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Come on Greg Jennnings

Come on Greg Jennnings





Come on Greg Jennings, don't be dumb.





I was all excited when I read the title, "Jennings: New deal 'pretty close.'"  Unfortunately it didn't say anything of the sort. What it did say however, was rather disturbing.

When asked about his contract negotiations:


"And that’s in life in general. In corporate America, when you have your job and you’re trying to feed your family, you’re looking out for your family’s best interests."


Now I am going to do my best to try and shrug this one off, but it's is really towing the line Greg. I understand that you feel you are underpaid for your greatness, and agree wholeheartedly.

I understand you want your children to grow up secure and afforded all the opportunities to succeed. I understand you are doing your best to be a "team player."

You don't need to drag out an overused and equally transparent saying to make your point.

I am sure you are eating just fine.


EDIT: The publication added to the piece now confirming Greg Jennings thinks he is "close" to getting a deal done. It did not appear in the original story.

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Toby Hump's picture

I hope so. It's taken forever to get the sorted.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I hope so too. I don't want Jennings to become something other than Jennings.

Erik's picture

A laid off auto worker in Detroit is trying to feed his family. Greg has to choose his words better.

IronMan's picture

What Erik said.

Aaron's picture


Franklin Hillside's picture

He wasn't referring to himself feeding to his family...if you want to get technical.

Much ado about nothing...too many interviews, questions, quotes, soundsbites.

Elmo's picture

Maybe it's time some of you fools place the blame where it belongs...with the scumbag Ted Thompson. Maybe TT should trade him since he dares to ask for money. After all, no one's irreplaceable. Thompson will just draft someone else who may contribute in a few years...

Why you guys give this mediocre a$$hole a pass year after year is beyond me...But it's your bed, so now you have to wallow in it. haha.

The Packers have returned to ice and obscurity, thanks to TT, and nobody cares about them anymore!

Franklin Hillside's picture

Did you order your #4 Vikes jersey yet? Beat the rush.

Pack93z's picture

Dents in the reputation are beginning to show.. sooner or later the blind idolization of players will end.. the purity the players overall left a long time ago.

In the end.. all those "I love player x" threads seem to come back and haunt the fans.. and it seems no player is above it any longer. Reality.

Asshalo's picture

Ryan grant last year, now Jennings and Collins this year. I'm surprised you're not speculating our GM is lowballing his stars. Sure, you could argue he's getting the best deal, but what if these go into training camp.

Graham's picture

It is slow news out there in Packerland. Jennings will be signed before the season, Collins in mid season if he continues to perform in the 3-4. I just dont get when it became acceptable or normal if you will, not play the last season of your contract. When did that happen? When did only having one year left on your deal = I should get a new deal before I play that one year? I just dont get it at all.

Sure TT tries to sign his players on the cheap with that year remaining on their current contract. It makes sense. TT gets a little better of a contract going forward, those players are happy with the new deal because of the injury risks, but is it normal to assume he is going to do this with everyone?? If he doesn't you are a free agent and can go get mad $$$.

Collins is the biggest question mark for a new deal because he has yet to put together a whole season that was good, he is dumb and thus might not pick up the 3-4, and he is dumb. I mean come on ever heard this guy talk? You cannot convince me that Bathume-Cookman’s english program is better than Phoenix Online, or Cambridge Community High Schools for that matter. It’s SMART for TT to wait and see if Collins can get it. If not dont sign him.

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