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Draft Rewind - 2006

Draft Rewind - 2006


They say not to judge a draft until three years have gone by. Three years have obviously gone by since the 2006 draft so let’s take a look.






I was going to save this piece for a later date but draft-a-mania has begun! Everyone is in draft mode and it’ll only get stronger as draft weekend nears.

Here is my take on our 2006 draft. 

Round 1: A.J. Hawk - Hawk has been a solid contributor to the Packers since day one. He isn’t exactly playing at a pro bowl level but he’s definitely above average. He’s a young man who should continue to improve in the new 3-4 defense Capers is bringing. Hawk should thrive.


Round 2: Daryn Colledge - After a rough rookie and second year, Colledge started to come into his own in 2008. According to coaches and scouts (and myself), Colledge improved tenfold and graded out as our second best offensive lineman. People seem to have trouble moving past his horrible rookie and second year campaigns, but Colledge is solid and will hopefully become even better.


Round 2: Greg Jennings – Yeah, this was the best draft ever. We could have drafted punters, Jarrett Bush’s less talented brother, and several Justin Harrells and this would still be the best draft ever because we picked Greg Jennings from Western Michigan. Honestly, who picks a receiver from Western Michigan? I’m not even halfway done grading out the 2006 draft and it already has an A++.


Round 3: Abdul Hodge – Hodge was a fan favorite who never really got on the field because Nick Barnett was healthy as a horse. Of course the year Barnett DID get hurt, Hodge was on the Bengals. D’oh! Hodge was a solid special teams player and hit with the hardest. His nickname was the butcher and he was just awesome. I miss Hodge.


Round 3: Jason Spitz – Spitz came in right away and was a versatile little player you could plug in when things got tough. Over the years he stepped up and is a starter on our offensive line. He was more consistent than Colledge but probably doesn’t have much more potential for growth, which isn’t too bad if he can just stay healthy.


Round 4: Cory Rodgers – One month after being drafted, he was arrested for being in a fight. Two months later the Packers signed him to a small deal. Two months later they realized they drafted a god in Greg Jennings and cut Rodgers. Rodgers would go on to prove Thompson wrong for this move and go on to have an illustrious career…in the CFL.


Round 4: Will Blackmon – This draft just keeps getting better. Will Blackmon has stepped up as our key returner, returning two for touchdowns in 2008. He even plays some dimeback and isn’t too horrible! What more could you ask from a fourth rounder?


Round 5: Ingle Martin – Everyone loved Ingle Martin. He was a punter\QB. He was a hybrid! He was a hybrid of suck though and wasn’t really good at anything he did. His name was cool though. He never got much playing time – for good reason. He’s gone on to play for the Titans and Chiefs. He’ll probably be playing with Cory Rodgers before it’s all said and done.


Round 5: Tony Moll – Yes, Tony Moll was a fifth round pick and he’s a key player on our offensive line. That’s some good drafting. Moll struggles at times and can frustrate you but he’s a talented young kid and should give us solid depth in the 2009 season.


Round 6: Johnny Jolly – Arguably our best defensive tackle was a sixth round pick. That’s just efficient drafting right there. Jolly has legal issues due to a drug charge (pills) but as far as his football play goes, he’s a very skilled player and could make a huge impact on the team next year – if he’s not in jail.


Round 6: Tyrone Culver - Tyrone Culver. Swing and a miss, Mr. Thompson. It happens. Can’t hit a home run every time, especially in the sixth round.


Round 7: Dave Tollefson – With the third to last pick of the 2006 draft, Green Bay selected Dave Tollefson. I don’t think I need to tell you it didn’t work out and Dave has been on numerous teams since.


Overall this draft was like most Ted Thompson drafts, most players were going to contribute to the team, some a lot more than others. There would also be 2-3 late round picks that didn’t pan out while some of the later rounds would surprisingly step up into starter roles.

This is the draft that gave us Greg Jennings, A.J. Hawk, Johnny Jolly, Will Blackmon, and Greg Jennings. It’s pretty hard to top that. Greg Jennings.

GRADE: A++ (I told you this already)

Greg Jennings!

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

Tony Moll sucks.

Asshalo's picture

Haha, tony moll does suck. Spitz is a back-up, but best case scenario he never plays. Jolly sucked this last year too. Hopefully he can stay clean and have a better 2009.

BobbyOShea's picture

Pretty much dead on. I still can't stand Moll's ability, but that's what you expect from a 5th rounder I guess (Duke Preston was a 4th).

PackersRS's picture

You are totally right. A+++. The fact that we got Greg Jennings, and even some players to start, make this undobltedly the best draft class of all time period. Actually, we didn't get Greg Jennings, Greg Jennings allowed us to pay him and delight with his presence on the football field every sunday.

Alex Tallitsch's picture


<blockquote cite="comment-2824">

<strong><a href="#comment-2824" rel="nofollow">PackersRS</a></strong>: <P> Actually, we didn’t get Greg Jennings, Greg Jennings allowed us to pay him and delight with his presence on the football field every sunday.</P>

PackersRS's picture

You know what bothers me? People actually think Calvin Johnson is better than Greg Jennings!! WTF!? Because he's bigger??? Greg Jennings has better hands, and is way better at getting YAC. Johnson is a stud, don't get me wrong, but Greg Jennings is from another planet. The only receiver that right now is comparable to Greg Jennings is Fitzgerald. And Moss and Owens in their prime...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Greg Jennings doesn't know who Moss or Owens even are.

Graffin's picture


BobbyOShea's picture

What makes the Jennings pick even better is that we essentially traded Javon Walker for a 2nd round pick, traded that pick to the Patriots (who wanted Chad Jackson), and we still got Jennings. Well done Teddy T.

Greg C.'s picture

I would say the Hawk pick is about a B minus. He has not played to the level one would hope for in a #5 overall pick, but he hasn't been a bust either.

I know you are on the Darryl Colledge bandwagon, Dale (at least there's plenty of elbow room for you), but I'm not there. Maybe he is improving. Some of the journalists like him, I know.

Jennings is awesome, and Blackmon and Jolly look like good values for where they were picked. Spitz is serviceable. None of the others amounted to anything.

Overall it looks like a pretty good draft, and Hawk, Colledge, and Spitz all have a chance at improving. If that happens, and Jennings stays healthy and goes on to have a great career, this draft class could go from good to great.

Did you already write about the 2005 draft? If you did, a link to the article would be nice. If not, you should write about it.

Pack93z's picture

Trom says: "Round 7: Dave Tollefson – With the third to last pick of the 2006 draft, Green Bay selected Dave Tollefson. I don’t think I need to tell you it didn’t work out and Dave has been on numerous teams since."

Actually only one team since and in very limited spot duty had 3.5 sacks for the Giants last season.. at 3.5 sacks that would have been second on the Packers roster last season.. right behind Woodson and Hawk.

Not complaining.. but rather effect role player for the Giants last season..

However you and others seem to be to high on Colledge as a player.. 25% of the plays he looks like tarzan, the 50 % he looks solid, and the other 25% he plays like Jane. For a starting offensive guard in this league, that isn't good enough, and that is my issue.

It isn't that he doesn't have talent, it is that he plays to damn high and in blitz situations he seems to have a hell of a time reading the blitz properly. In year three.. that isn't good enough. I have said it a 100 times.. Colledge should be playing tackle exclusively.. learning to play that position only. His nature body positioning and play is ideal for that role.. and he won't have to make as many multiple blitz reads on a play.

Hawk has been disappointing, he produces but just not at the level he should for the talent he was coming out of college. He is was to reactionary on the field, the Hawk in college played downhill and attacked.. his rookie season he played way looser than the past two years.. is it coaching or his play?

I seen a number of plays on tape that say it was a combination of both.. even if Hawk had a gap, he sat on his heels and waited for the play to come to him instead of attacking the play.. maybe his lack of agility has been exposed at this level? Or maybe he is playing scared? Maybe Moss did a poor job of coaching the kid.. we shall see this year.

But Hawk has not been above average since his rookie year.. C to C+ at best.

Good read.

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