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Draft Rewind - 2005

Draft Rewind - 2005





Greg C. suggested I do a review of the 2005 draft because my 2006 review was so awesome.  here you go.






Round 1: Aaron Rodgers – Like the 2006 draft was an automatic win because of the Greg Jennings pick, this one just might be similar due to the controversial Aaron Rodgers pick. As we all know, Rodgers was a potential #1 pick leading up to the day of the draft, but when the 49ers went with Alex Smith, Rodgers slipped…and slipped some more. The Packers had the 24th pick. It was Ted Thompson’s first draft pick and I couldn’t be more happier with it right now.

Round 2: Nick Collins – He was a 2008 pro bowler so there’s no arguing this was a good pick. I happen to think he’s a bit over rated. He’s an “all or nothing” type of player and will either get a pick six or will get torched for a touchdown. He’ll make plays though, there’s no doubt about it. He was a hard hitter early on but his tackling seems to have gotten worse as the years have gone by. Hopefully Capers can fix him.

Round 2: Terrence Murphy – This one hurts me. Murphy was a real good kid and very talented. He only got three games in the NFL before he suffered a helmet to helmet hit causing spinal stenosis. This wasn’t a bad pick, in fact it looked like it was going to be the third good pick in a row for new GM Ted Thompson. I still feel bad whenver I hear “Terrence Murphy.”

Round 4: Marviel Underwood – I believe we still had Mark Roman at safety at the time. The team was mostly Sherman superstars like Carroll and Roman and this pick was to try to move away from players of that ilk. It didn’t work out. For the sour pusses out there, you could say this was Thompson’s first bust, and for it being in the fourth round, that ain’t bad.

Round 4: Brady Poppinga – The swarmin’ Mormon! Who would have thought Poppinga would have made a difference on the ball club at all. He has played in 60 games, started a lot of them, and has improved as a pass rusher, which was his weakness early on. He has great side to side speed and probably our best tackler in the linebackers group. Hopefully he can improve under Capers.

Round 5: Junius Coston – Juice was a popular player among the coaches. There’s something about him McCarthy really liked. He stepped in early but it didn’t work out. Juice is now on the Detroit Lions. I don’t know what he did to deserve that punishment.

Round 5: Mike Hawkins – Ted Thompson knew the cornerback situation wasn’t great. We had an aging Al Harris and that was it. Al was paired up with Ahmad Ca…Ahmad Carr…Al was paired up with that other guy and most people knew there would be a CB draft pick. Hawkins was decent but didn’t pan out, not uncommon among late 5th rounders. He’s currently on the Cowboys.

Round 6: Mike Montgomery – Hard to believe Mike Montgomery was a sixth rounder considering how much playing time he’s gotten since he came to Green Bay. Last year he played a lot due to injuries to the defensive line. Let’s just say Mike is a great backup but not starter material.

Round 6: Craig Bragg – Yeah, he’s not in the NFL anymore.

Round 7: Kurt Campbell – Can you tell we’re at the end of the draft?

Round 7: Will Whitticker - And we’re done.


Overall, for Thompson’s first draft as a general manager, he did pretty damn good. We got a pro bowl safety and a franchise quarterback out of the deal. We also got some nice defensive line and linebacker depth.

The Rodgers, Collins, Poppinga, and Montgomery picks were nice, but other than that we didn’t get much.


I look forward to grading the 2007 class after the 2009 season is completed! Go Packers!

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Asshalo's picture

"spinal stenosis" I was actually born with it, but only diagnosed a few years ago. Can no longer play contact sports.

3 wins and a maybe (MM only played because there was no one else to start at DE) is a good draft but not as good when you consider there were 11 total picks.

Andyman's picture

I agree on Nick Collins...he needs to round out his game a little more to deserve that Pro Bowl-like rating he has been getting.

Greg C.'s picture

Thanks for the article, Dale. It was a top-heavy draft, with a great pick at #1 and a very good, if not great, pick at #2. After that, there isn't much. A GM has to hit on more late picks than that to build a really solid roster, especially when he has 11 picks total. I think Thompson did better with that in the next couple drafts.

I guess I would give it a B, because franchise QB's do not grow on trees. Without Rodgers, the grade would be much lower. It really was a shame what happened to Terrence Murphy.

Pack93z's picture

Underwood was another player that couldn't stay healthy.. kid wasn't a bad player, but after he popped that knee it was over..

Whitticker bailed us out starting his rookie season.. he was a power drive run blocker who couldn't pass protect.. but he filled a gap for a season.. not bad for a 7th round pick.

Greg C.'s picture

Well, Whitticker played, I'll give him that. But I wouldn't say he bailed us out, considering that we finished 4-12, with poor O-line play being one of our biggest problems.

Bobby.O.Shea's picture

When you get two Pro Bowlers in a draft (Rodgers hasn't made one yet, but wait/see), you're doing something right. Solid draft.

Fat Chicks Rule's picture

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

Like hell you will. Spammer.

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