changes, whether you notice them or not, that we'll do this year schematically. Our quarterback gives us a lot of flexibility in our run game because of his ability to handle so much information at the line of scrimmage, but I like where we are running the football.


Jersey Al's picture

He could be thinking in terms of drafting a speedy running back, OR, he could be thinking of calling more plays for Grant designed to bump outside.

jbeebe1571's picture

Hope you copy and pasted that....whew!

FITZCORE1252's picture


Mr. Bacon's picture

I have a man crush on Kevin Greene.

He has the ability to make blondes smart.

PackersRS's picture

Kevin Greene would still be better at ROLB than Thompson and Poppinga.

FITZCORE1252's picture

RS, you're probably right. I bet he could still get to the QB.


PackersRS's picture

He seem really fit, doesn't he?

But more importantly, Greene wasn't about being fast, or being athletic.

I actually have no doubt in my mind that, for 5-10 snaps, he could do better than those guys. Not joking here.

But to endure a whole game, let alone a whole season of training and such... There's a reason he's retired...

And Thompson is soft and Poppinga sucks. A player with Poppinga's mentality and Thompson's athleticism would be great opposite CM3. Too bad they can't merge into one good player...

Asshalo's picture


In related news: I have belly button.

Max's picture

Who needs to be rubbing elbows at the Combine when you have Twitter? Nice scoop from Barnett.

PackersRS's picture

How long has it been since a Dumbass kind of post????

Come to think of it, the only guy that really deserved one was JJ, but being JJ, nobody cared of doing one just for him...

Nice work... Didn't have to spoil Nagler's fun so soon, but, whattheheck...

Bryce's picture

Yeah dude, what an idiot. I come here just for your opinions. There's like a million other places to get news.

Aaron's picture

For the record, I asked the Wildcat question. ;)

Alex's picture

Please tell me you are lying. Glad I didn't write everything I wanted to about that question.

Gbpfan's picture


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