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Being Thankful for Ted Thompson

Being Thankful for Ted Thompson

Once upon a time, many years ago, I referred to Ted Thompson as Charles Widmore from LOST.  I didn’t know then that Charles Widmore wanted to save the island just like I didn’t know then that Ted Thompson wanted to save the Packers.  I even told a parent at the preschool that I used to work at the Ted Thompson was my arch nemesis.  I couldn’t possibly understand while it was all going on what it really all meant.  I was a girl going through the middle of a break up, and wanted desperately for my life to get back to normal.  The long lost boy wanted to return and all I wanted to do is welcome him back with open arms.  But something happened that family scrimmage night.  And as I watched nearly all of us, including myself, stop watching and evaluating our current team in hopes of catching a glimpse of “the legend”, I snapped.  I didn’t know then that Ted Thompson/Charles Widmore/my arch nemesis would be right, but I knew who had to be wrong.

I did not/do not possess the ability to see into the future, to make risky current moves in hopes of building a strong and durable future and team.  And apparently neither do a lot of other general managers and coaches.  So this year, on Thanksgiving, I’m pouring one out in thanks for Ted Thompson.  Thank you for being man enough to turn away a legend.

But I am thankful for so much more than that.  TT deserves my thanks not only for moving on from B Favre, but deserves credit for the depth that has been assembled in Green Bay.  While I will give glory to Coach Mike McCarthy for his work coaching through this season’s nearly crushing injuries, without the planning of Ted Thompson, none of it would be possible.

I am thankful that my team does not have to worry about a mid-season coaching change, or a quarterback throwing his jersey into the stands, or a quarterback who might be a serial rapist.  I am thankful that my team has a future that spans – pending lock out – beyond February of 2011.

I am thankful for Ted Thompson.

**Disclaimer:  Yes, I am also thankful for: my family, my health, my job, my home, SB, Lane Kiffin, Chicharito and Vidic, HDTV and the NFL Red Zone Channel, eye shadow primer, my iPhone, seat warmers, cheese, my fire place, Netflix, puppy dogs and rainbows, alcohol, RockMelt, the internet and CheeseheadTV.

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Ken at UWM's picture

Nice! I'll add Hulu to the list.

Ted understands one important aspect of being a GM: Better to get rid of a Veteran a year early than a year too late.

gbpf127's picture

Very well said Jayme. Happy Thanksgiving.

(PS ... Netflix rocks!)

Chris's picture

You know who else is grateful for TT? Mike McCarthy, that's who. Why you ask? Look at the carnage that BLF has caused in the ranks of NFL Head coaches. In just a few years, he has been responsible for the firing of 3, THREE, head coaches. The cases of Chilly and Mangenius are pretty obvious. But even Sherman, to a certain extent, owes his firing to BLF. Without his numerous interceptions in key moments of the seasons when the Pack had a chance to go all the way, they might have gone to the big game more than once and saved Sherman's job. So, once again, I have no doubt that McCarthy secretly thanks the Lord that TT was man enough to incur the wrath of Packer nation and cut ties with a Packer legend.

PackersRS's picture

Sherman was responsible for Sherman's firing. Moreso, one can credit Sherman for the monster, primadonna that is Brett Lorenzo Favre.

If he had some semblance of a pulse, there would be no separate locker room, no differencial treatment...

Dale Zawada's picture

My name is Dale Zawada and I approve this post.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Too funny. When I first read the title, and the basic summary I thought of you right away.

"That is totally something Dale would say."

PackersRS's picture

Lol at Chicharito and Vidic. No Rooney?

Jayme Snowden's picture

Hard to be thankful for a guy who cheats on his wife. And Vidic has always been my guy! And Chicharito is just the most perfect name ever! :)

PackersRS's picture

Feel ya. Don't follow EPL that much. Much more concerned with my team making the Libertadores...

asshalo's picture

Dido. I was thinking the other day someone would start a website called It's just when people are calling for his head it makes the front page, but when his picks are immensely successful he doesn't get equal congratulations.

Herb Kohl's picture

Is Ted wearing my dress and jewelry in that picture? I wondered where they'd gone.

98Lbs weakling's picture

I have believed for a long time that TT's Farve decision was easier than any of us knew. Farve's outside the locker room problems didn't just spring up in NYC, they were there in Green bay too. The difference is: the packers kept Farve's problems in-house.

Anita's picture

I think we need to find that picture of a smiling Deanna Favre from last season, posing with the dumb ass in the Viking #4 jersey with “Thanks Ted” silkscreened on the back. It pissed me off last season, but this year? Yeah, I think I agree with it!

Thanks, Ted!

Anita's picture

Yeah, that one!


Ankit's picture

Clay Matthews is my constant

Jayme Snowden's picture

best reply ever!

bryce's picture


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