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I am sorry Nick Collins, but as of today you officially have received "douche" status.






There two things I hate:


1. Waking up.

2. Waking up to some bullshit like this.


"Nick Collins doesn’t want a new deal before reporting to the Green Bay Packers’ offseason strength and conditioning program. But the Pro Bowl safety would at least like the team to start talking to him about one.

With no negotiations on the horizon, Collins is staying home in Florida and not attending the team’s offseason workouts, which kicked off Monday, an NFL source said Thursday evening."


Not even a day after we get Darren Sharper out of the NFC, Darren Sharper 2.0 arrives. I can't help but think this is the continuing snowball effect that was created last year after the whining (I am going to run into your ass for half a yard) Ryan Grant stiff armed a new deal after one great season.

Now, we have Tramon Williams, Nick Collins, and I will guarantee a third man in the mix before everything is said and done.

I am sick of one year wonders, and guys who don't have to integrity to play out their contracts. I am especially pissed off that Nick decided that he doesn't need to immerse himself in the new defensive scheme right from the get go.

If Ted does anything at all this season (still a question), he should tell Nick Collins to take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

Nick, your not that good to begin with... not learning the new defense isn't going to help.

What a douche.

EDIT: One of our readers, Pack93z, brought up an interesting point. Even though he complains a lot, we appreciate it. He mentions that perhaps Jason Wilde, the author of this article, is fishing for more story than there is.

According to the JSOnline: 

"Collins is home in Florida with his wife, waiting for the birth of their third child. The club is aware why he is not there. Collins is expected to report for the off-season conditioning workouts after his child is born."

If this is indeed to case, then I retract my statement, thus decreasing Nick Collins' doucheness.

Of course, that would make Wilde a douche for trying to stir the pot. Rest assured, someone will be a douche eventually.


(Stay Tuned)

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Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Yeah, waiting for Aaron at CHTV to post on this. We all know how much he loves Collins. I do disagree a little on guys playing out their contracts. Football players have an average life span of 4 years. They are one knee injury away from being done and teams will cut them in a heartbeat (see Mike McKenzie). Still, there was a better way to handle this on Collins' part, especially with a new defense so I agree with you on that

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I'll buy into that Andrew, but then, why take the deal in the first place? I will be the first to admit I am not familiar with the contract process, but you have the opportunity to negotiate from the get-go. If players have a good four years in them (which they should know) then why not figure that in when signing your original contract?

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Well, I'm not an expert either, but it seems to me that rookies don't have much leverage. You're pretty much paid based on where you are picked. I guess he could have negotiated the number of years but that's about it. If I were advising him, I'd say go to camp to show you want to learn the new defense. In the meantime I go to management and say we want to start discussions on a new deal immediately. There are probably several other ways to handle this as well but he does not help himself in my view by not showing up. I think 'douche" is probably a good descriptor for the way he is handling it.

Pack93z's picture

I think maybe Jason Wilde is looking to grab a headline.. when maybe the meat of the story is something a little different, like say a birth of a child?

Slow your roll Packone.. lol.

No tags available eh.. lol.

"Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins is not participating in the team's off-season conditioning program, but it's unclear whether it's a protest over a lack of negotiations on a new contract extension.

<em>"According to a source familiar with the situation, Collins is home in Florida with his wife, waiting for the birth of their third child. The club is aware why he is not there. Collins is expected to report for the off-season conditioning workouts after his child is born.

However, Collins and his agent have been frustrated by a lack of interest on the Packers' part to negotiate a contract extension and it's possible Collins will take his time before reporting to the workouts. During the team's Fan Fest last week, Collins said he intended to take part in the off-season conditioning program so that he could begin learning the 3-4 system.

The Packers have put Collins, whose contract expires after this season, on hold, setting the re-signing of receiver Greg Jennings as a higher priority. It appears the Packers have put at least two other players ahead of Collins on the list of those whose contracdts need to be addressed. More than likely one of them is cornerback Tramon Williams."</em>

ReadyforSomeFB's picture

Yeah, that's how I read it. The headline sensationalized the meat of the article, I thought. I think Silverstein did it all week, too. "It's possbile" doesn't mean he's doing it. I'd say the jury should be out and I await some real news on this, not speculation. We have enough of that going around.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Interesting Pack, I have noted that tid-bit in an edit above. I hope that is the case. Time to go call Wilde a douche I guess.

PS: No Tags

Pack93z's picture

I complain alot.. shuddup... lol..

I just interject thoughts into this living growing website.. ;)

Franklin Hillside's picture

"Rest assured, someone will be a douche eventually."

Lol. Absolutely, Alex. Absolutely.

Dale Z's picture

If it's a 'baby coming out' issue, I understand. It is March. Yeah, new scheme to learn and all that, but hey, Anthony Smith can get in there and meet the guys. Yes, this is me sticking up for Nick Collins. Hopefully the baby pops out and he can get to work.

jeremiah's picture

the guy is having a baby. give him a break. "oh my god, he didn't show up to lift weights!!! what a prick!" if he still isn't there in a couple weeks then you can go ahead and call him a douche all you want, but for now- relax.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Just the fact that he thinks a new contract is in order, and the general public found out, is plenty enough. If he is having a baby that's fine. But, obviously there is more to the story.

Plus, lifting weights or not, there are new coaches, a new philospophy, and a new way of doing things. Nick should be there. ESPECIALLY if he considers himself an elite player.

Rocky70's picture

The baby's not due until April 25th. That's almost 5 weeks from now. Unless his wife is having issues, this sure looks like a player playing the contract game. He surely doesn't plan on skipping out until after the baby is born - that's April 25th ??
If he shows next week, it'll be soon enough.

pack93z's picture

The next round of activities (organized) is as follows:

Organized Team Activities (OTAs): May 26-June 18

Full-squad mini-camp: June 23-25

Now, as a father of three, I can tell you if I could stay around the house and help my wife with that final month of pregnancy, I would have in a heart beat, especially for a voluntary camp and lifting session like this..

Now, it does bother me that he mentioned in contract in the same breath, but I think we are getting a little worked up over this last week... seriously.

Asshalo's picture

haha, who was typing that BS a while back about TT only bringing in the most humble of guys. We've had just as many contract disputes as any other organization.

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