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Bring In A Veteran

Bring In A Veteran

For the last two weeks I have listened to people scream about the importance of drafting or picking up depth for the 2010 Green Bay Packers. I agree, bring in a veteran quarterback.

I still don't understand why everyone is so opposed to this concept. If we can bring 11 wide receivers to camp, why not at least bring in a veteran backup for competition and security purposes? I, along with the great Jersey Al, brought this topic up last year, and I am going to keep bringing it up until the Packers sign someone.

I don't care how high you are on Matt Flynn, you need another body in there to preserve arms and challenge for the number two. If you think Flynn is already the answer, then there is no harm in proving it on the practice field.

I was pretty excited the other day when I heard the Packers might bring in Jake Delhomme for visit. I think a guy like that, who needs a change of scenery, is perfect for the Packers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, start telling me much Delhomme sucks, that's fine. However, god forbid it's ever needed, but I would still much prefer a guy like Jake in the huddle who has some big game experience.

To take the other side of the argument, let's suppose Flynn is a superstar in the making. By having a veteran backup, you now have the ability to try and get something for a guy who for all likelihood is going to ride the pine anyway.

All I am saying is that it wouldn't hurt. There is nothing wrong with competition, and right now there is very little of anything to motivate Matt Flynn in practice.

It's a logical argument to me. If you're so concerned about getting 17 tackles in the draft for depth, you should have no problem with another veteran arm.

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Erik's picture

Who are these people against bringing in a dude like Delhomme? Let's not forget two years ago that dude torched the Packers, he's not all bad. But really, why be against bringing in any veteran? Rodgers is the man, he's not getting benched unless he throws like forty interceptions and the Packers are 1-7.

And even then they may leave him in.

But if he takes a bad hit and needs to sit a series or has a separated shoulder and needs to take the Detroit game off, it'd be nice to have a steady arm with big game experience.

FITZCORE1252's picture

ME. I'm against "bringing in a dude like Delhomme".

"it'd be nice to have a steady arm with big game experience"?
Are you talking about JAKE Delhomme?
What is your idea of a "steady arm",
is it the - 18 picks to 8 td's?
The 55.5% C.P.?
Or was it the staggering 6.28 yds/A?

As for his "big game experience".
As in the # of picks he threw... AT HOME... AFTER A BYE... in his last "big game". That was with a beastly ground attack as well.

Erik, I'm just bustin' your balls a little here, nothing but respect for you man. But, you and I greatly differ in the way that we view Delhomme. Not saying that I'm right or wrong (I'm right), but if you can follow the link below and still feel the way you do, please explain it to me... I try to keep an open mind.


FITZCORE1252's picture

My bad, Jake only had 5 picks in that game... and one fumble lost ( a To is a TO, but my memory was off). Let's go sign him.

Graham's picture

Delhomme wants to play, he wont play in Green Bay. He wont come here. While I would love another arm he probably isn't it. Plus I hate him he sucks.

Don's picture

Delhomme torched the Packers...TWO YEARS AGO. Credit that to an awful D, not a great QB. I wouldn't be surprised that the reason why we didn't bring him in was because he still wants to be a starter. Ego is why we don't need a veteran QB.

Erik's picture

Obviously Delhomme is not a great quarterback, he was released. But he's done the playoff thing, he's shown he can win and he's got a lot of experience that he can pass on to Flynn, if not Rodgers.

But I agree that if he is looking to start, he's not needed in Green Bay.

All the same, a Kerry Collins type of dude would be awesome in green and gold.

PackersRS's picture


1- Flynn will be now 3 years into MM's system, coached by arguably one of the best QB coaches in the league. Flynn is currently the best backup we could get. He's better than Delhomme, Culpepper, and such that don't have the knowledge of our system as he does.

2- There's only room for one backup in the active roster.

3- For the eventuality of Rodgers going down, any veteran that's currently available, would be as well if/when it happens. It would make little difference in knowing the system since TC or since his arrival, as he would only be able to grasp some of the playbook anyway, and wouldn't start.

4- Last time a backup took over for the starter and suceeded was Matt Cassel. The time before? Tom Brady. Both were rookies who were groomed from within.

5 (and the most important)- It's been now 2 offseasons that Rodgers is the starter, and 2 offseasons that fans have pledged for TT to get veteran backup. Guess what? Rodgers didn't lose a single game, and TT didn't get any veteran QB. If he didn't do it before, when he had only inexperienced rookies to lead the team, he won't do it now that Flynn finally had the so aclamated 3 years of experience in the WCO to fully make it work.

So forget about the backup QB. Not only any guy out there would be worse than Flynn, but it won't happen.

Jersey Al's picture

I'm glad you remembered my rant. I think it's just as relevant now...

Mr. Bacon's picture

Ah Jim McMahon, dude was a complete douche till he came to the Packers.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I like Flynn, think we're ok there; but if we were to bring in a vet...

If Jake f'ing Delhomme E-V-E-R sports the Green and Gold, I'll friggin' shoot myself in the face. That is one of the whiniest, doucheyst mofo's in the game. Oh yeah, and HE'S TERRIBLE. It's in his head now, he knows he sucks, his mom and dad know he sucks, trust me Carolina fans know the extent of his uber suckiness... just say no


P.S. - I won't shoot myself in the face, sorry if I got your hopes up

Asshalo's picture

If we're going to apply Rodgers' development this could be Flynn's best year as a pro. Delhomme doesn't suck but he is probably going to be over-valued. And There are plenty of teams thats have QB problems that he could win a starting job on.

I was on your side last season, but I would rather go with a late round or undrafted free agent. I also wouldn't mind if TT nabbed Dan Lefevour in the 3rd or 4th.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Delhomme doesn't suck".

No, No Asshalo. You must be confused; we're talking about JAKE Delhomme. You must be thinking of somebody else, because there's no debating that JAKE Delhomme is Terrible.

And just in case anybody wants to try, follow this link - - That's JAKE's totals from last season at the bottom #31 even, right above Jamarcus Russel.

And if last year was an aberration, how about the 6 picks he threw at home against the Cardinals after a bye (that they earned due to their Defense and stout running game, basically in spite of Jake), the year before.

Who do we know that threw 6 in a playoff game??? Can’t put a finger on it.

The guy makes Brett Favre circa 2005 look like a god damn caretaker. He was decent for a few years... that ship has done sailed, hell, that mofo's @ the bottom of the Atlantic.


FITZCORE1252's picture

My bad, Jake only had 5 picks in that game... and one fumble lost ( a TO is a TO, but my memory was off). Let's go sign him.


Asshalo's picture

By the way, once again the pic and headline were LMAO funny.

The Good Kid's picture

Erik... You said that Delhomme torched the Packers & I remembered that game differently. I remembered DeAngelo Williams scoring 4 times(fantasy footballers remember big days like that), but I couldn't for the life of me, remember Delhomme carving up the Packers D. So I went back to check out the box score to see if I was remembering that game wrong.

Delhomme was 12-17 for 177 yards & a touchdown. Hardly torching the Pack & that's putting it nice, but nice try though. Take away the lucky 54 yard hail mary to Steve Smith & Delhomme's day was even worse.

jraugustine's picture

Let's also not forget the value of having a veteran to back up Flynn. There's a reason most teams keep three QBs around.

JohnRehor's picture

Not a fan of Delhomme, but I would not be opposed to having a veteran brought in. Not a washed up has been like Culpepper, not someone who wants to start like Delhomme. Wonder what Derek Anderson could do with some actual QB coaching from McCarthy? He wouldnt have to be "the guy" but could be a passable backup. This also could make Flynn available via trade to a team looking for a starting QB. Cleveland? Seattle? I dont want to see Flynn traded, but if the price is right, would TT pull the trigger?

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